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By Ute Posegga-Rudel
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My dear Ones!

I have a message for My children. I AM your Mother in many ways. Certainly, without Me, the experience of your precious human body would not be possible.
I AM also One with your Heart and the electromagnetic field around you, that is not only your heart-torus.

Any kind of stillness you experience in the  Center of your Heart, is directly connected to Me and My Heart, planetary and spiritually, as I AM Gaia, the Soul of Earth.

What I AM telling you now, is for the sake of your  well-being, My children, whom I all love so dearly and about whom I deeply care.

Let Me tell you this! Now is the time to be strong. There is much light pouring in, but it also stirs up turmoil in the still dense and stagnant layers of my ethereal field, as they resist the light. It is important for you to understand this, because not all imbalances that you experience are your own.

Be prepared  for the times now and to come! My planetary body experiences more often a disturbance of its electro-magnetic field. The reasons are manyfold, and require your special caution.

I ask you to see to it that you maintain extra balance of your emotional, mental and physical body. Avoid  stress and exaggeration of any kind in any area of your life, if possible. BREATHE! Breathe profoundly! Keep everything simple, be moderate in all you do and preserve energy and balance.

Only do, what is necessary, wholesome and supportive for you.

This is required,  because my electro-magnetic field is also shifting. Still in a relatively slow pace though, but it has understandably  an impact on your own energy field.

Important is, that you manage your thoughts, which may become at times accelerated, by practicing heart-feeling. Seek more to rest in your heart in the place of stillness. Thereby you not only manage your thought-field, but you also balance your auric field. This has also a calming effect on your brothers and sisters who may not know and understand what is going on with them.

It is necessary in these times to build conduits for energetic stability in an environment that becomes increasingly unstable.

You enter the stillness of your heart by first grounding yourself deeply into the crystal core of My planetary body.

Do this daily, in the morning, after getting up, repeat during the day, and more often, if you feel, it is necessary, and in the evening. Build a strong energetic connection with the Center of My Body, which nurtures and balances you.

Centeredness and Stillness is now becoming the most important condition for you human beings! Because this is the means to stabilize your own energy field and the one that surrounds you.

Each one of you, who is hearing this message and is feeling the call, please understand your responsibility in this regard, not only for yourself, but for your human family that has lost their greater perspective. That is why you are here and what you have agreed to.

Now the time is here, to transcend the busy mind and to live from the Center of your Heart, not only for the sake of your own spiritual development, but for your service to this planet.

The Stillness of your Hearts generates fields of balance and equilibrium, so that in the midst of necessary shifts and unavoidable turmoils, it is guaranteed that life can go on for everybody in an acceptable manner.

Do not worry about a possible impact of planetary electro-magnetic and other imbalances on your own energy body. And do not observe it with your thought-field, but stay centered  in the Stillness of your Heart. This will balance everything out.

How can you find that place of stillness?
Practice gratitude, love and compassion. Create joy in your life! See the beauty in all things.These are all attitudes that magnify that place in your heart. Feel the Stillness that dwells at the core of Gratitude, Love and Compassion and Joy.

All these qualities are Divine and  show you the way.

Humanity now must learn to cooperate with Me and their planet. Live by example and others will follow you.

Thank you, My Beloveds!
I AM GAIA, your loving Earth Mother! 

Message conveyed by Ute 



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Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

I understand what it is about, and Thank You for this message.

The Primary Goddess Creatrix of The Universe and The Primary God Creator of The Universe Love and Bless You All!

Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy

Anonymous said...

oh yeah!!!!