Thursday, May 31, 2012


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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dear Ones,
Today we come to you with an important mission. And we believe that this mission meets your needs, visions and deepest hopes, regarding the development of your planet and your own evolution.

We would like to state, that we are communicating with you to remove every fear and all doubts that you may carry, - and if you do, it is a very old fear and doubt – regarding our positive and benevolent participation and support in your ascension process.

We are indeed here to  give you the rescue and comfort of the light, if necessary, in case you feel violated or harmed by forces who do not support your evolutionary process.

We are here to make sure that you and all beings on earth and Gaia herself, are being flooded with Light, the Light of the Divine Creator, because it is your destiny to continue your path with Him. Or Her - as many consider the Creator to be one with the Goddess, the Creatrix.

Please consider the urgency and necessity, to understand rightly the meaning of ascension. Although many believe, that this is only about resuming a more galactic disposition, in a Star Trek like fashion, we feel urged to explain, that your ascension process is actually in the highest meaning a spiritual one. It is a process of spiritual growth, and spiritual growth is the gradual acceptance and integration of Divine Light-Consciousness, far beyond the shape of a vessel, referred to as body. Body is only a medium for expression  and it is a tool to make experiences. But in truth you are infinite Consciousness, and this Consciousness cannot be contained in a body.

In our perspective there is too much focus in your ascension scenario on the human galactic races as merely appearing as a such and such body. Of course, the body might be a necessary instrument in many dimensions, especially the lower ones, but it always remains an instrument. It can be refined according to the state of your consciousness so that it serves this state of consciousness appropriately, but even then, the body is still an instrument.

But when you recognize yourself as being infinite Consciousness you are truly on your way of evolution. Otherwise you would just repeat what you repeated since many Millenniums.

It is Consciousness, from where everything originates. So why would you then identify with the end-“product”, a body, and confine yourself with it.

Now we must clarify what Consciousness is. The Consciousness that we want to discuss, is not just a mental faculty, things you think and you are aware of. This would be merely a matter of the functioning brain. In this way you would understand Consciousness as a product of the brain, but which again would imply that you are your body and nothing more.

We understand that - because of the very long indoctrination which has been laid upon you - it is very difficult to think or envision and intuit an existence prior to the body-mind. But indeed, you ARE existing prior to it, always have, even if this knowing has been obscured for a long time, so that you hardly can remember it as an actual experience.

Rudiments of this knowing however are still laying dormant as, you could say, very small elements in your DNA, so small that it has been never discovered by your scientists. However a spark is a spark which can be easily ignited if you are inviting this process.

Each of these sparks is the remembrance of Divine Consciousness, that exists prior to your body-mind and in which your body-mind arises. Yes, your thoughts, your emotions, your body, including your brain are arising in this Divine Consciousness. It is the Source of all contents you ever can imagine or have experienced. Your heart is able to participate in It, if you have purified it from past memories and false presumptions about your own origin and and who you are. If you allow pure Source to inform your brain-based human consciousness, and if you align your heart with it, Source Light, pure and undivided, pristine and unbroken, can enter your being, and awaken the dormant sparks of Divine Consciousness in your DNA. 

It is as with water, when 2 drops touch one another: it becomes one greater unity. Divine Consciousness can abide your heart, while your heart will abide in It, as you are an emanation of that Divine Consciousness. You are not a lesser creation, although you have been told so and your present body is indeed. But this Divine Spark has never been completely destroyed.

Know that we are here to serve this ignition, the ignition of your Divine Consciousness, not just a widening and growing of your limited brain-consciousness. If you allow this process in the first place, your human brain will grow automatically too. But if you are focused merely on your human brain development, you will limit yourselves to something that you are not, because it is only a fraction of your true Origin and Nature.

However it is you who choose, which path you will walk, but in order to make a true choice you need to be informed about your possibilities.
To show them to you, is our mission.
Choose well! With the fires of ascension your opportunities are grand. What you choose now, will shape your immediate future and will have consequences. We ask you to be aware of them.

