Friday, December 9, 2011


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

as we are in the phase of integration what has been given to us, this most inspiring and liberatinTeaching can help us, if we allow, to understand what we are NOT, but rather What we Ultimately Truly Are: Pure Divine Consciousness and Love-Bliss Only. 
NOT a body, NOT mind, NO worlds, NO universes, and not even ascension touches what we truly are! It can be realized even now -- in this 3D density!

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Notice this:

  1. You are not the one who wakes, or dreams, or sleeps.

  1. You Are the actionless and formless Mere Witness* of the three common states—of waking, dreaming and sleeping—and of all the apparent contents and “experiences” associated with the three common states, of waking, and of dreaming, and of sleeping.

  1. You are not the body, or the doer of action, or the doer of even any of the body’s actions or functions.

  1. You are not the mind, or the thinker, or the doer of even any of the actions or functions of mind or of body-mind.

  1. No matter what arises—whether as or in the state of waking, or of dreaming, or of sleeping—you Are the actionless, and formless, and thought-free Mere Witness of attention itself, and of every apparent “object” of attention, and of any and every state of “experience”, and of the entirety of whatever and all that arises.

Always intensively “consider” these Five Reality-Teachings.Posts

Always intensively observe and notice every moment of your “experience”—whether waking, dreaming, or sleeping—and, thus and thereby, “consider” and test and directly prove these Five Reality-Teachings in the moment-to-moment of your every kind and state of “experience”.

   AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: The  Gnosticon, page 559-561

* The Witness is not the “observer” of the mind. It is the Free State of Love-Bliss-Consciousness


Anonymous said...

This is so, so, so truthful... and - DIVINE!

By the way, it is the purest teachings of Yoga, also.

Love from A.Niranjan!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute, I really enjoyed this video!

Anonymous said...

It is the unadulterated Divine Being speaking directly to all.

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