Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, copyright © 2011
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My dear ones,
I Am St. Germain!

It’s a wonderful time to extend my heart to you! So many of you are now opening up to Divine Light and the Message the Divine is directly planting into your hearts. This message is telling you about your liberation from your long standing dream of separation from God. This dream is coming to an end.

Dearest human beings, you have never been separated from your very  Divine Source because how would this Very Source, your Creator, be able to separate from His Own Creation? So it is you who must have been in a long and dark dream yourselves, imagining separation. Your lifetimes have been only full of suffering because without your intimate unity with your own Source of Happiness how could you ever be happy? How could your life ever be successful in a true sense, in a all-encompassing way, without embracing your own total being?

You have been for so long only living on a tiny little part of yourself. Of course, this would naturally imply chronic lack and frustration and cause all the from this chronic constriction resulting painful experiences, which confine you to your sorrows, your angers and your fears. Oh yes, and not to forget your chronic guilt! Because if you are not living the fullness that you are and if you have agreed to live only on a little and low flame of your  Divine Fire,  how could you enjoy your existence which did not match what you truly are.

But now this dreadful dream is coming to an end, my dearest ones. And oh, how happy I am, observing your awakening, watching how more and more of you are opening your eyes and the eyes of your heart! I see the Divine enfolding in you and the Light growing and shining from your whole being, as your true fragrant Flower starts to awaken.

The Divine Source is such a Magnificent Being, it is Love and Bliss and Beauty and Happiness. And all of that is your own true Nature, most beloved ones!
Can you feel it, can you sense it, do you Know already what I see?
Can you allow this beauty to emerge as your own being, pristine and ever perfect in its own nature?

Yes! This Is You! This Is You! It is! And it Is Happening, already now!
We fuel you with our love, beloveds, and nurture these fine and newly born flames of your true heart, and we adore it, we love it.

We are so happy, to experience the Divine Unfolding in Its Creation, to see this preciousness to emerge now everywhere in your world!

It will never leave you again, the Divinity is now forever yours. Let it grow, let it Be. Worship! No, not your ego! Worship this beautiful Light awakening in your being, in your heart, in your feeling. It Is the Other World. Do not neglect it, do not inattentively overlook it!  Be very very aware, be very observant how the Divine is emerging in all of you. You are ALL His, there is no exception! If you dream there is, know it is only an illusion. The truth is, that God is now awakening in you all, dearest humanity!

With boundless joy,
I Am St. Germain 

Message received by Ute

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Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful and loving. Thanks to all of you: thanks to you, Ute, and thanks to all Divine Beings - thanks to our Divine-Source-of-Light!

In my country there is a proverb:"From your mouth - to Gods ears!"
Therefore, SO BE IT!

Love from Serbia,

Anonymous said...

How that is love grounded in roots of the forgotten. Time seized tongue's, grasp whole-ness grasping light, empathy spiraling entirely in eternity. Float on floating.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Ute for this lovely message !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you my dearest Ute and my precious St. Germaine. Yes, I can feel the love growing in my heart everyday. I am filled with JOY!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, dear Ute, for sharing such a beautiful and loving message. It moves me to have come home, because so it is. It means a lot.