At your loving service!
We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Personal Update, 30.5.12

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Dear friends,

yes, there was an urge since days from the Arcturians, to put out this latest message. As a dedicated servant of humanity (that's, why I am here :) -  and so it is my soul's pleasure), I finally  consented to write down the message, edit it and create the image and the video. (Can't do half-work, perhaps need to learn it :))

It was at the cost of my back, of course. But that's what life in this dimension is about! I am tough in taking suffering. I learned this from early on ....

But at the same time it is very interesting to be working with deep rooted (negative) belief systems, which have been mainly built in my first 2 years. I had chosen, like so many of us healers and starseeds, and taken on a very traumatic childhood, to do the work of purification for all humanity. We do this, because of an overwhelming love. 

I have done tons of clearing and self-transcending  work all my life, but now it is the time to release the stuff tucked away deep in the cell memory. My back tells me so, and without it I probably wouldn't have had the time to dig even deeper. But what I can now endure I wouldn't been able to endure much earlier, it would have literally killed me, my heart would not been able to feel its full impact.

It is an amazing work to see what's stored and also how it is affecting my physical body. Just today, while I was on another trip of exploration, in order to accelerate my healing further I found another negative belief that I released because it really didn't serve my well-being. And I have the feeling this was a major one whose nature was to prevent healing. 

Each of these releases, whoever does them, has a huge ripple effect on the human collective consciousness, its healing and uplifting. Remember that it is said, that a flying feather on one side of our globe can create a tornado on the other side. We are all interconnected, it is one huge single grid. One movement on even one little tiny part of that grid, changes the whole grid. 

So I am not only doing this work of my "own" history, it is really the work for my ancestors and that for the German people, for all those I am connected with, and ultimately for all people. My life situation is that of a transformation station for my immediate  neighbors (with microwave and digital TV vibes, Aspartame and Fluoride consumption and not wanting to "know"), and also the whole town. My neighbors have  basically no idea what's going on, and are not interested in it either. 

But especially one of them, actually a couple, are starting slowly to respond! The "he" of the two, recently was amazingly deep in his heart when we spoke, he just was Love Itself!! And the "she" sometimes starts to show her hidden heart too. It's new!  They have been usually a bunch of angry and judgmental people just serving their own agenda. And you can imagine how this makes me happy!

I thought I talk about this, just for the sake of your own inspiration not to hesitate or to be afraid to do the work of releasing, whether you feel "good" at the moment or not! Yes, it requires sometimes to radically confront a feeling which we never wanted to feel again. But we need to engage this courage and trust, that the releasing can be done. We only face what's anywhere already there! And each release allows more light to come into the system.

This has been really always the nature of a true spiritual path which is the spiritualization or literally the enlightenment of the whole body-mind. 

Enlightenment is not something we add to our present state of body-mind via mental ideas and techniques, but enlightenment means the purification of it (= making the unconscious conscious and release it), so that the light can come in fully. This is a multi-layered process, and goes back to other life-times too, ultimately. Because as multidimensional beings we are all of that.

Much love to you all and many blessings!


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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Dearest ones, 
we are the Arcturians!

It is now high time to prepare, to prepare for the multi-layered process of shifting on all levels of  your reality. Yes, all  shifts always start on the level of thought, a thought that has being dreamed in the Heart of God. From there all truly Divine projects of creation are being initiated, and then all the other chain reactions are following, down to the level where the initial thought has been aiming towards.

This process of creation is now manifesting increasingly on your world, and many of you have been feeling the new great waves of light which have been arriving in the recent days and which still continue to arrive. They  are the messengers not only of your shifting consciousness, but also of the shifting of your bodies and the shifting of Gaia’s body. This shifting will continue also in other areas of your life, so that your daily routine might be disturbed by these  changes.

However do not think that there will be one major  catastrophic event leading to the total destruction of your world. Yes, there will be  disturbances in all kind of areas of your life, but if you have been preparing, you will  find ways and the strength how to manage changes and transitory events who require to let go what has been familiar to you.

You see, changes in your outer world are just  that,  changes which do not touch what YOU yourself are.  However, as long as you identify with  outer appearances solely, when they are changing, it is difficult to accept this with a serene mind, as you are convinced in this  case, that YOU yourself are being undermined and deprived somehow of parts of yourself, whereas in truth it is only about your familiarity with habits and environments.

