Sunday, October 16, 2011


It is our joy to communicate with you again. By the Grace of Divinity your time has come where you are being given the gift  to return to your true Self which has been laying dormant in most of you, dear  souls, for thousands of years.

You have no perception – and you cannot have it, we tell you! – how much your returning to your own truth spreads as deepest and enlivening joy through the ethers and the whole universe!

Your awakening removes many densities in your galaxy laid upon countless civilizations and forms of existence! Each one of you who is willing to take the leap to your own awakening is therefore supported in many ways by those who are already awakened and who are able to guide you because they have been already going through what you are now experiencing.

Having said this, we want you to understand that your awakening, personally and collectively, is not an isolated  event. As we have been telling you so many times, everything affects everything else and there is no awakening on the slightest level that is happening on the basis of just your own personal merits! “You” is only “separate” in your imagination, in your mindful thinking. “You” is a process in the totality of existence, and your awakening is due to the “merit” of the whole.

I am telling you this so that you may better understand and come to the realization of oneness which is in truth always already a reality, but which you haven’t seen  as such.

Awakening to this oneness is therefore not an act which requires your effort and a kind of “spiritual labor to achieve”, it only requires of you to let go of false presumptions, which has had for so long a grip on you who has being identified with as a personality with a flesh body, a name and a role.

It is our intention to educate you in this matter so that you, inspired by rightful feeling and  imagination, may open up to the consciousness of moving energy as your very being. Everything is energy, frequency. When you have truly understood this, when you experience yourself as a process of  pure energy, you understand fully what we are saying.

Your melting of your existence as energy with the new incoming light frequencies then illuminates the knowledge of what we have said in the beginning of this communication: that there is no merely personal merit of your awakening, as there is no “independent” being. There is only One Great Current as the many currents of light and different densities who together and as One are the Experience of the One Heart of God or The Reality of All That Is.

Be Blessed and Be in Joy!
I Am St. Germain

Message received by Ute

Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect.  When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

love and light St germain
i have no clue who you are but you love is the most important message
thx alot