Friday, March 2, 2012



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                                                             Dear friends,

As I am reading the energies, I am also seeing and feeling the mass consciousness, and the turbulences in their response to the incoming mighty cosmic waves of light.

Right now we are sitting in a pressure cooker and as far as I can see, this will not subside and get easy and even for quite a while. Everything is in tumult, that which is not seeking and attuning to this light, which and who is not striving to be love and willing to let go the convictions, attitudes and behaviors, that hold on to the old world that neglects the Divine Law.

These new energies of pure and exalted Joy, and of a Light which is not of this world, so pure and sublime it is, and which is the energy of our new high heart, might not be felt by all within the body, but our intuition knows that it is here, and our heart knows, when we allow the silence to come forward and inform our busy lives.

This pristine and high vibrational light is creating our new heart chacra, to own the new creation of the human race and to  hold its domicile in our newly to be created bodies and transformed and blossoming consciousness.

In other words we are part of this new light. And In this way it makes sure that ascension truly happens.

This light is indeed other-wordly. It is a brilliance and bright inspiration to transcend the 3dimensional reality and is the bridge into a Divine World, drawing us directly into It, as it comes from there.

We are not separated from this Divine World anymore, as it has found a way to directly communicate with us by having itself located into our physicality, a form that starts to brighten with its impact. We cannot "escape" Divinity anymore.

Being such connected, we infuse the turmoil of the world with Divine Light, so that it shines on everything, smoothing the hard edges of a 3dimensional appearance, helping them to glow and finally to surrender to that light. So that all things become transparent when the time has come. All that seems to be rock-solid and dark cannot resist this light. It is on its way to be victorious and all the congested feeling hearts, seemingly cold, are melting.

There will be a glorious opening of all that still resists the light, to the existing Magnificence of the Radiant Divine, that Bliss, that Joy, that Beauty. As we are in truth nothing but vessels for the Divine and not separate from It. As the Sun is a vessel, so we are. As the Sun is a channel for that Divinity, so we are.

The All-That-Is is Light and Light is Consciousness. As the Light informs our bodies it instills us with the knowledge of our Divinity, because there is Only God. And this will be our own Knowing, in our surrender to that Light, to that Consciousness.

Dearest friends, do not look into the chaos of this time if you seek healing and happiness. Find that brilliant Gift that wishes to inform you with Its own glory. Birth your new world, - the world and life and being- which you desire to emerge, by entrusting this new Light with its creation.

By allowing ourselves to be drawn by that light to the realm where it is coming from, we have already transcended the old world of separation. There is only One Light and One Consciousness and we all are participating in It, whether we know it or not.

We are so Blessed!

Much love,


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Alakh Niranjan said...

This is so, so, so inspired and inspiring!
The words are completely superfluous...

Thanks Ute, Be Blessed!
Love from Niranjan