Therefore it is important, that you are centered in yourself, in the heart of your very being and not allow changing circumstances to take away your equanimity. Trust in a shift that happens in a way that it is benign for you. Remember, everything is possible, and if you connect yourself with Gaia, being grounded in her and one with her in your heart, she will find ways to gently provide protection and fulfill your needs.

At the same time, it is important, that you learn to let go of your 3dimensional world as being your undoubting reality, whereas it is only an unhappy dream in a low density. While you let go, you are free to dream your new Divine world and to free yourself from the errors of what you are not.

Your new reality in the higher dimensions will be very different, and what is now still a matter of course, will be gone  completely. So be prepared to be willing to let go,  what you still consider to be so called “necessities”. This is not about a world that collapses and is waiting to be rebuilt with the old same parameters like in your past. This is about the arising of a completely new world.

Naturally, when you are willing to let go the signs of your present world as being irreplaceable because you do not want to hold on to a fading false world, you are already on your way to dream your new world without limitations, - in the most ideal case. Because if you do not impose any limitation on your deepest heart desires how your new world should look like, miraculous things can happen.

We recommend therefore that you, if you have not yet done so, practice daily and center yourself in your feeling heart and observe and understand that the things around you do not really belong to you, they never did. Let go of all ideas of “having”, but concentrate on “being”. And while you allow the feeling of being to expand, start dreaming your new world, a world which will be much lighter and vibrant, where  all the things and objects, you are now clinging to, cannot exist anymore, because of a new and higher vibration!
Start preparing yourself now for the great transition, and in case you experience disruptions in your daily life, do not hold on to what once was functioning so far. Do not try to recreate the old. Let it go. Be creative and put all your energy and heart in new ways of living, working and  cooperating with one another.

Remember, that in the first place your own vibration will be changed and increased, and with that you would not be happy with anything you presently enjoy and play with. The massive energy waves and light are there to be received by you to increase your own  vibration and light quotient. This is the fundamental work you need to do, to go as easily as possible through the coming changes. The light is altering your consciousness, and with a new consciousness your view of the world and your understanding of it will flow with the shift.

This shift has already started, and it will  continue over a longer period of time. So do not settle into any step you will have done at any moment, but be prepared to  exist in an ongoing shifting of your world, by being centered in your heart. Share this place of peace with everybody and be united in love with one another.

Dearest ones, now your true humanness is challenged to emerge, and it is already emerging, you know it and you cannot  deny it anymore, as it is  happening with each single one of you who are here to participate in this great transition.

Be Blessed! We share our love with you, it is the unconditional Love, this very  special and precious vibration which embraces you now and which is established on your earth. Always remember, that all the changes in your world are embraced and are happening in this Field of unlimited Divine Love. They do not occur outside of It, they occur because Love has already settled down in your realm.

We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dear friends,
after months of sitting continuously  on the computer, I need to seriously process ancient cell-memories, aka excruciating back pain which does not allow me to move much. So I am forced to spend my time mostly as much as possible flat on a mattress, to release from the body consciousness what's been stored there, hoping this will help my damaged back to recover.
Still I will find tricks, to get my fingers on a keyboard, even while somehow lying flat as much as possible, in case I will be overwhelmed with the urge to post something. Even if it has to be done, like now, with only one finger. It depends however what is greater: urge or pain. Yes, I am still smiling.

Much love and many blessings,

Friday, May 18, 2012


Image Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dear friends,

Recent Waves of Light and Information created new awareness of how my body is changing. It feels like the space between the atoms is tangibly increasing, as if my physical body is expanding and becoming at the same time lighter and less dense.
I am wondering how the transition would occur, how the new reality of our world would appear compared with what we know now – the physical world, in which we still have to function,  and which appears still to be a world of contradictions and  unpleasant events.

