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By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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My dearest friends,

I haven’t been writing for a while. Being busy with integrating and letting go of more content, beside all the other work I do.

Content? Oh yes, the process seems endless, while we are multi-leveled and multidimensional beings.

There are layers after layers of content, you could call them “Vasanas” or tendencies, all components of our personality or personalities we maintained in other existences and lifetimes. It is clearing house with acceptance to ultimately just be what we are: Radiant Divine Consciousness. In this process of course we are always human relative to our existence in the 3th Dimensions, where we have certain characteristics, such as belief systems and emotions.

In fact, our whole being is composed of belief systems! All are more or less (for us) important units of our personality, through which we perceive the world.

As the world that appears outside is a projection of what is inside us, we can exactly see what we believe, not always in the details of outer appearances but in our re-actions to them.

So life is a great teacher and we don’t have to go far and make it complicated: we just have to look at what’s bothering us.

If there weren’t any layers  anymore of whatever quality in the total scale of frequencies, from densest to lightest, we would not exist anywhere, we just would be Pure Radiance, Ultimate Consciousness without any identity, “low” or “high”, and without any of so called experiences.

But to know oneself better everyday is the necessary process to align every single detail of our content  to the Divine Source.

We can do this process most easily if we allow ourselves the Truth that the Very Core of our Being IS Divine Radiance. Some call it Love or Light or Both, or God or Divine Consciousness, That One That Transcends and simultaneously contains all incarnations, personalities, dimensions and  experiences.

That is, what we Are. Or That One, That IS us. If we deny, question or doubt the Great Being That We Are, it is because of the mind. There is lots of content hidden beneath our mind. Mind, in the form of belief,  is able to suppress energy, e.g. the vibration of our true being. And if we suppress enough of that living energy we become more and more rigid, insane and ultimately dis-eased.

All living energies which we have suppressed by mental patterns are stored in the subconscious and govern our life to a great degree, depending on the percentage of what is conscious and what is unconscious content. Yes, we have free will, but only fully if we have made conscious what is unconscious. Otherwise our free will operates out of the hidden content and we are wondering why certain things are happening to us, things we consciously  didn’t want to happen. 
So if we deny our Divinity it is because It is hidden beneath loads of belief systems and beneath the energy or frequencies, these belief systems suppress in a way that they cannot freely flow.

So how do we access then our own Radiant Divinity? How do we find a way through all the layers to penetrate what is hiding our own True Nature?

The answer, my dear friends, is simple, but not always easy: with feeling and the acceptance of all that we feel!

What is there to feel? Dear friends: EVERYTHING! The more we feel, the more we feel. It seems to be a silly statement, but feel into it! If we are willing to feel and accept any kind of emotion, the whole range of anger, fear, guilt, shame, sorrow, depression fully to the end, the fabric of layers that are upon our Divine Radiance is vanishing bit by bit, as if we pull the thread and what we knitted unravels. And then we become lighter and lighter, freedom shines.

Our Divine Radiance can indeed only be felt, it starts to coincide with our capacity to feel to infinity, until Infinity Itself becomes our only experience and Realization.

What does this have to do with ascension, you might ask, or you might think: I want to go back to my home planet, or: where is that portal, so that I can finally get out of here into the next higher dimension! Or you might ask: how does this change our world of suffering, how does this contribute to a profound change on our planet! Where are the actions!

Again, the answer is simple: remember that our outer world is a projection from what is inside us. If we hide content in the unconscious, whether it is of the nature of suffering or of our Divinity, it supports the density and status quo of our world. The more we release suppressed content into the open of our feeling awareness it looses weight and and unravels toward Infinite Radiance. Unconscious Divinity allows dense content to override It, not in Reality, but in our perception. And what we perceive is what we believe, is what we create.

There is this endless judgment about what we call negative emotions. That’s why we don’t dare to feel them! It is not "spiritual", we are told. So we suppress them even more, meaning that we suppress our own energy. It is socially not allowed to feel what we feel. And this is actually one of the very smart tricks of the controllers, to create through a certain educational system a suppressed (and depressed!) humanity. 

A humanity that has suppressed itself, has suppressed its own expression of life force. The more we suppress, lets say anger, the more violent it becomes. But anger can be a very liberating force to begin with, when it is absolutely appropriate to feel anger. But whether it is appropriate or not, the more we suppress an anger issue, the stronger the suppressed energy becomes and the more we suppress our own substance of Self, our very life force that wants to live as an Emanation of our Divine Self.

From the point of view of our Infinite Being, there is no judgment, all emotions are here, to be experienced. It is the Infinite Being that wants to experience it. Why would otherwise these emotions exist? There is only, in Reality, One Single United Field of Energy or Light and Consciousness, in which frequencies of all kinds and densities arise. Who dares to be the judge what is “good” or “bad” in this Infinite Sea of Existence That Is One Single Breathing Consciousness?

