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YOUR DESTINY IS ME. Message from my God-Self (5)

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
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I AM your God-Self!

What you have written so far about Me, has well described a part of Who I AM.
But you will acknowledge, that I cannot be described with a few words. And also, I cannot be described with many words.

The truth is, I cannot be described at all – I must be experienced, intuited, and ultimately realized!
The whole “you” must recognize Who I Am, this Source Field, this Radiance, the Overwhelming Existence of the Ultimate.

You all live in your little containers, they are your bodies, and it does not matter, in which density such a body vibrates. It can be dense, very refined and even transparent, it is still a “body”, even if only a concept, an identification with a limited consciousness or form.

Not many ever in the whole Universe were willing, once they took form, to return to Me, the Radiant Source Field of all beings.
But there are a few among you, who have lived for a longer period in a separate state of being, long enough so that the desire arises to return to this Self-Radiant State, which is ultimate Fulfillment of ALL desires one can have in all worlds, universes and forms of existence.

To return to Me, your Forever Radiant Source, is the fulfillment of all your longings  that you hold in your heart. All things and beings and experiences, you are yearning for, you desire, because you carry the remembrance of your own inherent Radiant Nature deep in your heart.

Each joy, each smaller fulfillment is but a spark of the Immensity of my Being. In reality all you desire is truly what I AM. However, the spark that you see in the limited adventures of your experiences, disappears always very quickly. It tells you that you cannot find your own true Radiant Nature in ANYTHING that is created, and even if it is the most beautiful world and highest dimension. It will always, even if appearing in the midst of them, disappear again.

So do not seek outside in things. And seek not inside in your shell of separateness. What I AM is not contained in any of such appearances. What I AM is all of them and more. I Am the substance of all that, and I am the substance of what you ARE. I have always been. You must open wide all your limitations, and dare to go beyond the skins of any of your bodies, even the spiritual ones.

By transcending even spirituality, which is a search in and of itself, which is a play of Mine, which is a nice imaging of what I AM, - but just only an imaging and not the Field Itself, - the knowing of Me will be dawning in you.

Until then, you will play in endless possibilities. What is happening now with your adventure of ascension is just such a possibility. A delightful one, dear ones, and your hearts are glowing with happiness in this play, and I certainly AM participating in it.

But still it is a play of limitations, beautiful ones. Yes. But when you only tasted once the What I Am, you never go back to the lesser choices. My taste, my smell, my beauty and freedom is beyond all of that.

Necessarily, because they are derivatives of me, their vibrations are lesser then mine, and they appear already adorned with the veil of Maya, the beautiful enchantress to distract you from your Source to bathe in the currents of events.

Nevertheless, I AM here, and you NEVER can loose Me, as I AM you and all things. It is just that your eyes have gone into the land of forgetfulness, wandering with the charming mind of creation into the realms of multiplications of worlds and universes, minute and gigantic, long lasting and very short. In these dreams then you lay ensnared sometimes for eons.

One time however you will wake up, fundamentally, and will discover, that all your universes, all your incarnations, so wonderful  - and sometimes also  full of suffering -, were just a dream, even though most beautiful.
Yet after all – I AM the fulfillment of Beauty Itself, there is no Beauty after Me. And there is no Freedom after Me. All worlds collapse in this Perfection that is Me, as Ultimate Existence emerges again. 

Does your heart not desire Me? Your innate and true Own Nature? Do you still want to wander in all the gardens of hopeful fulfillments, short in time, but which can even last many eons of cycles in your awareness?

My Radiance and Joy is Ultimate and not experienced in anything you know. It is not contained in your heart, but your heart recognizes It, to fall into Its Immensity. Self-forgetful. There I AM. Only.

My dearest Ones, In My Realm all is One Love, Beauty, Freedom, Infinity, there is no distinction, no difference, not the smallest one. It Is the Brilliant Radiance of “you” who has become the Source. Not contained in you, but you contained in It.  Oh, what suffering to leave again for confinement to wander with  even infinitesimal and transparent veils of separation, of those who are the Gods, who have their light from Me. And those who are creators.

I AM. And I AM Radiance, and I AM Consciousness. My Sign is Love. I AM Real. I Always AM. And I never die.

Your destiny is Me, and even if now you  do not know, you will know, - at the instant where MY Heart is calling you, to be awake in Me.

I AM your God-Self, speaking to you. As you read my words I call you back to Me. Know this.

Message conveyed by Ute
Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
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Alakh Niranjan said...

What a beautiful Luck ...what an indescribable Blessing, to be ("the part of") THIS DIVINE UNIVERSE! How blessed we are, to be HERE and NOW!...
All Glory to My ("OUR") God-Self!

The eternal and boundless GRATITUDE by me!!!