Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Dearest Ones,
I AM Sananda!

I Am here today to embrace each single one of you! My love for you is overflowing and you should know!
With the opening of the 11.11.11 star gate we have reached a point in history where the doors are wide open, dearest ones, for each one of you to enter a new level of heart-opening and love!

Do you feel the new sweet and soft  love in your  air and atmosphere? Do you feel with your whole body what is now embracing you, as the Love of God has come so close, landing on your earth in her garment of trees, and bushes and grass, and most of all, of her blossoms and flours?
Dearest ones, Love cannot be described with words you use in your routine of daily life! Love can only be described with sounds that make your heart sing!

I desire to make your heart sing because you all have every reason for it! And because I desire  you to feel the new life coming that  is already underway on your Beloved Earth! She Herself is bathing in this sweetest elixir of Love and she is eager to share this with you, dearest ones!

I ask you to turn your eye, still closely attached to a life of mere joyless necessity and mostly missing heart-feelings, to your heart to flower. Do you know that now the time has come where all the requirements to realize this flowering of heart are already given? Do you realize that your heart to melt and to be happy is already given every nourishment you need to let it happen?

The nourishment is in the sun rays that enter your atmosphere and in the air you breathe and in the pure water you drink. Now that your sun light and all the elements  have already surrendered and are filled with the new light and love currents which are pouring down from your heavens, it is time for you to follow them! These elements are not just chemical substances but they are alive and full of consciousness as you all are, as there is no “dead” or life-less element. All is alive and all is an emanation and a form of the Divine, That All-That-Is. 

These elements do not hesitate to let Divinity enter, embrace and overwhelm them with Love. Therefore they are already full of overflowing joy and that is the Secret of what you are living and breathing and moving and resting in.
Why would you, dearest ones, who inherit all the Divine Gifts in your heart, not accept the endowments of your Creator, now as the doors of heaven are wide open?

Happiness is always yours, it is truly and always untouched from the course of life, as it is  the very essence of your being. Even if life circumstances appear to be difficult, this essence can never be disturbed, never!

Dearest Ones, accept the Love of God into your heart and into every cell of your body! This love is already embracing you, and this I say, it is literally so! Feel it with  your skin, dear ones, feel it when you inhale, feel it in the pure water you drink, it is filled and enriched with the power of the incoming currents of light, that is stored in it.

Leave the love-less thoughts behind which do not accept the love which is in the air and in every atom you breathe, and in every molecule of your air that touches your body. And it is the Spirit of these elements which nourish you and prove the Presence of Divine Love to you.  It cannot leave you anymore, it is Gaia’s new attainment, and what is Her’s, is also yours.
Do not separate yourself from Her. Her Consciousness is Divine and so is yours, once you have dropped your negative assumptions, fears and denial of the True Source of your own existence.

We notice that many still are blaming and complaining, while looking in the direction of lack and an unhappy world. Now is the time where all aof you need to rise and allow the true jewel in your heart to govern what your eyes want to see. Do not look at, what you do not want to see. Look at, what you want to see, and look with your eyes and heart that is Divine. Like blossoms open as beautiful flowers in the sudden of the  rising sun with overwhelming fragrance, so will your heart’s eye and mind build your new world of fulfillment and joy. Do not look back and live in this happy moment always now. The bursts of your love are the weapons which undo in a moment the godless creations which make you suffer.

Dearest ones, you are not created to suffer, you are created to express and  be witness of the fullness, joy and love of That All-Embracing All-That-Is, and That Is also You.

With my deepest love!
I AM Sananda at the Threshold of the Galactic Center

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Sunday, November 13, 2011


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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dearest earth humans,

A new beginning has dawned on your earth in a magnificent way!
Your galactic families can see what many of you on earth can see and what most of you earth human cannot yet see.

Not seeing it, does not mean it did not or is not happening right now or will not happen and grow exponentially in your future.
For us your future is already here and many of you on earth are already stepping in this awareness by transcending linear time.

Your earth servants, those who have been participating before, during and thereafter this most important 11.11.11 event, whose soul contract required to remain among you on earth, have been empowered greatly on that day. Many of them strenghtened their connections to their galactic homes and families and allowed their light and consciousness to incarnate deeper into their human bodies. These ones who have been so empowered would have been able to leave 3D Earth at this time for good because they were ready, but out of their love for Gaia and humanity they are continuing to stay with you.

With their greatly increased cosmic presence they will be able to magnify and speed up the ascension process for everybody as they anchor now tremendous light of the higher dimensions through the channel of their bodies.

Dearest ones, it is a magnificent cooperative work which is going on now in an intensified way, between your galactic friends and their representatives on your earth.

We can see, in interconnectedness with the crystalline earth grid, currents of Divine light and  flames running in ever more growing intensity between the mighty forces of light, - surrounding your planet, and from the deep of the universe - and Mother Earth and her servants, firing up the whole process of ascension for all involved in a glorious way. More and more of you are starting to participate in this magnificent progression of Divine Ignition and galactic connectedness of your planet. This is a spectacular Play of Joy and Love because the Divine Forces can now move freely into your sphere.