It all Wants to be experienced, and that’s what the 3th Dimension is for. Only through our judgment we do the “this is good, this is bad” thing. And thereby we deny the Divine To Be Fully Present.

This year, 2013, is said to be the year where we come into our Divinity, into our Full Potential! Without it, how could we ascend! It is all a vibrational journey, not a journey of the mind. We are vibrational beings, not mind creatures.

But this realization does not come with a sudden explosion out of nothing, just like that! We have work to do, but all the support, all the means are given, to accomplish it!

There might be portals to leave this dimension, but as long as we do not realize our vibrational truth, portals, that are in themselves vibrational phenomena, are not of use for us.

Only, when we realize our own vibrational nature and have released that with which we are binding ourselves to this rigid duality, we can make use of portals, but not in order to ascend, but in order to travel where ever we like, because we already ascended!  

But we can only do this, if we have released what contributes still to this world of suffering and holds this world therefore in place!

All that we release from our personal unconscious field, we release from the world, and we un-burden Her. And we cannot return to our home planet either, if we didn’t master this plane by becoming What We Are and experience it from the point of view of vibration, because everything is frequency, everything is vibration. Can we return to our home with all this here accumulated trash? The law of attraction, that is by its inherent nature a vibrational one, does not allow it. The trash must first to be acknowledged as being Divine and thereby become light.

Therefore none of us can afford now to avoid feeling, to ACCEPT and FEEL EVERYTHING, all emotions, all beliefs, that do not align with our Divine Nature.

Ask yourself: would this thought, and would that thought about an emotion reveal or suppress my Divine Infinity? Emotions are mere energies! Only by labeling them with judgment, they become stagnant and dense. They loose their original quality of a good champagne! Because they are just an expression of living life, of energy. All the so called negative emotions are originally just fountains of life. Unlabeled, they would just easily move through us as an expression of life itself. It is all us. We are it all. It is all Divine, even scientist know it already: there is only Light, there is Only One Consciousness.

So how then could anything of all that be “bad”? It becomes bad only if this is our intention. We have created a whole world of it, where everybody believes in the labels. It does not necessary mean, that this belief is true! It is just that: a consent, for what ever reason! But then ask yourself: who or what created this consent, and WHY did YOU agree!

Start from this point of your agreement with religions, parent figures, educational institutions, and so on, and FEEL, why you agreed! It is a very good starting point to begin your honest journey back home – to yourself, to become who YOU ARE! There is nothing bad about you, nothing. Take the labels away and BE! BE DIVINE! 

Because in this process you will reach a point where your Divinity starts Shining through so that you are Certain of It. In this Radiance all that arises is Recognized as Part of It. YOU ARE THAT!


With much love,

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

thank You to clarify these matters.

The Primary Goddess Creatrix of The Universe and The Primary God Creator of The Universe Love and Bless You All!

Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy

Marial444 said...

excellent put into words sis...

paul said...

love this post

Anonymous said...

go beyond the egoic-mind and BE! BE DIVINE!

The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (or Vigyan Bhairav Tantra) describes 112 meditation techniques to go beyond the mind. Just find the one which fits you and go for it.
( german/english: One of the most ancient texts and meditation manuals is Shiva’s 5000-year-old Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, which is concerned with how to go beyond the mind, to attain glimpses of the consciousness which exists apart from the mind. It is here that one should not be identified with the mind, and this is the fallacy of the West; that we are our minds. )

Osho’s full comentary on all 112 techniques:


olinstarwalker said...


Anonymous said...

Beloved Ute,

Wonderful insights and clarity that resonates... Have often attempted to explain that our perceived negative emotions are in Truth, our doorway home. And as such, we might consider shifting our perceptions to recognize them as gifts or blessings and allow or invite them to felt fully. Not attaching to them, or resisting/pushing them away, but to simply 'watch' and allow them to flow and then release on their own accord. Of course, you articulate the mystery so much more beautifully...

Recently returned from Peru and my first visit to Machu Picchu... You have shared in other postings wonderful messages from Pacha-mama, but was not prepared for what had greeted me as I entered this sacred site. Simply put, the overt emotions and feelings of her presence resulted in a tsunami of tears never before experienced. There was nothing spoken, visualized, or conceptualized.... It was her presence that can only be recognized within this space of "feeling".

<3 - Shravaka

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Shravaka, thank you so much for sharing your very moving experience! I can feel it in my heart! In this life time I never have been at Machu Picchu, but I have a deep connection to this place! With Love and Gratitude! Ute