I am typing with closed eyes now, some sentences perhaps make not complete sense at first, as I describe what happens directly, while I experience the download of an exquisite Light which appears as fullness of the heart and a widening of the head, but also now a fullness there, a growing all-consuming joy  in the heart, while the Light moves down – it is a cooling Light of a beauty that the heart awes in wonder and Bliss –  and my God-Self speaks:

“This is about the understanding that you will be lifted up from your old experience of world as it appears now to you.  While you are lifted up, your awareness changes, and while your awareness changes, you will see the new world in the same moment as you are creating it. There is no “ time” between awareness and creation, and what you create is already part and expression of your being, which has been informed in the past with these experiences and which are therefore remembrances, but at the same time there is new information coming through Me, as I Myself Am informed  by the Light and Information of the Great Central Sun, that is the Galactic Center.

This is brand new information which arrives now in your body (and in the body of many) which will completely outshine the world you are still seem to belong to.

This is the information of the higher worlds, which carry beauty and bliss. This light is to create and fill your new bodies and is the substance of your new consciousness.”

I feel how this light in its fullness is expanding in my body, informing my heart, which is not just a chakra, but an energy field of consciousness in which I exist.   

This  becomes my new existence, my new reality as this heart field becomes more and more substantial and full, appearing as a new consciousness reality, while the currents of  light saturate and inform more and more this space, running down the whole body , down the legs now, cool, refreshing, precious, transparent, eternally youth-full. There is no dilemma and no question, no objects and no other, just this being-ness and fullness, the heart satisfied, no desire, just IS.

My God-Self continues:

“This Light has consciousness and so you are ready to receive it and to recognize it,  to this degree it is the constituent of your new world. Perhaps call it simply existence, because what you now understand as worlds, looks like a conglomeration of collected things and objects, all separate from one another, opaque and all with the seeming quality of  “otherness”.

When you are ready, this new consciousness is going to establish Itself as you, no, not “in” you, but as you, therefore it will transform you utterly. What is “you” now, will be forgotten, this illusion, this erroneous dream, this falsehood. And all humanity will come to this point, all. All will be lifted up, taken out of this error of creation, which is not Divine.

You must come to fully realize, that what is awaiting you, this new world, is the REAL WORLD, whereas the world you now  still experience and which is coming to an end, is the unreal world. Utterly unreal.  It has been said many times, but to realize it is something else. For most this is very hard to believe or to understand, especially as you have been indoctrinated, in the last more than 20 years, that spirituality is non-sense and a sign of weakness! So many  even were ashamed at some point in your lives of any sort of spiritual sign that has been manifesting for you.

You cannot know what your new world will be and look like from your 3dimensional point of view, not even from your remembrance of other worlds, because you will be renewed radically, nothing will be left over from what you now know. 

The information from the Galactic Center is different from all  of it and all what you remember from your experiences of the past in higher dimensions. Many of these familiar dimensions will be dissolved in this new Consciousness and form a completely new Reality. Therefore you will enter  new territory. Allow yourself to be surprised.
What you experience now is only a taste of what is to come. Let yourself to be elevated and transformed into this new Divine Reality. Complicated, mind-structures of the ego-I will not exist anymore, because simplicity will prevail, One without another. 

No division, no separation, only Bliss, Happiness, Radiance, Joy, Fullness, Satisfaction. It can happen, when you are willing to let go all difference as a prior and fundamental description of Reality. Being mere Bliss will be your full-time occupation. It is a  condition  of Truth.”

Well, much of what has been said is now my direct experience, without seeking it. It is a complete new platform. It is a free Divine gift, but we must be willing to receive it. And more waves of this Light are coming in, while my writing with closed eyes is continuing in synchronicity with it. 

New tongues of light gliding down my body and carry with them the presence of mere joy and  stillness,  and I connect with Gaia, with Her Heart, to enter with this light and Consciousness into her Being. And Gaia resonates, it is One Single Celebration, we are giving back to her, what was taken from her in the past. She is enchanted. And we share this freshness in our heart. 

I guess that’s why we  are here, returning the gifts she once has given to us, eons ago. By returning them we are free to go to,  where the call comes from.  There it is planet-less, where I go there are no planets and no people, there is only consciousness, radiant. Joy, Bliss.

Must be somewhat patient still, this is a foretaste of what is to come. We don’t need worlds in that Bliss, the only necessary requirement is the fact that we exist. Existence itself justifies this Bliss, it is primordial. Worlds arise after we have left this Bliss.  It absorbs all our separateness and thinking mind, the waves of mind come to rest in the ocean of this radiant infinity. And no mind arises in it. 