With joy we are describing to you what we see, so that you earth humans, even if you are not yet aware of what is now occurring on your world, can be assured and inspired to continue your life with a different perspective and increased and deeply magnified hope, to help you to already change the basic outlook on your life and daily experience. Even though you might mainly see the old shadows of a 3dimensional world, but which in reality are fading each day more away, you can be assured that the new world is already yours.

Do not hold on therefore to the shadows of the past, as they do not have any real fundament any more but are just relicts of a non-existing world. You must understand, that from the perspective of spirit your old world is already gone and what you still see are only phantoms and artificially created godless holograms of what you call your familiar world. Like when you lost a limb and it still seems to hurt!
And so your nervous systems are still programmed to accept your old world as to be true, but in reality it is gone already, dearest ones, this is the truth!

We are standing at the point of origin of this new creation where we can see and testify your new world. Therefore this new world has to be confirmed by you with faith, trust and joy in your heart, visions, thoughts and actions.

What your eyes seem still to see and your senses seem to feel, the shadows of the old, can be viewed now as an illusion. Remember that you see “outside”, what is inside of you. If you change your world inside with your higher will and love of your heart, you will see and feel sooner than later your new world reflected “outside” of you.
We recommend that you study the laws of creation to understand this. This will help you to enter fully into your God-given, creative potential and power.

When you do this you will attract the Divine Light and Fire into your own body and mind,  now running already through all beings and crystalline grids who are devoted to this glorious process of the creation of a new Divine World.

Gaia is joyful as never before and she asks all of you to be too! She needs you to join her in this, dearest humans, to lift her burden, as she feels what you feel. Only together you can complete this most wonderful adventure of your evolution in no time.

With deepest love!

The  Light Beings from the  Andromeda Galaxy

Message received by Ute 

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Saturday, November 12, 2011


We are the Arcturians!
Dearest Ones,

Today is a great day, the greatest so far since a very long time in timelessness, since Earth has experienced such boundless Joy and Relieve! This will of course have  a great and unprecedented  impact on your life in a way you could not foresee!

More has happened than we and all your galactic supporters and lovers could have dreamed of!

Beloveds, if you could see the new and  splendid Radiance in which Mother Earth is shining now! It is the radiant light of joy, of a new freedom of a new accomplished victory as she shifted her body already into her higher dimension. There is now, with the nearly completed new crystalline grid around her a new template at work, a template which allows for the acceleration of spiritual growth and uplifting of all human beings. 

The concentration of light and energy, pouring down on earth and your participation in it today was so strong and powerful that it had great influence on the process of shifting earth into her new position, above the 3th dimension. 

Although Gaia's body is now lifted and purified from the heaviness of the darkness of the last thousands of years, she agreed to remain “with one foot and leg” still  in 3D, to grant  a “quickening” opportunity to  those of you, who need a bit longer because you still have to grow your consciousness and personal energy field or light quotient to follow her into the higher dimensional place . And so Gaia is enjoying her newly ascended state, while patiently remaining partially still in her old position, but which has not a great impact on her well-being anymore.  

For some of you this might be difficult to understand, but what is above 3dimensional reality cannot be described  and seen with a linear and "logical" left-brain disposition. You have to learn to use your right brain, or better your whole brain, and start to see with your intuition and inner eye and with your heart.

With the preparedness of the planetary servers great things could be accomplished at this moment of your time as they participated consciously in channeling this new frequency activation with their own energy bodies and as such being antennas and vessels for it in the energy body of Mother Earth.

She thanks all of you, dearly beloved planetary servers, for helping her shifting. And she knows in Her Heart that with your preparedness and firm intent to assist in the stepping up of the ascension process further, that this will greatly accelerate humanity's awakening and illumination process to finally allow her to move  fully  into her well earned new  4th and subsequently 5th dimension. This will be most likely, as planned, at the end of the year 2012.

We, the Arcturians, are observing, that you, dear humans, are already greatly responding to this very important shift today. Some of you might not be directly aware of it, but all of you will notice in the coming days and weeks that something significantly has changed in the way you feel about your life as there is now a new shining glow around everything  and a spiritual presence which will increase, so that it will become ever more noticeable if you observe with your heart.
With this comes your increasing happiness and the feeling of relieve in many ways and areas.

This growing light and consciousness in your life and in your hearts will soon become so powerful, that a fundamental change in your world situation will be inevitable.

Dear Ones, you have made, together with Mother Earth, a step into a thoroughly new direction with this day 11.11.11!
You cannot see yet all the auspicious results, but they will soon arrive. From now on, as the course of your destiny has changed it’s direction for good, you can only expect an ever more speeding current of new arriving events which you could not imagine until now.

