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Perhaps many of you are not aware 
that there are not billions of God-Selves buzzing around in the universes.
No, there is only One Single God-Self.

Let us explain: the God-Self in this context is not the “Higher Self” of an incarnated soul. Souls are all different, and how glorious they all are in all their differences! And let them belong to different belief systems or no belief system, religions, non-religions, spiritual pathways, races, evolved or not evolved. 

Difference celebrates the multitudes of magnificent creations in the universe.
God-Self however is the Source of even all the Higher-Selves, who themselves are participating in that One Source Field of Radiant Consciousness. And this is speaking now to you, you who are all participating in Me.

I AM both, difference and non-difference therefore, I AM all possible things and beings and events. There is nothing “outside” Me, all is Me and inside Me. Every thing and being and event and process is happening as Me and through Me, I support them all, as they derive their existence from Me.

It is my My Consciousness, My Light and My Energy from wich the totality of happenings are emerging. Therefore everything is conscious, everything is Divine. It is the mind that prefers to separate and divide, but prior to mind there is Unity. Everything and every being and every event and happening is participating in this unity, ultimately, because they all inhere in Me. Therefore they all are Light, even though they appear in different densities and vibrations, created by the power of the mind.

In the realm of mind endless universes, worlds and beings are created by those whose delight is to create. Some create wonderful and pure Divine and Radiant things, in which my Source Field is fully obvious with the Joy and Magnificence and Splendor of my Inherent Nature.
Others who are forgetting Who I AM, are creating worlds of greater density where separation prevails and suffering is introduced.

Some have forgotten Me completely and it seems that they lost their access to Me. Indeed to call them back to from where they came requires – by My Decree – great challenges for them to experience, which breaks open the density of their shell, which does not allow My Conscious Light to shine into their existence. But even this shell is made from My own Inherent Very Nature and Substance, only that it seems to be – by it’s own perversion – made from a different substance. However this is a classification of the mind.

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
If you truly feel with the awareness of pure energy only, you know that there is only light, even appearing as different frequencies. There is only frequency, which is consciousness. To rise frequency there must be given an impulse to set such a frequency into motion. By this impulse consciousness wakes up, on whatever level, to go beyond its current vibration, if it is ready to evolve.

Many of you who have been connected to higher vibrating spiritual sources, such as spiritual masters and their teachings, know very well how this process of rising vibration works. Where there is a crack in a system, introduced by a impulse of a higher consciousness, new information, which is light, can flow into this system.

In many cases this principle is at work for eons of time until a substantial rising of the light quotient occurs of those systems who have forgotten Me.

In your, humanity’s, case, on earth right now, this process is highly accelerated! You are the ones, ready to receive this new levels of Light and Consciousness, so that the process of Deification can occur very quickly! Your race is at a point, where a significant opening of the shells of separation is occurring, so that your hidden Radiant Source Field becomes conscious again, breaks through with Its Glory and Beauty and the Power of Love, that holds  the Universes together.

This is not a small Victory! An essential and new Revelation arises, an Opening to the One that has been always the Living Ocean in the Deep of your Being. It now breaks into the Open of your Awareness, it appears in your Feeling. And it is Pure Happiness and Pure Freedom, it is the Heart and Center of all your differences. 

It transcends all of them and is the Core Event, transpiring through all your dimensional awarenesses and events, and through all that what you call “ascension”. Without It, there cannot be even such ascension. It does not have an independent existence.

My Radiant Consciousness is pervading all, so you are recognizing It.  I AM here now to reveal ultimate happiness, the sail with which you smoothly ride all dimensions and worlds and events.

Your open heart will recognize Me.

I AM your God-Self

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
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