Sunday, March 18, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
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Dear friends,

this is a time where everything is heating up!
There is much disinformation everywhere, some aimed to create confusion, and so we have to take everything with a grain of salt. Listen with your heart!

In this chaos of uncertainty, it cannot be enough emphasized, to stay in the center of the cyclone, which is our own heart. This is the main message and the absolute indispensable necessity at this time, to sail safely through the waters of turmoil and contradictory messages, regardless what the messages are about!

Our energy, information and consciousness grid changes continuously, and therefore also predictions and events can change from moment to moment.

This is the crucial time where we need to understand, that we are creators. That the world happens from inside out, and not the other way around. 

So whatever you hear and what is frightening you, please understand, that this might be only a possibility, if you fall for it and give it power with your thoughts and emotions.

So listen with your heart, and understand, what your heart tells you. If you can feel the peace of your heart's own nature - trust that peace, that certainty - and stay with it. Regardless what others say and regardless what the world looks like. And if you do not feel peace, create it! There is nobody who creates any feeling in you, but yourself alone.

Therefore, you can create ANY feeling, anytime you want! 
Sometimes, it takes some practice, but you can create the feeling of peace if you choose so. And from there you can project it into the world and onto any event. 

Thereby it is you who creates the world and the events, together with all the others of us, who are here to make sure that we ascend.  And according to the intention with which you create, you will create your world and participation in the ascension process. So take well care of your thoughts and whom you choose to believe. Always ask yourselves, what YOU want to create. And follow that!

For Millenniums we have been told by our controllers that we are sheep and worthless material. It is high time now that we all wake up from that dreadful dream and realize who we really are! All without exception! If we do not believe in our innate Divine strength, this is because we have been brain-washed. It is only but in the mind, in the believe system, and if this is not supporting our truth, we must replace it with thoughts and feelings and emotions of truth.

We are Divine, because our very roots are grounded in the Ultimate Divine Reality. Some wanted us not to know. But trust that it was a lie. 

Do not believe anything that requires you to forget this! There are no gods above you. Each one of us has the direct connection to the Divine Source Itself, we do not need a mediator! Mediators belong to the past! 

Stand tall, my dear friends, everyone of you, and see through any masquerade that pretends and wants to seduce you to mistrust your own truth.

Create your world from inside out. While you create that peace, that beauty, that love in your own heart and trust it, you take responsibility for your own creator power.

This is a time of testing, whether humanity is waking up to their own true essence. The light and energy is here to establish the new world right from our heart. 

To believe in masquerades requires us to leave the heart and follow along the lines of questionable thinking. It is to stop trusting our own heart. 

There are powers who exactly want this to happen. But do not leave your seat of responsibility in your heart. Say "YES" to yourself. Believe in yourself and your capacity to know the truth. 

Throw out ALL doubts from your heart about who you are. Clear the  debris. Be who you ARE. Be encouraged. Now is the time!

With much love,

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Tauno said...

Thank you, dear Ute for your wonderful message
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Love and Light

Alakh Niranjan said...

Thank you Ute for this encouragement, and for these wise words.
We all are ONE. Under all the waves of this ocean of Illusion, there is the ONENESS - and THAT WE ARE: THAT I-AM! ...So, this is the time to WAKE UP for this ultimate Truth, for the Absolute Reality. The structural vibrations of this unreal world are in a constant acceleration, and now, by that, the whole Universe helps us strongly in that awakening - helps to its Creator to wake up from this material Dream.

See you in the Oneness! :)
Love from Niranjan!