We encourage you to use this highly blessed time to seriously dream and design your new world as one humanity as an expression of Divine Love, Abundance and Joy.

The heavens are dancing, dear ones, and their love and light is now pouring gloriously  and unimpeded upon your world.

We celebrate with them and desire to see you celebrating as well!
We say: Unite and Celebrate and invoke the Joy and the Love of the Eternal God.

We Bless you!
We are the Arcturians!

Message received by Ute on 11.11.11 late evening AEST

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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Personal 11.11.11 "Ascension" Report

Dear friends and readers of my blog,

I thought it would be encouraging for others to know that the magnificent 11.11.11 ascension activation - as foretold by many of our Galactic friends and channelers - is actually happening. Therefore I am reporting my own experience to give testimony of this event.
With no doubt- the energies today are extremely powerful. Living in Australia the 11.11 at 11:11 (o'clock) has already passed, and is wandering with the sun from my perspective towards the West so that we will have for another somewhat 20 hours a global 11.11 @ 11:11.

The process started for me actually already the day before yesterday. After I have been drawn to a so beautiful and brilliant Light far above my head, I felt, after my return, that I have been marked on my forehead, like: "she is ready to be a participant in the ascension process", of course meaning a growing responsibility for serving humanity thereafter. But, girls and boys, this is joy! And not a Reptilian kind of slavery!

Yesterday I felt like ‘sitting’ constantly  with my Arcturian family, with  signs in my body of being extremely brightened and expanded by light.

The process today began with a sensation of codes being downloaded into my body. I sat in mediation from very early in the morning  and experienced to be drawn into highest frequencies high above my head, appearing to me in brilliant white light. No colours or “places”. At the 11:11 mark I had a peak experience as if I have been drawn through a “hole”, not a black hole, but a white hole :) of extreme ecstasy and brilliance, but really not to describe. (I know it was at this time as I looked several minutes later at my watch, as I spontaneously opened my eyes.) There was also a unique and characteristic  smell which we do not have in the 3th dimension, and I remembered, ahh, that’s how high frequencies or higher dimensions can smell, because they were not just a vision but I felt them in and all over my body, so that that body was vibrating very high and felt flooded with light. This was very tangible.

At the same time I had several insights, such as: we create the dimensional “places”, because “mere” frequencies are not “enough” for us, we want something more to experience. I guess, in my case there were no “places” I went to, because I am a simple person, who is satisfied with the feeling of bliss and love, and don’t need “places”. 

Another experience was the work, together with Mother Earth. Since a while I had already felt the unity with her and literal non-separation from her, in my body. So the work “together” with her was to rise her energies, but better to say, not Her’s, but the frequencies She carries with her and which are those, humanity has created over the last Thousands of years (for whatever reason!). The work was to rise these rather heavy frequencies up to the heart. There they stood for a while, being stuck. And with the rays of Love and Compassion, suddenly emerging in the heart space, brilliant Light above the head ignited with Joy, and in the blink of an eye all heavy frequencies were raised up to above into the Light of the Heavens, to use this kind of image, to make it easier to understand.

So, this was great, as it means that Mother Earth has actually risen now forever above her former density and something has been taken from her.

Another experience was the meeting with other “co-workers” in this ascension process, with those who are here to assist Mother Earth and Humanity in their process. It was clear that we could not  share together a “certain place” were we would work together as a joined force.
Rather it seemed to be appropriate that each one of us would work from the “place” that was the one they have chosen to be, and that our joined force is the One of the Heart, that One Place of Unity, where we truly all melt, and melt with all humanity, regardless of the dimension in which they are existing.
From there it  was clearer than ever to me, that true ascension is Unity at the heart with all existence, and that 'dimensions’ are frequencies and ultimately illusions in that Truth of Unity.

While these experiences were all part of the “ascension” process, this changed in my case after 11:11 (o’clock). Because what came then was the "descension" process. In other words, to bring all that energy and all these frequencies down into the body. It started in my case with a very strange sensation of the head, as if it was not “my” head anymore, but was an “other worldy” head, which was sitting on my otherwise familiar human body.  This head – was it a new head? :) -  felt like being now of a different consistency and I have no idea what it means, and if it has perhaps something to do with the new crystalline structure.

While the Ascending process was in the first place definitely happening in the Arcturian Light-Energy, the descending process happened with the Andromedan Energy and Consciousness which pressed heavily down into my body and deep into Mother Earth. The Andromedan Energy is pretty much different to the Arcturian one, it is very much expanded and full and of highest vibration, so that the body needs some time of assimilation to recognize it as “light”. This was for me  a most profound grounding of my Andromedan family conscious light  into my body in an intensity which has not been possible for me before. During this descending process I also very shortly “visited” on my way my other cosmic homes, one on Sirius A with the beautiful and loving Lion Beings and the other with the Agarthans of Inner Earth.

