Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Role of the Kingdoms of Nature in the Ascension Process

Dear friends,

today I went into a nearby Nature Reserve and at the entrance  -- He was already waiting: a Being of Light, about 3.50 meters tall. He communicated that he had an important and urgent message for humanity and wanted me to be the messenger.
He did not tell me His name but was indicating that he was an ambassador of Archangel Ariel, who is the Angel of Nature.

In our “conversation” he did not use words, but he rather showed me directly what he wanted to communicate.

What I saw was this: that Gaia’s Ascension is not only supported and served by us humans, but also to a great degree by the Spirits and Angels of Nature. They are the ones who are weaving higher vibrational  light in the ethers and habitat of the flora and fauna and help them thereby to evolve.

He showed me how every tree and bush, and every leaf and blossom in that reserve was vibrating with radiant light and how pristine and clear the aura of this beautiful place was, because of the high vibration the Nature Spirits are working with.

He wanted you all to remember, that we are each, no matter to which kingdom we belong,  simply living certain frequencies which are harmoniously intertwined with smooth transitions, and therefore we are all, naturally, closely connected. Without the work and support of the Nature Spirits,  the ascension of Gaia herself, and our ascension would be not possible, as we have also a symbiotic relationship with Gaia. The Kingdom of Nature is the necessary link in the total process of rising the frequencies of Gaia and all her kingdoms, to be able to ascend.

The  Spirits of Nature also want you to know that they are – like many of us – anchoring the new arriving light on Earth and thereby they prepare her ethereal field, which is also nurtured by the  Forces of Nature, which assist Gaia in her great work of the transfiguration of her body. He showed me how all of this is just one great work of cooperation!

Therefore, what they are doing, is also of significant assistance for us humans who are preparing for ascension. And the Spirits of Nature  are inviting us to spend time in nature where they are joyfully waiting to communicate with us.

As long as we identify with a separate 3dimensional body, we assume that the whole ascension work is just that of us, of Gaia, of our Ascended Masters and our Galactic Friends as separate beings. However, the Spirits of Nature  wanted to remind us, that they are participating as well, and that our connection with them can help us to transcend our illusion of separateness, especially as they are our friends who love us dearly.

To be open to them and invite them consciously into our hearts and to let them be a part of our experience, is a necessary heart-opener, by understanding and communing with the forces of light and love which are surrounding us every day.

This Being of Light, who greeted me when I entered the Reserve, is still with me, while I am typing this message into my computer at home. His love is radiating and beautiful, and touches graciously my heart. I feel the wisdom and the greatness of this being and his joy.
I am very grateful — and he wishes to extend all his love and joy to all of you  too!

He left, after he had made sure that I have written down everything he wanted you to know.

This message has been brought to you by Ute 

Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011 
When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Question: How do you contact these beings? How do you make them part of our everyday reality? I know the truth of the 9th wave but channeled messages always feel to me like they promise big changes and big events, but that nothing happens that miraculously alters the course of reality. I can see the world changing fast, but why can't these beings manifest themselves and state: "OK, humans that's what the game has always been about, and come join us in the new awareness", without all this hide & seek and no certainty. What about these beings offering incontrovertible proofs of the way the universe works? Rather than being the province of sometimes paranoid, delusional and crazy people. I know... Who's really crazy? The man in the suit or the ranting homeless person? What can we do? (I meditate, I seek guidance and refuge... It's not coming)

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

These "miraculous" changes occur inside yourself first, if you are ready inside they appear outside, as a mirror of what is inside.
The law of creation is: from inside out, not the other way around.
But the process of allowing and surrender comes first. It cannot be manipulated from a "separated point of view". To be of service and to love are the door openers, to get out of the way,so to speak. The journey from the thinking head back to the feeling heart ...
Many blessings!