Monday, December 5, 2011


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Greetings my dear,
I AM Archangel Sandalphon!

I am happy that we meet again! We have been together in service to the Highest Divine at a “time” and “location”  which you are at this moment not yet aware of – but you will soon.

I have been watching over you since then as our bond can never be broken, because our “souls” are so very close, my dear.

I am aware that in humanity's ascension process, many of you experience at this time a new form of development emerging which is for many not easy to take and to accept.

You are all now, so to speak, at a level where you are being tested how much you are able to proof your spiritual inheritance and strength, without being constantly “pampered” by us. We, your mentors and guides, have  decided, to give room for your own personal orientation in your present process of spiritual growing and awareness.

This is a necessary step so that your autonomy as a soon to emerge galactic human race is guaranteed! This newest development is for your own benefit. You can compare it with children who are growing up and have been given more freedom and independence from their parents, who have decided to withdraw a bit from treating you as they did when you were very little. They are concerned about your independence and support your  exploration of a greater freedom to know who you truly are and where in your process each of you is.

Like loving parents who always have an eye on their offspring, always ready when they need care and help, so are we now in regard to our relationship to you. We have nurtured you and infused you with our love and we have directed the new energies which are coming from cosmic sources to you and have helped  to integrate them into your bodies and soul structure.
Now is a time of incubation, of your adaptation to these new light structures and encodings of information for you. When these processes are at a point where we are by Divine Decree allowed to continue we will return.

So far, those, who have been prepared for it, have been receiving over the last several months new encodings in their bodies with information to awaken your full 12 DNA. This awakening is not a sudden one, it takes time, and even this is for each individually different. It is not an automatic process. Many details and interrelated procedures have to take place and they all are closely connected to the development of your consciousness. Each structural change is actually a change in your consciousness and to come up to this change you have to allow it, you must become aware of a new conscious pattern and to be able to integrate it. This requires a change of mind, so to speak, an expansion of it which often involves the letting go of outdated beliefs, judgments and point of views and behaviors, which you perhaps cherished for many life times.

This expansion of your mind can not be done on the level of the mind itself only, as you can imagine! This would completely cut you off from your roots of being-ness and make you  helplessly prone to many illusions.

Therefore you must balance the expansion of your mind with the opening of your heart. This is a joint process then, you have to understand, a joint process of your faculties of thinking and feeling. Both faculties need to develop and they do in synchronicity with the structural and energetic change in your body, it all goes together.

From this description you can imagine how subtle and comprehensive and intertwined your evolutionary process is. It is not done “over-night”, and you need to be patient. The time of the integration of the many downloads and restructurings of your body and mind  so far is happening now. Some of you experience this as what you have called the “void”. It is a very necessary period for you to step down from your expectation for extraordinary things to happen while this process continues.

In your world for everything there is a "time". And this rule also reigns the heavens, even in the realms of "timelessness".

Dear ones, use this quality of time now, to know yourselves and your play better, and to allow yourselves to be free to truly integrate what has been given to you already! With this true integration you will find yourself  finally at a place of much more  balance, joy and detachment from your 3dimensional density, which goes hand in hand with your expansion of the heart and the realization of unconditional Love.

Now is the time for you to discover more profoundly who you are, to appreciate and love yourself in the first place, to be content with yourself. To be at peace with yourself and the world. You conquer the old world only by being your true self and not by fighting it. By noticing profoundly your new qualities and by living them consciously.

It has been a great pleasure talking to you! I greet you with love and respect.

I AM Archangel Sandalphon

Message received by Ute
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Anonymous said...

What to say?! That is It!

The silence...
and void...
and awareness...
make us filled with the Divine!!!

Everything is PERFECT! - As soon as we reach that awareness, we reach The Goal.

Thanks, again, dear Ute.
With Love and Light, A.Niranjan

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, dear Ute, for sharing this most precious message. The shared words resonate greatly with my being and I am grateful for this affirmation.

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...


I second all that the previous 2 messages express! I printed this out and read it several times...the resonance I feel with what is expressed herein is profound, and it gives me such a feeling of BEING perfectly where I AM meant to BE!

Thank you for both this and your Dec. 4th personal update...greatly appreciated!

Keep being true to you!

With warm blessings, Robin

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you all, dear friends! I enjoy very much your loving and wonderful participation in this journey!
Much love to you!