Looking back it feels as if 'something’ of ‘me’ has left and stays there, high above in this light of brilliance at the peak of my ascension process, and I am wondering whether “I” am gone and somebody else is now sitting here. :). But who knows! This whole Divine Play is very astounding and there is definitely a joyful and humorous game going on, The Great One Amusing Him-Her-Self outrageously!

So far my 11.11 experience, and I encourage everyone, to report and share their own experience here with others.

Now, having written this down, I go back to meditation to see what’s next.
This is an exiting journey.

Much love to you all,

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


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Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians,

It is time now to recover from your ailments of the last Thousands of years, Beloved earth humans! We are observing with joy that many of you started to understand the signs of this time and woke up, especially to the service they originally have incarnated for at this time on earth.

Many of you are now suddenly recognizing and understanding what the deeper meaning of your presence on Gaia is, — and this is mostly a surprise but carries also a lot of satisfaction.

Naturally, your soul and heart are now finally able to fully participate in life, which has been for many of you very difficult, because you could not find any real meaning in your lifes, other than purify yourselves to come to a spiritual understanding of existence and of your own nature.

Now to understand, that this process was the very meaning of your life because it was needed to purify the deep densities of earth, which you helped with the purification and spiritualizing process of your own body-minds, is extremely liberating for you and you experience to be profoundly  energized.

Therefore this time now has in some sense become a celebration for you, although the situation on earth has not yet officially recovered to love and peace which is the original characteristic of humanity.

When we made the first time contact with some of you, many years ago in the 70s, our contactees were still living in an environment with people who were utterly unaware of other galactic civilizations and planets who, as a whole, lived and practiced together in their societies spiritual life. They knew that the Divine Source Energy is Love and that all existence is originating from It.

Now, only after 40 years on your planet, this situation has changed profoundly. More and more people on earth are aware of this truth and spreading it among others. Your planet Earth is even now on a point in your history where She will go through a transformation of a greatness and uniqueness, that never before happened.

Many more of you started to communicate with us, some of them can see us, many of you are in telepathic contact with us and more and more can feel the high vibration of our light bodies.

This is magnificent and such quickening of your evolutionary process is astounding and without comparison!

Dear earth humans, and now you have arrived at a point in your history where you will make the greatest leap you ever have encountered!
Of course, it is not new for you, that on 11.11.11 massive new energies will be activated which can catapult you into higher dimensions.

But for this to happen, you must be able to be in a disposition of an energetic “expectancy”. Your heart must be able to reach out and anticipate this great flux of new energy and light to flow  into your own energetic system. When this happens, you will be able to jump in your consciousness and understanding into a completely new dimension of experience. You might have visited these places where you are going now to arrive before, but it makes a difference whether you visited only or whether you arrive at a place for good, dear ones!

When you arrive for good, this can mean many things, depending on your soul contract, but also depending on your level of preparedness. It might be that, once arrrived, you will not ‘return’ to the 3 dimensional world and that you will just drop your  physical body. Only in the case that your frequency is of the highest light, a physical body of your nature can be dissolved directly into light. But this will be very rare as this requires that you have already accomplished  a very high spiritual realization.

So most of you who are able to maintain their place in the higher dimensions, will be able – through their newly awakened multidimensionality – to stay with their physical body simultaneously in the 3th dimension, whereby their bodies will be transformed  and assume a crystalline structure. This can happen very quickly but could perhaps  be physically difficult for some, because of the adaptation of their body to their new frequency and at the same time, the hightened sensitivity to the lower vibration of the 3th dimension.

However, as this process also implies that their new crystalline  bodies can take on and hold significantly more light, that they do not have to suffer, as they did before in their old carbon based body, in the midst of lower and denser energies.

Bottom line is, that none of you has experienced this unique transformation and there will be people who do not experience any problems and who will have a very easy transition into their new body- and frequency-system, while others, depending on their history of perception and experience, might have to struggle in the beginning. But this will not last for long. For all the adaptation will be successful in a short time.

Those who do not arrive for good in the higher dimensions,  might experience them perhaps relatively shortly, and then, as they are not prepared, to stay there, come back, holding this new experience in their memory. But some of them will be able to visit these new  and higher dimensional places more and more often, until they adapted to it in consciousness and in their energy system, so that they can stay there permanently. In some cases they will drop their body too, or live from then on multidimensionally, depending where their service is.

The experience of this whole process has many different varieties, as each human being is unique, but there will be of course people with similar or identical experiences. They will find each other and join in groups together, as their soul level and spiritual experience is similar and these groups belong to soul families. Drawn to each other as a soul family, they will do their service to help humanity to ascend in due course of the year 2012 and thereafter.

Dear Ones, you are now at the threshold of your great adventure in your history, where there is no return to your old way of life. From now you will jump in big leaps along your ascension path. And you will leave behind your life of difficulties and suffering, as Mother Earth and Her new energies will carry and transport you to new and never before experienced shores  where all your heart desires are fulfilled.

