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 By Ute Posegga-Rudel, 5.1.12,  Australia
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
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Beloved Friends!

I don’t know about you, but this still  New Year of 2013 is very different! 

The days are all the same for me, and I don’t notice, whether it is Monday, Wednesday or Saturday, because they all feel like Sunday. 

There is  such a bliss around me, so that these old details of 3D reality seem not to matter anymore. Still in 2012 each day had its characteristic vibration, but now they are all floating in an ascended light.

I rarely look at the watch, as it tells me really nothing, although I tell my mind: it’s 4PM, but I can’t  feel it anymore, time seems to happen now outside of me, has lost its weight,  and is only the scheme of a different world to which I do not anymore belong. Besides that the day now seems somewhat to last only about 6 hours or no hours at all!

So I  follow my inner clock, and I am told: now do this, now do that. And I feel that I must follow this advice, with a discipline, as I did never before, with very little margin, because I feel that the perfect “time” is in myself! So there is no more: oh mey, now I have forgotten this or that! I rather wait, until the impulse comes to do a certain thing. And then I do it, because it feels right. 

When my ego still "thinks" to do some things outside this inner clock and impulse, my body does not follow. There is no energy for it. So I know for sure that the right time has not yet arrived! Or may never come! 

It also seems that nothing happens, although I am working hard each day, many hours and often non-stop. There is only bright radiance,  there is this high vibration that is now the main tenor of each day. And only when I face certain challenges, where I still re-act to, even if only very briefly, before I let the denser vibrations quickly go, there is always this constant high frequency, vibrating in a very high, and barely audible sound. This feels like a thick blanket of light enveloping now our planet, at least that’s how it feels in the oasis of my home.

Walks on  the beach, or elsewhere, are rarely now pleasurable, but there is work to do, to release moment to moment into the light all the heavy densities I walk through, mainly put out there by the still sleeping part of humanity.

I know that I am not alone with this, and it seems now  the real time for the support crew, to shift this world into the next higher dimension has arrived!

I get the feeling that we have now arrived at the point, where to do the real and final work, we came for! Everything is being given to us, the light, the love, the frequencies are here to work with. Also it dawns to me that the presence of those who do not serve the light, has been expected to be here until the last moment, when the planet really shifts.

But, we have now all we need! We have “infiltrated” early here, to first get ready ourselves, and then work right here, with the now here stored treasure of light in these  special times, among all those who still sleep. And we have it all fully available now, so that we are working so to speak on the horizontal level, with the light from our heart. Or to put it better: the heart is a transit- and  transmission station for this new layer of conscious light,  that works on auto pilot. 

With our vertical connection to the Light from Above, we draw down and hold permanently the Divine Cosmic Light to keep feeding the planet below and the horizontal layer of light. This happens because we are now, with the Great Event of the Galactic Alignment, firmly anchored here and far above! Since then I see a mighty current of light, a powerful, thick mass of enlightened consciousness coming down to earth, as the union since 21.12.12  between Gaia and our Great Central Sun is continuing, there is no divorce! Even though the day of marriage has passed!

So what I see is that we are weavers, we are weaving the light artfully directly into the immediate surface of earth, so that it can become so strong that it is  available for everybody! It has to have human conduits to be perceived and received by humans.

In my vision, my beloved friends, and those who resonate, now it is our time, to stand together in our hearts in service to magnify the love that resides on Earth. We are the ones who do the lifting now and we have been Blessed beyond imagination, because the “we” is the United Consciousness of humankind we have been tapping into together, That One Heart of Humanity, That One Mighty and Divine Radiant Soul and Being, That we have dared to invoke and to draw down to here, where separation has blinded every eye for Thousands of years, It Is now Here. And we are singing with the united voice of great and ancient bells to awaken the hearts of those who still sleep.

This is a new and magnificent moment, full of depths and eternity! The spell is broken for those who see and feel! Therefore we are conduits for the New Reality and Consciousness, the cradle for the new creations of  humanity’s deepest heart-desires, which is unity, the light of love, happiness, bliss and freedom, and from that, endless possibilities to be manifested in endless forms.

Beloved family of Light, now it begins if we not hesitate, to draw from the Presence of Sublime Fullness the New Reality. It is possible now, and starts  with the  vision of our highest aspiration and the certainty in our heart. That Fullness is already filling our Being, It Is already us, if we let It!

With Love and Gratitude!


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Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

I feel the same way.
When I close my eyes, I can see light from Earth. It really begin to change in the new year. I know this Earth is much different.

The reintegration of the Earth and Solar System into the body light of the Milky way galaxy is still in progress.

The Primary Goddess Creatrix of The Universe and The Primary God Creator of The Universe Love and Bless You All!

Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy

olinstarwalker said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

Spot on! You hit the nail on the head. I share your experience in great detail. Thank you for sharing! Lovely indeed!