And so it is.

Be in this Radiance, my dearest friends!
Much love,

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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Beloved Ones,
We Are the Arcturians!

Never give up your positive outlook about what is to happen next in your world! But let us clarify the difference between the meaning of "positive and negative" related to your limited, dualistic thinking in the 3th dimension and the Positive as an expression of the mind which exists in higher dimensions. However even these higher dimensions still appear in the Source-field Itself, like you do, and we call it "Positive" in the highest sense if they acknowledge their dependency on that One Source.

Therefore the best we can recommend is to focus your mind of  heart directly on the Light of Oneness Itself, in which everything appears as an expression of that Oneness, radiating from the core of it with the Brightness of Ultimate Light-Consciousness. 

All truly positive events in that understanding are therefore happening as an emanation of Source-Light and are not created by the mind that is bound and defined by the body, gross, subtle or causal, but which are fueled by Source Itself, while you are calling with your visionary and heart's intention upon Its primordial power of creation.

A creation, merely initiated by your personal will with the power of your third eye can never be long lasting and nor can it express the Ultimate Reality. The  quality and characteristic of a creation is naturally derived from the substance from which it is created.

Therefore choose well your resources from and with which you want to create. And why not create always directly from and with the Source Itself, instead of choosing lesser and limited states of mind or beings of higher dimensions. Even they are created from the Substance of the Source-Light.

Earth-humanity has been told since Millenniums that you need a mediator to connect and relate to the Ultimate. This served the hiding of your true origin from you. Even though the functionality of your body, as it is now, is a creation by lower sources than the Ultimate Source Itself, your very Essence and Being-ness is the Ultimate Source-Light Itself. 

This has been hidden from you for so long that you now relate to beings from other dimensions and ask them for help, advise and healing. This is appropriate as most of you are just now waking up, so you need guidance and indeed healing of your planet and yourself on your way to reconnect with your very Source. This is why we are here to help you as we are one family in the light of love.
However from that Source we all come and we all share What is Undifferentiated, Whole and Undiminished Happiness. 

If you turn to your own Source you need to be willing to transcend all thoughts and concepts, you need to empty yourself and accept Pure Radiance into your life. It is your disposition which invites the Truth into your being, which will transform in return your mind and your body  from inside out as you start to resonate with It directly.

In these times your prayers are more powerful than ever before and are able to manifest, especially on the spiritual level. What your heart desires now is being drawn to you irresistibly by your faith.

The New World will be Shining with the Light and Consciousness of the Ultimate, so you desire it and conform to It. The True Way always has been from Above to below and not the other way around. Creations from "below" have always been piecemeal, one example is your present situation and the suffering you experienced on your world for long periods in your time. 

Purely Divine Creations do not know suffering, they do not know separation and darkness, they only Are Love and they Are inherent Unity, and mind of duality does not arise, as it is known to you.

Also we, the Arcturians, have once made mistakes but we have overcome them by better understanding of how to participate with Source. Without this understanding, your world has come to the edge of destruction. Divine Intervention however has prevented this. 

Source is Calling you, dear Ones, we desire to remind you, to turn directly to where you originally came from. Do not identify with lesser creations and dimensions. Identify with Source Itself in your heart. If you would with your mind, your ego would become inflated. (smiles humorously) 

To identify with Source is to relinquish all differences of  "lower and higher", "better and worse" which the mind is creating in the realms of the many dimensions. It is Pure and Undivided  Love-Bliss. And is it not that all you want is, that your creations are of that One Love-Bliss? 

Be Blessed, Beloved Ones,
We are the Arcturians

Message conveyed by Ute

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Sunday, May 13, 2012


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My Dearest Ones, 
I Am Sandanda!

You all are now at a threshold. It is the most important one since the last 26.000 years in your history. But it is even more important than that, because what is happening now, is for the first time about the complete removal of the dark forces. In all these last Millenniums, and even in the last great cycles before, they have been able to interfere with the light. Even though there have been epochs where they were existing outside your experience, they still were able to wait for a time when it would actually become possible for them again to impede. But even this possibility has now come to an end!