We know that most of you who came to Mother Earth for service, were never able during their incarnation in these times, to just rest and to 'enjoy' life as many other of their human fellows did and even lived for, because you always felt a huge weight on your shoulders, knowing, you had to do something important, but mostly not knowing, what it was. Now you can understand, but you will also start to experience —perhaps for many the very first time— the true joy of undisturbed mere being, as you have arrived at your destination and as  this will be, in your new experience, the means, to assist your human family to ascend in the coming months and – perhaps years.

There is no exact and accurate ‘time frame’ we can tell, because there are many unknown factors, as each human being follows their own unique process and learning curve. But we can tell that the great shift is already on its way - in a mighty and powerful way. And ultimately, it will never end, because all is always on their path of evolution and expansion in the Heart of God.

Be well and be Blessed, dear ones!
We are your family in the Consciousness of the Cosmic Christ.

We are the Arcturians!

Message received by Ute

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dearest earth humans,

We have a very important message for you at this special and outstanding time in your experience of your earth’s evolution and ascension process.
Today we can confirm that Gaia is indeed on her way to the fourth dimension, and this is happening to her very body!

Wondrous things are occurring on your world, but many of you are not aware of it. If so,  you are holding firmly onto your 3dimensional perception.

But in reality Gaia is now shifting and moving - slowly though - into her new freedom. She is on her way to fulfill ancient prophecies now, and heaven has given Her all the Blessings to experience this most joyful event, which also many of you are experiencing now in their own bodies.

Dear Ones, we recommend that you from now on avoid as much as you can the cities where harmful and toxic radiation is preventing your direct experience of higher  dimensional realities because of its very low frequencies, which can distort your ability to receive harmonious and Divine vibrations, and which are often mixed with messages with the intention to prevent your consciousness to awaken in light.

Seek as often as you can the undisturbed environment of Nature, to restore your energy system, and feel the actuality of your Mother Earth’s shifting.

We also recommend that you - if possible - stay on 11.11.11 in a natural environment, in a calm and secluded place, to take the greatest advantage of the magnificent and powerful waves of energy and light which are being activated on your planet on this day. We are sure that each one of you has chosen already such a place where you love to retreat, and find or restore your inner peace, disturbed by the hectic rush of your daily life.

To connect with a pure environment on your planet, allows you to connect easier with Gaia's Spirit, and while you connect with Her Spirit, you also will be able to connect with her shifting density.

Your Mother Earth knows each single one of you, but most have never noticed this, or have not connected themselves with Her or even built a relationship with Her. Dearest ones, in these times of great changes, it is important that you do this now! Your ascension occurs in union with Her, so how could you ascend if not closely connected with Her Spirit and Her body.
The evolutionary process is not only about the awakening of your consciousness, but also about a fundamental change of your physicality, which is one with your Earth Mother.

If you can overcome your doubt that you can communicate with Her, by firmly assuming the truth of it, by calling Her and expecting Her answer, - She WILL answer back to you! Connect with Her in your heart, connect with Her by allowing your body to be grounded deeply into Her. And She will respond and has many ways to do this. So let yourself be surprised as She knows what your heart loves! She is waiting so very much for each single one of you to make this connection!

Now you might be wondering why we, the Light Beings from your sister Galaxy, Andromeda, would remind you of these important things.

You must know that we maintain a very close relationship with Gaia, and therefore we see what She needs: the connection with Her humanity which She desires to be fully activated by your communion with Her. So that you can be  aware about Her movements, and thereby move together with Her. Not knowing Her movements and not being in synchronicity with them, is to a certain degree an impediment in the freely progressing ascension process, in which She, in Her unconditional love for you all, desires you to participate to the fullest. 

Furthermore, if you unite with Her, you will help to push for the shift in a more comprehensive way, whereby She is able to take from the beginning more members of the human family directly with Her, which allows to set free more and powerful energy, necessary for the ascension process.

If you cannot spend time in Nature, then wherever you are, you can still connect with Her, by grounding yourself and uniting with Her in your heart. But this requires that you have already developed your spiritual sensitivity. Whereas being in Her Nature you have enormous help from the Nature Spirits, to develop this sensitivity and your communion with Gaia.

When you are in Her beautiful Nature, always speak to Her and expect Her response, always assume that She Is Alive and Loves you, more than you can imagine!

This is the time now, where you all must work together, as one great Unity in consciousness, in love and in the greater reception of Divine Light into the Body of Humanity. We are certainly assisting you all in this process of awakening and the enfolding of your heart into the Greatness of Divinity.

Be Blessed, Beloveds! We shower from our Realms of Light eternal Love and Divine Light upon you and your Earth Mother!

Be at Peace, and Be Joy.
We Are the Beings of Light, from the Andromeda Galaxy.

Message received by Ute

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


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Dear Ones,
We Are the Arcturians!

