Saturday, October 15, 2011


Comment: I received this message in the form of images and higher dimensional insights or "impressions", so that it was very difficult to translate the complexity of this communication into a language that everybody can understand!  I have done my best and hope that this message reaches your heart of understanding!

My dear Ones,
This St. Germain speaking to you.

There are many voices now claiming that with the 28th of October there will be the beginning of a new world. They say so as it is claimed that the Mayan Calendar is ending at that date.

Dear ones, please understand, a calendar is a calendar. It is a concept and a structure laid upon the living matrix of creation. And you live in that illusion, as if this could ever capture the flow of life and fix it down in a way that you, dear ones, who are living in 3D reality, could be using it as a tool to explain and control your reality.

Of  course, as you know, you can do this! It has been done many times. But also consider the results and if you really liked them in the course of your history.

As you “know” – which knowing is limited, because we, existing in more enlightened worlds told you so – time does not exist. And is even in your 3D world an illusion. Time is a construct to help the conceptual mind to navigate through the streams of life in a linear fashion.
But tell me, do you really think that a time line which is a 2dimensional narrow fraction  in the totality of existence and multiple simultaneous happenings could ever be true and “predict” events?

No. These events are always results of manipulation, which you also could call, creation. What IS indeed happening is that you, the people of earth, are creating with your collective mind events, driving along a certain line of vision, idea, desire, hope or — FEAR!

There are no events that have been “worked” out by a kind of Divine “Provision”! There is Divine Intention, emanating as seeds in Divine Consciousness, in the Heart of God, which surmount human mind and brain. But actual events so far have occurred by your manipulator’s intentional efforts.

Who are your manipulators?
There are 2 different categories:
One of them wants you to live in fear.
And the other one hopes for a better world.

Now what you hear in the context with the Mayan Calendar concerning the events in October: they are also being created by your manipulators. We are talking here only about the second category and giving them the benefit of the doubt, that they are hoping for the beginning of a better and more enlightened world and the end of the old system of the suppressing forces. However all those “creations” are not originating from the heart, the true space of Divine Creation.

Have you sensed the blatancy of recent voices proclaiming a new world suddenly appearing on October 28?
Now think only for a moment! As we said above, Divine Decrees are made in the Illuminated Heart of God Vibrating as Wisdom, as Light and Love.

If a manipulator  or creator of lesser illumination takes the Heart of God into his or her own desirous mind, the result of their creation is of lower truth and therefore of a quality that is limited in expansion of light. This limitation also coincides with a limitation in love, in happiness, in freedom.
Do you want to enter a new reality, limited in this way? Do you honestly want to join such a new world, being just another form of limitation of what has been lived for so long by your race on earth?

Be very careful which voices you are following, to not to help to confirm a world you ultimately would not really have chosen if you would have been more conscious about what you really want.

Your new world WILL emerge, but you need to be patient! God’s true Will is one with the Qualities of infinite expansion, of Gentleness, of Wisdom, of Heart-Qualities. This always comes along with the requirement of your Trust and your Faith, and it is not about quickly and suddenly rushing into a so called “new world”, just because you cannot wait for a truly Divine World to emerge and because you haven’t qualified yet for this truly New World as you haven’t not yet developed your own heart wisdom to create from.

Dear Ones, do not allow yourself to follow the creators of a new lower world. Understand, that it is all a Divine Process and requires – what you call – time, but which is in  Reality the Emerging of your own Divine Heart in your being. Has It already truly emerged, dear One, in your own heart?
Know, it will be YOUR time, when it has, and it will not be on a collective 28th of October, it will be in YOUR time. As your new world is the mirror of what lives in your heart.

There are several groups of incarnated beings, who are actually living this wisdom already now. They may each as individuals use windows or portals of ascension in their own time, as they arise for them  personally when their time has come. Actually, for some individuals this time is already here.
There is no collective portal. This would require a spiritually united collective group consciousness or unified group soul, which usually only exists in higher dimensions, such as the 6th and higher.

However for each individual on your earth there may arise a personal portal in their higher vision to enter the higher realms.
If you are one of them consider, whether you are actually part of a  group soul here on earth. And you will find out, that you are not! So it will be your own individual event of ascension, when you are ready.

When New Earth will arrive at Her true destination she will only have taken with her those who are ready for that unity consciousness, who are ready to unite as one body, as one Divine Soul. Souls who are now ready to ascend individually earn this qualification after ascension to unite as one body with others as Gaias humanity, who is Living as that Love, that Self-Transcendence that allows them to merge with other souls and exist as group soul.

Heaven requires from you, my dear ones, growth beyond the current idea of separation, that most of you are still living. The new powerful energies of light pouring down on your earth however allow you all to enter this process of required qualification in a very short time.
This is the true advantage of this time.
It does not circumvent your conscious spiritual growth, it only is speeding it up in an unprecedented manner in this so highly Divinely  blessed moment.

Each one of you will know for themselves when their time has come to ascend. There is no “mass” event! What a childish perception! The more of you are awaking, the more of you are able to ascend and there will be more and more “coincidences” of people ascending at the same time. But this is different from “mass” –ascension. I hope you understand the difference, dear ones!

I leave now, blessing each one of you, to facilitate the speeding up of your full awakening process, if you desire so. As you know there is always Great Divine help, and I am One Who’s heart is dedicated to the awakening – and ascension process of humanity.

Be at peace!
I AM Master St. Germain

Message received by Ute

Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect. It is not allowed to use this text in videos with automated voice.
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Anonymous said...

thx for the enlightement of clearification
on this subject
but isn't there a planetery alignement towards the center of the universe
well am glad and honored you share this wisdom with us and i am gratefull
lots of love from my heart and i inv you to see my heart
my dear lightbrother thx for the support

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Yes, there is the alignment in Dec 2012. And we need to prepare for it so that our body can deal with these frequencies. Also, even if we "make" it initially into the 4th Dimension, we still must be able to "earn" this place. If our mindset does not match, we might go back into the 3th dimension. It's all a matter of fitting into an environment. The conscious process cannot be bypassed.

I couldn't find your YouTube Channel, brother, please provide the link.
Blessings and much love!