Saturday, March 2, 2013


Ute Posegga-Rudel

It is not in the outer world and not in the doings that is now our first focus. First focus and awareness is now necessary in pure feeling awareness, meaning widening and expanding our feeling awareness like subtle antennas around our body-mind  to infinity in a state of innocence and non-knowledge, and in a mood of free exploration.

It is just about this feeling and noticing and being aware of the new light around and pervading us, which is also information.

We need to relax the tension of the brain, relax our forehead and  consent not to figure anything out at the point where we start to practice pure feeling awareness, allowing to Be in Which we arise, allowing to Be What We Are.

And we will discover, we are Consciousness and Light and when we go deeper into the heart region, the feeling becomes more concentrated and intense perhaps, a sensation that is the frequency of Love. In this case we seem to be back in the core of the seemingly separate being. But ultimately this core again feels to be an infinite  thing!

So wherever we go, we discover the same, just in different layers and exposures: what is outside is inside, and even the inside is not confined to a center really and appears perhaps to be without circumference. It is the holographic design of a fractal that repeats itself to infinity!

This whole structural holographic design is the fingerprint of creation and how creation works. There is no end to it, continuing inside and outside. And after all, “inside and outside” is a pretty limited point of view, perceived from the illusion of being a separate being. As if our True Nature of Being would be confined to a point in existence, whereas in Truth, as we Are Consciousness,  we are All and Everywhere.

It is just that the body-mind is a focus point through which we make experiences, to look at the detailed process of creation, by creating them.

So being in a state of feeling-awareness allows the present intense light and information, that is dramatically right now changing our DNA and the very core of our body cells, to become our guide and pointer to the Truth of what we Are.

It is certainly not a “busy” state, but a place of great stillness and infinite space, from which we then might be guided to move into action, whatever it is.

This tells us that we need to unlearn to operate from the point of view of a limited and separated entity, the body-mind, and to allow to be gently and naturally drawn and moved by the wisdom of our Divine Being.

Not doings and actions then are any longer our main identity, but Knowing without center, is our operating system, in  and from which everything is possible.

Depending on our soul contract which bears the reason why we are here, actions and doings will evolve naturally.

So if we are at present in a crisis, not knowing where to go or what to do, because everything has been pulled away underneath our feet, we must remember to surrender our willful and familiar stress-bound search for fulfillment through actions.

We must drop everything to be turned around and to be guided not from a contracted assumed illusionary center, but by the Infinity of light and consciousness that is our Divine Nature.

In the beginning, if we haven’t done such a thing before, we might think that we fall into nothingness and emptiness, and this might feel scary.

But here the fear is the gate-keeper to the domain of  Truth, because once we accept, embrace, understand and go beyond this fear, we will recognize the seeming emptiness as mere and heart-fulfilling fullness!

When we come to this recognition, we understand that we have interpreted “emptiness” from the point of view of a separated ego-personality. And indeed, our Divine Truth IS empty of it! But in the transcendence of the ego or identification with the mind, our infinite Being of Fullness can Emerge and become obvious.

It is the Blessing Grace of this time that we are given the opportunity to be reborn as the Ones We Truly Are, and we surrender, just because the old patterns are not working anymore. And so we are Gently and Divinely brought to the point where we are willing to change our perspective, One with the Higher Will of the Divine!

Therefore, Beloved Friends, do not consider difficulties at this time as personal failures, while you are waiting for the world to change, but as the call to change your point of view, your awareness, and to expand your understanding to grow into a new Consciousness that expresses your Divine Nature.

This will not be difficult, because it is given to you when you ask, when you listen into the un-Known, without prejudice and expectation. Then you will Know and then you will Remember. Because you have known it since Eternity.

I love you!


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Shanti Zohar said...

Dearest Soul Companion... THANKS for this message... I´m one of those who are passing very hard times...

Thanks for making me Remember!!!

Love You Unconditionally,

Shanti <3