You have been waiting for a very long time now to see your world shifting into her promised new and higher density. You have been proving immense patience and strength and many  also learned to understand the nature of your own creativity and the law of creation.
You started to understand your free will, meaning that you are free, to create a different situation than the one you are experiencing in any given moment. This is because you began to understand that any present circumstance is not a solid and eternal  situation but can be changed from the very moment on you recognize your non-agreement and your power of change that is yours.

With great joy we observe that many of you have come to the point were you were able to break free from the past and your seeming unavoidable bondage to it, but rather realized that you are given the power in any moment to insert and use a new set of vision and inspiration that enables you to create something different, carried by the new incoming light  and energy that you allow in this moment to flow and be the source of your new creation.

Dear earth humans, this is the glory of new humanity in which you are already participating and which more and more of you are discovering and bringing into play.
This is the way, dear ones, how you can change the current situation on your world which is still in the hands of the old and out-dated powers of those who do not have much future anymore.

We want to encourage you, each one of you, who is reading this message, to use your creative powers in a way, that you don’t look at the present moment, still governed by your controllers, and that you no longer allow to bind yourself to the images of darkness and all the suffering attached to it. Rather allow, regardless what they create in their thirst for domination and destruction, the light of a new creation into your mind and heart now. It is essential that you now, in this very moment, stop looking back into the old world with everything that is falling apart, and rise yourself into higher vibrations by visualizing, feeling and creating the foundation of the new world, you are already dreaming about.

What is important, is that you act as if your new world is already existing. This starts with peaceful and cooperative actions with your loved ones and also those you are not intimate with or not yet. Consider each and everyone as your family who is on their path of learning unity and unconditional love. Secondly, learn to live a life which is not dependent on false happiness. What we mean is, to drop your dependence on “consumer life”. Only acquire what you really need and do not support the industries and markets which are created to enrich your controllers and at the same time are aimed to distract you, by your desires from your true soul purpose. Learn to be content and in balance without unnecessary accumulation of things which you do not need to feel happy, but you might still think, they would make you “happy”, out of mere old habit. Learn discrimination and refrain from your old patterns with the tendency to consume things.

This also refers to the messages many of you are reading and listening to daily, such is this one. As long, as you do not learn from them, as long as you do not use them as a tool to grow humanly and spiritually, you engage consumer behavior, dear ones! 

All our messages and those from other members of the Light, involved and serving humanity’s ascension, must be taken serious and must be used in your daily life, if you feel they contain a message for you, so that you can make true progress in your evolution.

You can always ask questions if you do not understand the messages! Whether it is a “real” person you are turning to, or your invisible guides, be assured, if your question is serious, you will receive the answer you need.

Also know, that all your heart-desires regarding your ascension process will be fulfilled.
This is so as the desires of your heart are the motor at the core of your life process which moves you along your life contract which you signed before you incarnated in this life-time.

Further we want to encourage you, to trust yourself more, to trust your inner mover, the inner intention of your being, which you can feel in your heart.
This impulse is always free of any outside appearance, such as the establishment of your world, created by the intention of your controllers. Your inner impulse is the power of Divinity that took on your form, to free humanity, of which you are part of and from which you are inseparable, and who’s intention is the restoration of light and of love on earth.

This Divine Impulse is eternal, compared to the lesser impulses of your controllers. Always remember this, dear ones. Dare to dream the true Divine Dream at all times, knowing that the dreams of your controllers are necessarily only short, because what is of the light is the Power of the Divine in its Highest Existence Itself. The lighter the density the greater God’s Power. So allow God’s Power to re-establish Itself in your heart and creative dreams and actions, without giving your controllers a chance to take from you the slightest spot in your Divine World.

Unite with others, dear ones, to grow stronger, to share your new creations, but which must never be “against” others, but only always “for” the Glorious Divinity.
We also encourage you dearly, to forget anything your controllers have done to hurt you. Because if you do not, you only strengthen their power. Withdraw fully from their existence, and if your life is still under their laws in certain, or even in many ways, detach yourself from it in your heart, by maintaining equanimity and simultaneously keep your vision focused on your new world. This requires practice, of course, but this is what you are here for.

This will teach you that your are not your 3dimensional appearance, which experiences still a world, you do not really like,  but that you  are free in spirit and to love. Because is it this, what you Are! Divine Spirit, Divine Love.

Allow yourself to rise above the perception of a 3dimensional world and the identification with it. You have been always free of it, in Reality. Only your illusionary belief that you are just this 3dimensional appearance with all its experiences and limitations, cut off from the Divine Source, made it possible that your controllers ever had powers over you.

Do you see the difference and do you see your own true power which is that of Divinity and Eternity? To identify with your true nature is the means to create the New World and to ascend.

Some of you might ask: and how do I find my true Divine Nature? The first step is, to familiarize yourself with this truth of what you Are. Meditate on it, consider it to be true. Occupy yourself with the stories of those who have described their own Divinity and understand that you are looking directly into your own Divine Face, but which is still unconscious to you! True seekers of treasures never give up in their efforts to find them. And so do you! You will not give up to discover who you really are. It is time now for each one of you to wake up to your own truth, Beloved Ones!