They will not be able to interfere for good on your planet and in your universe anymore, as you now have gone through all the challenges of growth in Divine Consciousness, as all the steps required by the Mind of God to deal in consciousness with the archetype “light and dark” has now been sufficiently explored and lived, so that there is for your existence no need anymore to deal with this great affair of creation!

Please understand what this means: a grand cycle in the process of creation has been coming to an end, and creation is now on the way to return to its very Source. Although this process of the full reverse will happen in what you still experience as time and will not just occur overnight, in the mind of God this reversal has been sealed already. The difference with this new 26.000 year cycle to earlier ones is, that there will be no return into darkness anymore. This is the decree which has been granted to the human races in the universe after they have been suffering and struggling in endless wars and times with the forces of the dark.

Now Divine Light will invade all denser frequencies and dimensions in your universe so that they vanish in that Light. This is the most glorious moment in your history as a new creation has been launched that allows the worlds of form to be merely of the Light and the full expression of Love to expand as far and wide as the joy of Heart is desiring it! So that this Light of God penetrates  every corner and atom of the manifested universe and lives in it, a universe which is utterly transparent to the One and Original Will of God Who Is Pure Love and Enjoys to Experience Him/Herself As Such.

This is the new creation we all have been waiting for. But to arrive there, first the fight with all that is not of that Radiance in manifestation, had to be fought in consciousness to the very bottom, to make sure there would never be a return to these low levels of consciousness and density, because everything must be recognized fully as that what it is to be released in the Heart of One.

Human spirit all over your universe has been able to come to this understanding, but you, humanity on your Mother Earth, have contributed an important part to this outcome, as a sufficient number of you has broken through the darkest darkness and forgetfulness of the Light of God. 
It has been done by you who reached the deepest point of darkness consciously and brought it all back to the Divine Source. This heroic act was needed to finally end this drama of darkness and suffering, as it has been fully recognized in consciousness by this act and the process of return.

This is the most glorious moment, Beloved Ones. Know that the days of darkness are numbered. And when  the inherent influence of it has been fully removed, it will be for humanity like recovering from a very long standing illness. All will be healed, but if the illness was close to death full recovery will need longer. But all will recover as the spark of your New World has been planted in their heart already!

This is a time where not just cycles repeat themselves! This is a moment in the Heart of God where New and Great Creations are initiated, which have never been seen before!

It is an event of unspeakable Greatness and Divinity, where there is only Joy and Happiness, a Dance of  Creation in the  Fullness of Perfection.

Dearest Ones, only be a little patient for this moment to arrive where the manifestation of all the promises will burst forth, and We remind you, just to see what has already been accomplished and what your heart tells you will shortly emerge, to evoke already major changes in the world you already know.

Widen your heart to Infinity and up high and receive the Light from the Radiant  Source to nurture the Love that your Are, to express It already now in a dying creation of the old where darkness has been allowed.

You are so much Blessed!
I Am Sananda at the threshold of the Galactic Center!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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Dearest Ones,
We are the Arcturians!

Now is the time, humanity, to straighten up yourself! Now is the time to drop all your chains that keep you in the illusion of what you are not!

Does this seem to be a too difficult task? No, it is not, if you acknowledge and realize what your chains are!

The first and most burdening chain is the chain of false self-identification. This is the root of all your bondage and suffering, dearest ones!

All other constrictions are resulting from that one! They are mental and emotional constrictions, based on a believe system and a system of a strong and seemingly unshakable truth that is shaping your reality.

So why we don’t address first the matter of your false self-identity!
Ask yourself, who has given and has taught it to you.
Certainly they were your parents and teachers and those who had a strong influence in your life, not only when you were a little child, but also later, when you were becoming an adult and were looking for examples, idols and teachings to develop your own personal philosophy. Of course, you attracted to yourself exactly those images, which were already deeply imprinted memories in your subconsciousness and those which were part of your desired growth and evolutionary impulses. But it is also true, that you have been living in a greater system of constant repetition and which you could not escape, as it was humanity’s destiny as a whole.

