Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians,

We come with a new and very happy message today. There is no question that Earth is on her way to reveal her total beauty and radiance very soon for very many of you.
With our help and that from Heaven, with the new light pouring down into your world, the Spirit of Gaia  was able to release all heavy and negative energies laid upon her by the negative forces. She is now in her most pristine and Divine State.
Now she is pure again,  and her very Divine essence prevails. Can you feel her Realization of her sacredness?

Dear ones, this is not a 3dimensional event, this Realization has been happening to her very Spirit which is Divine and Sacred.
Gaia is most joyful and wants to thank you, each one of you, who helped her with this clearing process with your own purification and awakening  and your love and service for her. She also wants you to know how much she loves you, her children and protectors.

She now is free to enter with her body into higher dimensions, having done this clearing process.
With this you, who have worked spiritually hard to support her, have earned your way to ascension and you will move with her into her new position in the spiritual realms.

It is her who will take you with her, as you and her are one. You do not need to worry or to be concerned how you will accomplish ascension, as it has been done already in the spirit realm.
The moving of her body into subtlety is a process which will happen with her grace for your own body too. This will be a very wondrous event which never has been done before.
Mother Earth is now in high waiting and expectation mood, she hardly can wait to do her final move – with you.

But she can only do it, when you are ready to move with her. In that she is extremely loyal to you!
To get ready yourselves, she is asking each one of you to deeply connect with her Divine Core Essence from the purity of your heart to achieve this Divine Oneness with her. She is waiting passionately for all of you to join her in her journey.
As soon as you all who have dedicated their loving service to her, have been able to connect with her in your heart, she will move.
This is a glorious moment now where the kingdoms of light in her sphere are breathing with excitement, rejoicing and freed from the heavy burdens of the past.
Mother Earth has arrived at a point which cannot be reversed anymore! She is already victorious and you are part of that! This is a glorious moment in history of earth and mankind.
And she is impatiently waiting for all her children to join her now.

Dear ones, it is you now who carry the responsibility for her moving into her new destiny of joy and love. The heavens are already celebrating as they can see the inevitability what has to occur- her final ascension and yours with her.

Do not hesitate to shed now everything  you are still holding onto in your 3dimensional experience. It is now necessary to let it all go. You need to leave it all behind to allow any needless bondage and burden to dissipate from your energy field to allow the body of Beloved Mother Earth to shift.

If you unite with her joyful spirit presence in your heart, this letting go should be not difficult because of the Divinity you share with her and which you want to enjoy and which you don’t want to miss.
Every holding on to 3dimensional illusions pulls you away from your unity with her. This then is the sign for you to know when you have to let go.

Do it quickly, dear ones, everyone is watching, and we are holding our breath in expectancy of the glorious moment when Gaia begins to shift her body together with her children into her new home.

What we have said, dear ones, describes a parable of the Divine potential of the ascension process.
As you know there are several solutions of how Gaia’s body can ascend. Now as she will shift, different new realities will emerge, and you will ascend with the one which corresponds to your own vibration and desire.

We wish to see you now letting go of the old world and moving into the new and Divine World with her, where you will find never ending joy and beauty. Gaia’s Love is embracing you unconditionally and your union with her will spread this love through the whole universe. This is the most glorious event in the history of your solar system and the heavens are celebrating!

In deep joy and blessed expectancy of this holy moment!
We are the Arcturians

Message received by Ute
Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect.  When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

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