We, the Arcturians, are your mentors and your guardians since unthinkable times. We have been once at the threshold where you are this precious moment in eternity. And it is humanity’s future to realize what we are now. Invoke your future now into your presence, dear ones.
The Light of the Divine is Calling you to accept and receive your rightful inheritance.

We love you, dearest ones, and we bless you on your path to ascension.

We Are the Arcturians!

Message received by Ute

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Saturday, November 5, 2011


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My dearest Ones,

Your recent history has proven to you that you had no chance to develop spiritually, only very few souls who were strong enough and specifically destined to follow the path of enlightenment, were able to do so.
Now, this has dramatically changed as Earth has risen her frequency dramatically and is still continuing rising it.

There are brothers and sisters among you who are able to feel this and integrate consciously these frequencies into their bodies. These are the ones from other star systems who have chosen to incarnate on your Earth to help to install the rising cosmic frequencies on your planet. They took on the lower vibrations in order to purify and transform them into light in their own bodies and minds. They did this by consciously following a process of understanding and surrendering their thoughts, their emotions and their own frequencies to the Light. They trained themselves how to become aware of all these contents and the  functioning of their own body-minds so that they could deal with them. Often they had contracts with  spiritual teachers who incarnated at the same time and who taught them how to do this.
You could call these brothers and sisters forerunners, the first generation, to assist your planet to ascend at this time and  which was predetermined since thousands of years.

The Divine process is always a very complex and comprehensive event and all the pieces of the puzzle always are coming together at the time when they have to. And in this case, they come together for the great ascension process which is happening now in your whole solar system, but not only there but also in the universe to which your solar system belongs. This is part of the natural evolution where all creations must ultimately recognize and realize the Divine Source, the All-That-Is.

We have described what has happened until this moment in your evolutionary history. And now another great moment arises - the moment where you, the people of the Earth, are  awakening! Where Humanity is awakening!

Having increasingly heard and seen and read information from your way-showers about their ascension process and that of Earth, many of you are starting to be concerned how you would be able to ascend yourselves as you have no training how to deal with your faculties, such as thinking and feeling and how to become sensitive to energy or frequencies, or to Light itself.

You have been told to deal with your subconscious content, but you do not know how to do this. The vocabulary used and which you read mainly on the internet are just words for you as for many of you it is not a familiar field of experience.

Dear Ones, we are asking you now, to trust the Divine provision. These instructions you have been reading, without knowing how to understand them, were rather given to those who are already on the way and who are able to understand how to use them, but who had to be reminded and to be encouraged and supported, to continue to do the work for the sake of themselves and of all mankind.

Beloveds, it is only your wrong understanding, which is the concept of  separateness, which is the reason for your concern. But if you at least can accept, that humanity is One single body and that each one of you are like cells in the One Body of Humanity, whereby certain nations are like organs in this Great Body, then you can better understand your process of evolution and ascension. Consider those of your brothers and sisters who have worked for long time to invoke and ignite the light in their body-mind, as enlightened cells, as master cells in the One Great Human Body who are initiating also the ignition of your and each single one’s ascension.

So when you can accept that you are One Humanity then you can also understand that this process of ignition of each single one of you must necessarily occur, just by your Oneness! Light flows ultimately without knowing obstructions, and only when you intentionally resist,  it will have difficulties to reach and become you. But even then it will eventually melt all what is in its way. Nobody can resist the light which is more powerful than any created world and universe as All is arising in Divine Light.

While your way-showers were the ones who did the first hard work to pave the path for the ignition of Divine Light in the  One Great Human Body,
it is desirable that also you intentionally invite it and to allow it in -  as it is now so much increasing and present on your planet.  With this gesture you help not only your own ascension process but also that of  the Great Human Body. Many times we have told you that you are  not alone in this, as you have many  visible and invisible helpers of light, ready to assist you and to respond to your heart's desire! What you need is faith and even exitement and joy to start a journey which is new to you as you will enter new territorry! Do not even consider that you could control this process, dear ones, as you have never before experienced such happiness and such love, once you have given up your confusion.

Dear Ones, Light carries information, carries consciousness, and by letting the Light in, your consciousness will rise and as it rises you will learn to understand yourself, to understand your faculties, as your higher intelligence and awareness rises. Of course, each one of you is on a different level in this process, but the more awaken the more can follow quicker, so that humanity’s enlightenment happens like a chain reaction.

Understanding this, dear ones, you must not be concerned, but trust that your turn will come to awaken to a new level of yourself. Until then learn to see yourself and all humanity as being one body, one Divine Soul, in which you all participate. Accept that your essence IS Divine and not less, and so is each one of you. Therefore love yourself and love all humanity. This is the best preparation to open yourself to receive the light, now so fully and magnificiently pouring down on Earth and satiating Her and all Her Beings. 

