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Ute Posegga-Rudel
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Beloved friends,

at the moment I am surviving in the space that is beyond the conditional. Meaning, in the visible, conditional world I am kind of non-existing and rather invisible.

If you understand a bit astrology you know what I am talking about. It is the worst that can happen all at once: Transiting Saturn, Pluto and South Node all in more or less difficult aspects to my natal Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Wheel of Fortune, Ascendant, and the Cusps of the 4th and 10th house. The whole lot, and more.

This is as if the main water supply has been completely cut  off. Making my incarnated existence almost non-functional, just handling the basics.

Honestly, I am surprised how the cosmic energies still are working in this way on us. Although we are already in the dawn of the New Era. 

Or have we taken on a new load for the sake of the still sleeping masses? There is always perfect timing!

To accomplish anything of what I have been devoted to in the last years, does now require four times or more effort than usual.

You guessed it, in this dryness also my usual inspiration is somewhere where I cannot find it. There is only this place where nothing of the familiar is happening. But diving deep into this space there is happiness and radiance. No mind and no body and no world.

Honestly, I don't like it that way. I am missing the juice in my body-mind. But lets see where I am drawn to if I allow this eternity to swallow me because I surrender. But it means dying. Perhaps this is required as a kind of counterbalance to draw the sleeping out of their sleep!

Another virtue I need now to use is patience, and the recognition that all this experience on the conditional level is part of the illusion.  

Well, I am starting to see the humor in the midst of all of this. It has been my experience so far, when everything appears to be so obviously ridiculous and impossible, that I discover the cosmic joke, far beyond any trace of seriousness.  And actually, if there are appearing everywhere conditional blockages, what can I do but acknowledge my true freedom from and beyond all the illusionary appearances. Even if it is a matter of energy that is not flowing as usual. 

Because after all, I can still smile and make people happy. I can always Be Love, no matter what.

That's how we survive as That One That We Are. It is a question of choice, surrender and transcendence, although the world seems to stand still - totally. 

As such it appears as if space and time is becoming obsolete and non-existing, and  there is endless peace and stillness, without a world.

They say South Node transiting one's Sun can bring spiritual growth - besides the draining of life force.  I can tell, because there is no existing pathway at this point into any worldly matter of expression. And where is my creativity? Even that one is swallowed into the timeless and space-less infinity of Being - if I allow myself to enter It.

Now, I hope, you understand my silence here. I haven't forgotten you, but I am drawn into something else and I have no power to change it. I must go with the flow of what is offered to me at this point.

But perhaps I am not alone in this, and this is the waiting time for everybody, the long silence before the storm, many might experiencing now, that is adding to my personal experience. ...

So I am wondering about the strangeness of it all, it is perhaps the harbinger of something unheard and new for the whole human family and the planet. Almost feels like it!

Can we sense the new joy in the air? Yes, we can! And therefore the illusion must step back, so that this joy can shine forward and enter fully our realm.

Be assured that we are all so much blessed! 
Much love,

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Shanti Zohar said...

Dear Companion I guess we are more or less inside this great void ... at the very edge of Heaven!



Unknown said...

Greetings Dearest Ute, I so understand that you are not alone in this observation as i am also having very simular occurances in this now time.
I will to share that for me Self Love is my focus and Desire to aqquire my return of compelete Remembering and awareness of all That I am, All i've been and what I am returning to become in Truth.
NOt much comfort i know, but also i am feeling the arrival of a different energy with anticipation, Joy and Excitement. All is Good!!
I conntinue to embrace you my Friend and All whom are here in LIght service in my Sacred Heart space. I LOve You All!!
Linda <3 <3 <3

Mary Vaananen said...

Dearest Ute,
I can feel your struggle to express--to question, yet accept. "Making sense" now seems to rely on different senses--senses I have not fully plugged in to yet. Yesterday I was most strangely (though only partially) unplugged from the conditional reality--I could not muster more connection. Focus did not help. My heart stopped when you wrote:
"Honestly, I don't like it that way. I am missing the juice in my body-mind. But lets see where I am drawn to if I allow this eternity to swallow me because I surrender. But it means dying. Perhaps this is required as a kind of counterbalance to draw the sleeping out of their sleep!"
This (the idea of this form of counterbalance) has occurred to me too! You have been such an inspiration to me--uplifting me with every video. Yes--you do smile and you are love--even when you are most challenged, your light does not dim. Thank you for providing such a pure vibrational connection and example for those like myself who have been drawn to be of some service. Namaste dear Ute. My heart is with you.

Anonymous said...

So , dear heart..this is amazing on many levels. The very fact that one can put into words the "exact" of what others are having as an experience. It is love in a different form. It helps us to rise and realize indeed we are not alone there are many travelers on our path that we cannot see nor know,but they are there.. we are holding energetic hands helping each other along. I am appreciative of the void I am in. I am thankful for the rest and no drama's of this world to be in my life at present. I miss the living juicy as well,but I know it would take little to tap into that it's right time. I am thankful for it all.I also hope that there is not a "storm" to be preparing for. I would hope this transitions would have more ease to them at this point and a natural acceptance of what is while maintaining the stance of balance.
Namaste' Catherine

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you, Catherine, for sharing this! It clarifies for me that I function as a kind of catalyst. Because as soon as I express these things to others, they disappear for me. It is very mysterious! Be Happy and Blessed!