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Dearest Ones, I Am AA Metatron!

Greetings to all of you who are already consciously participating in the ascension process of Gaia and yourself, the united human body of which you are part of. Silently I bless all those still asleep, all those cells and points of consciousness, although still of dim light and not yet aware about what is going on. It is a great and wonderfully evolving process underway and already happening with your whole human civilization and your planet Gaia herself.

We, who are the  initiators and overseers of this process, are rejoicing in this glorious awakening which is happening directly in the Heart of God in His feminine and masculine aspect, which is Light and Consciousness Itself. The joy, concentrated and expanding in the Heart of God Who is the Creator of His Own Nature and the many emanations in the Divine Universe, Is directly igniting the most Sacred Core of your planet. And as you, humanity on earth, and all her beings, living in her sphere, are her expressions of her love and her life, you are all directly participating in this Blessed Event.

We are extremely happy to announce that your united ascension process has come to a point where it went over the ridge, so to speak. In your understanding of linear time, it is only a short while until the rest of humanity will awaken to this fact as a whole, and in our view it has already happened. As you know, Divine consciousness, sleeping in dense frequencies which you observe as matter, needs some “time” to en-lighten and transform low density into higher vibrations. The first step is always the most difficult one, but the process is already in everybody underway. Most of those  who are awakening, are not yet aware of this new process, as they are still dreaming, but it is their last morning dream and they are soon to open their eyes!

We wish that you turn your heart and your mind fully to this evolving and awakening human consciousness and thereby take responsibility to be midwifes for your fellow brothers and sisters! Like buds of beautiful flowers, today still tightly closed, they will open their eyes in the coming rising of the sunlight, like flowers are opening their petals.  You do not need to talk, you only need to radiate from your heart the knowing of Divinity, which is the true nature of all humanity. We ask that you, who are certain of the awakening, as you yourself have been already awakening, freely assume the awakening of your human family as already happened, knowing that they will awaken without doubt,  — all of them who came here to participate in this blessed event.

They all will be drawn now to those of you who are already participating so that your heart spark will ignite the still sleeping seeds of Divine Love in their hearts and open their minds in wondrous ways to embrace this glorious process.

Do not look back and do not look at what you do not want: a world without love, a world without light! Surrender these thoughts and these emotions,  which are mirrors of the outer world in your own being, to the ever growing expansion and opening of your own Divine Nature, allowing greater Divine Light flooding  through your being.

We have imprinted you with the information of opening up to your original blueprint, the Adam Kadmon, the Divine Man in the image of the  Creator. Trust that it will unfold and that you will – together with your brothers and sisters - unfold to your highest potential, where your body is only instrument to perform the Miracles and the Love of  God.

We cannot but bless you with the blessings from the Heart of God, arousing the fire of your heart, which is His Own.
Dear Ones, understand that there is only God who is awakening in His own creations. We ask to give room to His Presence in your very heart which is Greater than what you have been identifying  with so far. His Presence is breaking up your old prison of confinement as a dimensional being. In truth you are free of all limitations as the Light of God is. Light radiates in all directions and without limitations and form of mind  is only a tool to play, to explore, to experience.  And you are not even your experience, you should know.

Understand the relationship between true  knowing and experience and enjoy your Divine Play as a free dance with Divinity. The human heart is eternally free if you allow all limitations to be taken into the light and joy in the Heart of God.  

Your boundless Happiness has been always yours, always. But you allowed lower densities to enter your being and to darken the original free Structure of Divinity to become less than it has originally been created for. This heavy density which put you to sleep will now be lifted, beloved ones.
Light is already flowing – and even most powerfully, if you allow it - through your being and will set you fully free. All obstacles on its way are being dissolved so that the pure creation of God, fully transparent to His Light and His Love, will be obvious. In this state of en-lightenment of your bodily vehicle non-separation is fully realized. What has been a feeling and intuition will be a realization of the Great Divine Human Body which is One.
Keep this vision and truth in your hearts, always, dear ones, because it has already happened in the Heart of God, it already exists as unswerving truth.

Be careful about what you think as the power of more instant manifestation  increases rapidly. Do not resist or impede the Dream of God with your doubts but nurture the power of your faith in the Reality of Divine Purpose.

Gaia’s original purpose is restored and so is yours, beloved ones. Join forces with those who share your faith and build together  a powerful circle which is breathing the breath of your new world. Unite and celebrate joy and unconditional love which has the power to  dissolve the shadows of the past into the Light of the New Creation.

We are here to support all your dreams and love and heart-passion. We never leave you, as we are all part of this One Great Creation of God.

Be Blessed and accept the Love from the Heart of God!

I Am AA Metatron

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