If you dig deep to remember how you responded truly to most of the teachings and instructions that have been given to you from early on, you will remember, that there has been always in your deepest soul a tiny voice and wounded feeling of neglection, when you were told to believe, that you merely needed to fit into your social system, to be a true human,  but which did not account for your spiritual needs and denied your light.

We ask you now to connect to this forgotten and suppressed root-feeling and let it grow, let the feeling of truth grow with it, that tells you, that all these teachings and concepts about your true identity are false, as you did never  truly and fully resonate with them!

But with each agreement you made with what your society taught you, in the  role of parents, teachers, and everything  that had a strong influence on you, your disappointment, guilt and un-ease grew, and so your capability to be truly happy and free, was  slowly fading away. Soon you suppressed this uneasy feeling, because you could not cope with it anymore and presumed that everything was “ok”, and things were fine, as they were, and that you, yourself were fine too! What’s more: you now fitted into society.

And so you started to become familiar with a big lie, you started to betray yourself!

We ask you, to follow this feeling back to its origin in this incarnation fully. This is necessary to allow the blocked energies to be released and we will help you, if you ask for it, or whoever your trusted guides and beings of Divine Light are, to let them go and instead open your awareness for your true Divine Identity.

What you are, is pure Light, beloved ones, born from the Divine Source and Divine Consciousness, a state of Love-Bliss and undivided Unity with Source and all Beings. In Truth, you are unborn.

We ask you to accept this truth in your mind and in your emotions! It is not an ego state however, but a state of humble Greatness, a state in which your “ego”, this limited identity, so to speak arises. It  requires the ego to take the back seat and to be guided and governed by It.

Dearest ones, with the incoming great waves of light and Divine Consciousness, who destroy all un-truth, now is the time for all of you to re-discover what you have forgotten, whether you have been coming directly from the stars at this time to earth, or whether you are an incarnated angel from the Realms of Light, or whether you have been for many incarnations mainly incarnated on your Earth Mother! It is time for all of you to wake up and let this truth become ultimate Reality, to accept and become what you are!

While you accept this truth you will discover and become aware of all the believe systems, mental constructs and emotional sufferings and congestions which kept you in the conviction of your false identity, an identity of inferiority, helplessness, weakness, unworthiness and self-negation. It is necessary to observe all of that with a clear awareness. These are merely frequencies with a name or seeming value, your society has given them.  They are not “you”. They are here to be released from your repertoire of self-identity.

Now is the time to accept yourself, accept all that what you falsely believe what you are, to let it go, and everything what you truly are, that light, that love, that happiness. It is all about acceptance and discrimination, all about letting your energies flow and set them free by assuming your greater Reality!

This greater Reality is right now implemented in you as your light body expands. Allow your wings to grow now, and if you don’t feel them, know that you have so much contracted your energy body that they seem to have disappeared. But in reality they are and have been always present, in the consciousness of God, in the heart of the Goddess. Now put your conscious awareness into it, it is all a matter of allowance!

You stopped to allow of who you are by believing your teachers, who themselves have allowed to be deceived by false indoctrinations.  Now it is your task to remove this veil of deception and set yourselves free and all those who have been before you. Each one of you will by this act contribute to the liberation of humanity. The more of you realize who you are the quicker the human collective consciousness will return fully into the Light of Truth.

We congratulate you all that you have come so far on your path and for your courage to trust your own  deepest knowing! You all are bringers of Light and Sacred Gifts to yourself, to all of humanity and your whole universe!

Be Blessed!
We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
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Dear friends, 

naturally, and especially on the important date of May 5th, which is a 5-5-5 day of great transformation, I connected deeply with Beloved Gaia, feeling Her radiant purity and exquisite beauty in my heart. My connection to Her is very old and leads back to the time when She was in the radiance of Her original Divine State, - many many eons ago. Especially today also the portal to the Galactic Center is open and It is pouring It's Radiant Light of Lights on Her (and all of us), and I can feel Their marriage in my heart and body, while I experience new Light-Codes being implemented into my being. In this moment the intuition that I always had, is confirmed to be true, as I feel directly my own origin in the Galactic Center. I believe that all humanity once came from there. 
I told Beloved Gaia how much I love Her and asked Her whether She would have a message for us, and She responded. Although She spoke to me at first personally, She actually spoke to each single one of her human children. And I am certain that She desires each one of us to connect with Her from the heart. Here is what She said:

My beloved child,
I hear you, I Am with you and love you very much. It is a while now that the seed of my original God-Consciousness has been restored and it is now expanding exponentially and powerfully every day. This had made me a Sacred Planet again. This is so because of the Divine Decree that I have been granted Ascension of all my bodies, including my physical body, on which you all live.
And it can happen, because the predominance of the races who do not respect other beings and who believe in lower vibrations and limited consciousness, is in the process of being removed for good.
My Ascension is also granting you all, who wish to come with me, your Ascension. This is the promise  which has been given to you before your incarnation here at this time, and that is the reason why you are here.

Your physical bodies which are made from my elements, must necessarily - as they shift with Me - change in a way that they resonate with My new vibration, into which I soon will transition. 

As your bodies transition, also your consciousness will transition. The lightness of you new bodies will allow your consciousness to expand, instead of being imprisoned in a dense body and merely being identified with its basic functions and environments. 

It is however one thing, that your body changes, and another one, that your consciousness does. 
In order that a sudden raising and expansion of consciousness will not be a shock for you, you need adapt to it before, step by step. Because without this gradual adaptation you would experience your new world as a loss, empty of the familiar things of your past. And this would draw you back to your old world. Therefore it is desirable that as many of you as possible - those, who desire to come with Me when I Myself experience the Great Shift, - start now to prepare for a higher consciousness, such a one that you would experience in the 4th or 5th dimension. 

You will do this by cultivating your presence in the heart which teaches you peace, timelessness and love.

Although you will still experience objects of an "external world" in the 4th dimension, you will be released from lower and  denser vibrations, which relieves you from identification with them and their respective objects, which you still at this moment regard as part of your self, or self-identification. 

But you will be lifted out from this prison-like state and acquire greater freedom and a new sense of object-less eternity in the center of your being. This is a very beautiful state of experience. But it can be frightening, because such freedom from denser limitations require you to be independent from your external world and to rely fully on yourself. 

In other words, you will start to experience that in reality  your external world exists in yourself, namely in your own heart-space. 

Later, when you transition to the 5th dimension and beyond, even the world inside you will exist only if you wish, because you have realized its illusion, and that it is no longer necessary. Instead you will experience pure light and radiance as being an innate expression of your consciousness. But of course, you can create and re-create such a world, whenever you choose, if this is your wish, just for the sake of experience, entertainment, experiment and joyful play. 

Those who do not yet desire to transition with me, will still have the opportunity later, when their time has come, when they are ready. Therefore they will not experience with me immediately the new freedom in consciousness, but they will continue to live in the illusion, that the external world, as they experience it, is separate from them and has nothing to do with them, except the value they give it by preference or bondage. 

But all you, who now desire to come with Me and to serve, will make the great difference in consciousness and will teach others who are starting to awaken in this new circumstance. Then your time has come to help humanity to develop their true identity and to awaken to Divine Consciousness, according to their own time-table. 

But do not be concerned that the adversities as they are now still existing for those who serve the light, will continue! All the Divine Powers will support you in your service from then on, as you will not have to work against the flow, but the winds of evolution will carry and support you.

The winds of evolution are my new wings as an ascended planet, but where still will be living a humanity who is not yet fully aware of who I Am and whereto I will evolve. But they all will be given the extraordinary opportunity in the next coming years, to join my consciousness. This is their reason why they incarnated here. 

All those who are now dedicated to the light and join Me, will be the future guides of humanity on all walks of life, and invisibly infiltrating from inside humanity with the codes of enlightenment and unity love-consciousness. This is what I Am already now. However, the structure of my physical body has still to conform to That. It is the process we all share, beloved ones, in this auspicious time.

And it is necessary that you rise up to that full Light of Love in time so that our transition together can be smooth and benign for everybody. This I am asking of you, my beloved. 
Let this be the gift to the whole beloved human family and all My kingdoms!

With all My Love,
I Am Gaia!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Personal Update

Dear friends,
due to health issues I am not able to post messages at this time. 
Please be patient, thank you.

Love and Blessings,