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Ute Posegga-Rudel, 21.1.13, AEST
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Dearest friends,

About 3 weeks into the year 2013, and we slowly discover its new quality!

The pressure of 2012, full of great expectations, the run to the final events, is over. But many people felt disappointment, expecting great things to happen in the outer world. They did not look inside to experience the change in themselves.

But who worked with the conscious process, these blessed souls, they did prepare by dealing with the levels of energy and light by releasing densities. 

Because the glorious final chord of 2012 was a vibrational shift and thereby a shift in consciousness.

If people did not attune to the vibrational shift, they tended to project their expectations merely into the outer world.

Now, after the great opening at the end of a 26.000 years cycle, 2013’s quality is entirely different and new! What we felt in 2012 as a constant and increasing squeezing of time and events, which happened one after the other ever more rapidly and powerfully, experience now develops into a quite different direction and quality.

The usual perception of time seems to subside and to make room for a majestic Opening into a new dimension of Timeless Holiness and Sanctity. And all we can do is to allow ourselves to open up to It and to  feel and breathe It and to start to vibrate and resonate with this new Revelation, Which is right around us.

What appeared during 2012 to be an increasingly compressed battle in the fields of duality, made room for a new dawning of something Awesome and Sublime.

This Single Sublimity is calling us to allow ourselves to grow into It, to vibrate with our heart with It, in order to discover our true heritage, to allow the Eternal Presence of our Being-ness to take over this doubtful and contracted illusionary presumption that we "think" we are.

As if a lid has been taken away from us to open us up to Infinity from above, as if the fetters around our hearts have burst, as if the ground gives way, to touch with our feet the heart of our planet in a higher dimension. And so the walls give way into all directions, allowing us to breathe beyond our skin into infinite space.

There is a Radiant, Unmovable new Reality around us, a Reality That has been always there, but we have not been aware of it. A new Freedom has been given to us, to naturally unfold into our original and inherent Greatness.

This is the incoming of expanded Consciousness, the Presence of the Sublimity of the Human Soul, that is taking Seat in the Heart of Mankind.

We are growing now beyond this planet into Space, not anymore prisoners her and bound to this little place, but sovereigns who are the caretakers of this beautiful Earth, our true home in The Cosmic Infinite Heart and our Inspiration in the Deep of the Galaxy, our Feet in the Womb of the Universal Mother.

To me a new Unity is arriving, a Singleness and Union with Creation and Freedom in Unlimited Consciousness. A new Satisfaction in Simplicity, that is One without an “other”.

The Great Future of humanity has already begun. What we Are becomes obvious: Galactic Beings breathing Eternity in our Hearts.
The Opening into a new Reality is Bright and Sacred. It is the Return of Humanity’s dignity!

And even if there are not many yet of the Billions who are aware of It, - the fact of this Glorious Opening is tangibly obvious. It Is Here!

Great transformations and shifts always started slowly and gained momentum after a time. Soon there will be a magnificent river taking with it Millions and then all the Billions!

For now, while I write, I allow this Powerful Eternal Presence here, to Acquire my heart and whole body-mind.

And if you wish, let this be our invocation, my dearest friends:
Let this New Radiant Reality Speak and Act now and Breathe me! May It Act now through me! Now is the time where I hand over to this Presence my little personality and let the Great One Rule.

I can now sit back, my little self has done its duties. Now, the Greater  Self and Reality may take over, finally, to reign in Divine Perfection through me and as me.

With very much love,


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Anonymous said...

Dear Ute, thank you once more for your uplifting, inspiring, empowering and beautiful words. I fully agree and experience a similar moment of Divine Presence, particularly since a couple of days more than before and I lovingly and joyfully surrender to it. Astonishing, isn't it? And your last sentence really hits the nail on its head. I couldn't agree more! ^^

Thank you! <3

Much Love,

I AM said...

Dear Ute,

The "vibrational shifts" are quite obvious to us, we just look up during a sunny day and we can see light transparent vibrating particles filling up the entire sky. Even without looking, we can feel the difference. It is like the entire Earth is covered with a beautiful blanket of radiance and shine to it. Unfortunately, the majority of humanity probably has no idea what the "vibrational shift" is all about.

Perhaps in your future writings, you may give us (humans who are more spiritually evolved) some ideas what we can do to "Change the World" instead?

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear I AM, seeing into a world that needs to be changed keeps that world in place! We can only change ourselves. Until we see only the Divine in everything. Blessings!