The more you exercise love, the more you are able to transcend heavy thoughts and emotions. It is that simple. You do not need any technique. You only need the right disposition, which is love, ultimately in all circumstances. And the light will find you and will ignite your higher wisdom and  consciousness.

The fact that many of you are asking how they would be able to ascend, is already the beginning of your ascension process, as the question demonstrates the desire of your heart. This, your question I have answered now, dear ones. So that you can understand that you are already on your way with every and all Divine Blessings.

Dear Ones, remember my word  and take it  to heart especially when times on earth become more difficult. Understand that this is a good sign as it enables many more to start to ask questions, ready to change, those cells in the Single Body of Great Humanity who are still deeply asleep. They need the thunder to wake up. And it is you then, who through your love and your desire to ascend will become their servants to show them the way to the Light.

Beloveds, do not separate yourself, understand the truth! You are All One Great Humanity, and all are to awaken and to join the New Earth when your time comes.

I love you!
I Am Sananda at the threshold of the Galactic Center

Message received by Ute 

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


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Dearest Ones,

It is time for you, who are desiring to ascend, to
seriously prepare yourselves.
Ascension is not just a casual matter without your own preparation, -  although there are quite many sources who tell you so.

Dear ones, don’t let yourself to be fooled.
Is it not that you are here on Earth because it was your wish to grow in consciousness and to grow as a human being, to earn your evolution? This requires you to become more and more aware of who you are by facing, observing, allowing and finally being purified of what keeps you in darkness or in a lesser vibration, which prevents you from rising your light quotient.

It is your light quotient which allows you to ascend.
Living in a way that does not serve and support the enfolding of your consciousness will not allow you to ascend in the very near future and leave this 3dimensional density behind.

You might wish, and there are very many of you who do, to be part of the first wave of ascending souls at the 11.11.11 Stargate, with many portals opening to enter higher dimensions.  But, dear ones - you have to be prepared and understand the universal law of self-responsibility.

How would ascension serve you if it would not be the result of your own victory? How would you be able to maintain your rightful place in higher dimensions if your own consciousness will not be adequate to their vibrational fields of consciousness?

This has to be understood, and the wide spread belief that another force would just come in and do the whole work for you - what will this do to your self-respect and I Am consciousness? 

Dear friends, you are created in the image of God and you are not just a  piece of fleshy energy that wants to be manipulated by other, even if well-intended forces who are more evolved than you at this point.

Because you are not just a package of something. You Are of Divine Consciousness that must be re-discovered, strengthened and allowed to emerge as the Radiant One through your  own higher will, letting go of the lesser worlds and surrender to the higher worlds. And you have been given on this earth all the opportunities to do this work.

However, it is important that you do not stress yourself but know your limitations In this process, dear ones! Moving forward slower is sometimes quicker than rushing!
You must treat yourself with respect and patience and give yourself the time you need to grow. What is unique in these times are the highly elevated energy currents on your earth now that can open your awareness and help you to remember where you came from and who you are.

When you consistently follow this lead of Mother Earth continuously  rising her vibration, and thereby rising your own, when you connect persistently with her and the light of the heavens, you will grow with Her and you will be ready when Earth will be in alignment with your Galactic Center.  Although there is a date given in December 2012 do not cling to it. Your individual process is just that: individual, but the great and vast changes soon to occur in your solar system and on your Earth will be very important markings on your way.
Keep in mind that you cannot jump over a trench and leave behind unconscious material, you must connect all the dots consciously, one by one, if you want establish true mastery.

It is true mastery which enables you for true  and all-encompassing love, because you have filled with love everything that signifies what you are. In this case you have nothing left behind, you have embraced everything in love.

Your true Being is beyond the structure of the body-mind, and that true Being only is Love. The body-mind is existing in That.
Therefore you must Know yourself, every little bit, to earn your place truly in the higher dimensions.

Know that in this process you are not alone! You have many helpers. However you must be willing to deal with everything which comes your way. And everything which comes your way is perfect for your ascension process as it is merely a mirror of what is inside you. Take it as a gift, given to you to master your vibration and grow towards a higher light quotient. If you are truly serious in this process, then, with great faith, you will receive every and all help from the heavens and your process will be greatly accelerated!

Know that nothing is impossible, but that also everything still takes time in your linear perception of  reality.

With your seriousness to prepare for your ascension, 11.11.11 will be of enormous help for you to make a leap that pushes you forward to your desired goal of living in freedom from duality and separation. You can use the enormity of  light and energy which will be set free, on and around this date, as wings to take off and accelerate your conscious process. And the enforcement and almost completion of Her new crystalline energy-grid at that time is Mother Earth’s  greatest contribution and celebration for you to join.

Dear ones, be prepared for this event and take advantage of it.
To  be excited, joyful and deeply grateful for what is given to you all in this moment is a powerful way to await with open arms what is approaching.

The heavens are pouring their blessings now upon you, dear ones.
This is the most auspicious time.

I Am St. Germain 

Message received by Ute


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