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Ute Posegga-Rudel

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I AM here to tell you that all is fine. All is fine for all souls on earth, in which ever way life looks like! It does not matter whether you are conscious right now about who you are or whether you are aware of the ascension process. You all are alive in the Consciousness of the  Creator Who is Pure Love and Light.

Even if the information of the new creation has not yet manifested in your body-mind, all Are, even if still asleep, in the womb of the Divine.

There are souls, and ever more among all of you, who are bearers of light, who hold the torch of love high, who are emanations of love itself among you all. And they are creating vortexes which are igniting successively the sparks of light in the hearts of those who are now ready. And there are many and growing!  

I AM Metatron and I assure you that plans are underway to make it possible to awaken the masses in ways you would not have thought it was possible.

You see, the Divine Power of Creation is limitless! Being asleep and not aware of ones own Divinity is only a “problem” from the point of view of a duality that is based on the two pillars of light and darkness, on the pairs of opposites. So when you are standing on the side of the light you tend to feel a problem how to awaken the ones who still seem to dream  in the dark of self-forgetfulness.

However this kind of awareness is locked into the specific design of duality, but which does not exist in in the Heart of God where there is Unity and Singleness without opposites. The Divine has many ways to awaken what is Its Own. And naturally, everything is Its Own!

Therefore do not worry about “others”. Firstly, because they are all different aspects of yourself. And secondly, when you understand this, what you do is to propel your own en-lightenment. That is to allow the Divine Light to break free in your own body-mind so that your body-mind becomes Light Itself!

The more of you do this, the more lights switch on in the One Body of Humanity, the more radiant this Great Human Body of Unity becomes. So do take care about your own Divine Process. This is all you have to do. Short-circuit yourself with the Divine Heart of All and shed your light on the path so that all humanity can step into it.

Gaia is waiting for all her children and it is She Who makes sure that no one is lost.

All who read this message and desire to be awakened in their heart are called to unite with Faith their heart with the Divine Heart. And it will happen in an instant. Even if you are not aware of it, know that it happened for each one of you. And if you continue to assume the Re-Connection with your Source with faith, it will show the Signs to you very soon in your own body-mind and therefore in your life.

It is merely your mind that doubts and cannot see and feel Reality. Reality Is your in-separable connection and unity with God, the Divine, Your Source, or however you want to name the Truth in which you are arising. 

Your consent to reconnect Is the very act that makes this unity-union happen. And the process begins. Your mere agreement and willingness Is the initiation into the process of ascension that is promised to you. 

In which way your ascension will occur, do not worry about it. It can happen in many ways, including through the death process. No soul will be left behind or be forced to reincarnate again somewhere else in a 3th dimensional circumstance.  But every soul has the chance to be reborn on New Ascended Earth. And this means ascension for every soul, who is prepared for Love.

Therefore your service is important to live this Love among your human family so that Love is known again. It is the Very Force, when Real and True, that changes hearts and lives.

The experience of Real Love which is unconditional, is the  Great Catalyst that opens the heart and awakens in the being the remembrance of the soul.

I AM Metatron, and I Am here to assist your Re-Connection with your Own Divine Source, as your Re-Connection is Inherent in the Present Creation Process that Is Your Ascension. This is the Will of the Creator! And I Am a Servant of the Divine Will.

All is One Great Process and we All are taking part in It. Therefore each one of you is an integral piece of the total fabric of Divine Creation. 

Do not presume any longer separation but understand that there is Only One Light, One Consciousness, One Heart in which you all participate and play your unique part.

Therefore the One Heart of God or Divine Reality is the Totality of all your hearts, while all your hearts are arising in That One Great Heart.   

Marvel about this More than Wonderful Divine Mystery and Be the Love that You Already Are! 

I AM AA Metatron! 

Message conveyed by Ute


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I AM said...

What we are feeling nowadays is more like waiting for some big events to happen.

There are going to be many events that will wake up the rest of humanity. Events which are more on the negative-side I suppose.

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Well said