Thursday, October 13, 2011


Dearest Ones, we are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all souls, and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Our Happiness is yours also. And every happiness you allow in your incarnated body and mind to exist, and to spray like sparks of white fire, ignites a soul in the universe as everything is one single network of communion.

The fire of Divine Enjoyment burns and walks along the  "electric” threads of the grid, and each new ignition of the grid carries and disseminates the light in your and all universes. We are all together One Great Process, aroused by the Will and Joy and the Love of Ecstatic Impulse of the Divine Radiance.

This process is also fueling your evolution, your ascension, that of earth, of your solar system and your universe, and all universes and galaxies.
There is only One Great Enjoyment, One Bliss, One Joy of Creation as the Expression and Movement of the Only Being that Is, GOD.

God is mere Light,  but actually it is all beings and things. There is no difference. Where then is there to go? To where do you want to ascend, if not to the discovery that all of this is already perfect and complete, and that in this completion there is this dream happening: the dream of ascension, of beautiful achievements, of mind-dazzling transformation of awareness, experience and new comprehension and appreciation of new worlds of creation and what you are.

We tell you that the time is ahead where all of this will be fully obvious to the observer, where the truth about existence is revealed, where the illusiveness and the veil of deception will be removed.

Beloved Ones, you soon will be embraced and participate in the round of those who never cease to rejoice because they have come to understand.  They no longer live the dream, they have dared to wake up.

The time have come for all of you, to make this conscious choice. It is you alone who creates your own destiny. You become who ever you want to become, you are the creator of yourself.

What is it that makes you to feel happy beyond your imagination? Can Being Happy be beyond your wildest dreams? And ascension is only a step in this immensity and totality of what you ARE.

It is said that the human being is the bearer of all possibilities of the total universe. To which degree have you decided to limit yourself?

Choose well, Beloved Ones! Now is the time to become aware of your freedom of choice. All will be supported now! Ponder the limitlessness of Unqualified Being of Light  that you can choose from to become everything. May you always choose with the wisdom of your Holy Heart!

We are Divine Light and Fire from the Andromeda Galaxy

Message received by Ute

Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect. When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

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