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Dear One, I am Lady Portia!

Can you feel my sweet light soothing your body and filling it with bliss?
When St. Germain spoke to you last time, I, his twinflame, was with him and our energies have been combined. So we both spoke to you. This served also my introduction to you. This time I Am with you alone.

Yes, you sense the most feminine energy and light of my being and the sweetness of love is my principal quality.

I balance and thereby I put things right, not only things but foremost energies. People whose energy body is not balanced can call upon me and ask for help. At this time the balancing of the human energy body is extremely important. This is because you all experience an enormous change of your whole energetic structure. The reason is your purification and evolutionary process, in which your consciousness changes and you become aware of events, emotions and memories, all things which have been dormant in your subconsciousness, often  from early childhood on or even from past lifetimes.  All these subconscious contents are forms of energy.

Each time when these remembrances surge into your conscious awareness, triggered by the strong new incoming frequencies,  a shift in your energy system occurs.  So these shifts  are triggered from both, inside and the energies from outside, which are coming from your sun and from your Galactic Center. Mostly both events, those from inside you and those from outside, happen simultaneously and you can imagine what it does to the state of your energy body and well-being, because the time where you were able to continue day by day with unsettled and unresolved issues, without even noticing it, is over.

Often this shifting is not only a slight movement, but a profound one. When you in certain situations suddenly feel out of balance, you know that a shift, as described above, is happening to you. These kind of changes and new adjusting energy procedures are the unique sign of this time, because they are more profound than you have ever experienced.
You will notice  that your present experience is usually – because of this unique process – a constant alternation of balance and imbalance, naturally.
The feeling of being out of balance causes many irregular behaviours, behaviours which you usually don’t like yourself and which draw you out of harmony with your human family, as your actions then are starting to become uneasy and sometimes out of proportion. Always, when you experience disharmony it happens because your energy system is not in a harmonious order.

To feel happy you want therefore always strive to a state of balance but sometimes it might be difficult for you to find it, if you have allowed yourself to slide too far into a state of imbalance.

As you know, it is crucial at this time of increasing chaos in your 3dimensional world, which thinks and understands in dual pairs, to maintain in the midst of it a state of equanimity and ease. Furthermore, the maintenance of equanimity is important  for your ascension process. It gives you access to higher dimensional frequencies.

To be in balance allows you to transcend this dual pair of perception at the heart, as duality is a matter of mind, in your case, the 3dimensional mind. Harmony then is a state in which you transcend opposites and enter thereby your field of Zeropoint. It is like tipping the scales. It is the point where you yourself are in harmony, even when the world around you is not.
There is even more to it: while you are at balance you balance your environment too. You see, how important it is that your whole system is consciously in harmony.

Now let me tell you how you balance yourself and how to transcend any imbalance and disharmony in your energy system with your breath, which has an effect not only on your emotions, your thinking and your bodily well-being, but also unites you with your spiritual being.

Remember that the breath is a faculty that connects you directly with the Creator or your God-Self. When you breathe, you do not just breathe air into your lungs. This would be a materialistic, mechanical way of understanding, as if  you would only breathe a chemical substance into your body! When you breathe in, you always breathe in Spirit, the Life and the Living Consciousness of the Divine. With the breath you unite with your own Divinity and with All-That-Is.

There are several ways of breathing. In the beginning you might breathe very deeply, while you breathe fully into your lower body and your breath might be accompanied by a sound, if this feels good to you. This kind of breath relaxes your body and helps you to let go, what you need to at a given moment. Breathe deeply in when you are angry, and deeply out when you are sad and depressed, and deeply in and out when you are fearful.

As soon as you experience relief from what agitated you, you can begin with the light breath. What I mean is, that you start to breathe completely silent. It is an inner breathing which breathes only the  inner substance of prana, the beingness, and which gives you a feeling of expanded silence and connection with the subtlety of your own being, a state of deep peace, free of any concern and agitation. Continue to breathe that way as long as you wish and enjoy this stillness and deep beingness. Then return to your daily life and whatever your responsibilities are. Remember frequently breathing,  especially this deep silent breath, as if you would not move, but only seemingly.

It is of uttermost importance that you use this breathing exercise as often as possible, preferably starting immediately after you awaken in the morning. Make it to your beloved companion and you wil notice that your environment, and whatever happens, cannot bring you that easily out of balance anymore. Using the breath also allows you to familiarize with the new incoming energies, when you intentionally connect with them and breathe them in, invite them into your body and into your life, into your whole being.

It is my pleasure to assist you all in this process. If you call me I am with you, and even if you are not aware that I guide your experience, you might feel as if your own intuition tells you how to use your breath most beneficially.

My blessings and my love are always with you!

I Am Lady Portia

Message received by Ute
Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this such wonderful and useful wisdom.
Breath is, really, a true connection to our deepest, our Divine, self.

Breath is Life,
Breath is Light, and
Breath is Love!

Love from A.Niranjan!

theta Man said...

Hello! PLEASE,I speak here of primary importance as in regards to FREEDOMS we both and all seek. I am very well versed in power of words and cannot stress enough here this: If while listening to these channelings you feel one or all of the following :sleepy,blank,irritated,disagreement etc. Then my friends look for a word or words.(EG) prana-Portia-Lady etc.....even small words! Ask yourself the definition of "as"or "to"... :-} Love,Steve

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Well, theta man, this message was felt whole-bodily. And it felt overwhelming beautifully and otherworldly. There was no separation. Of course you can now run a linguistic examination, if you like, and look at the message from "outside", using a separated mindset.
It is interesting that you mention that you feel "sleepy". I recently heard an explanation by Jim Self, why people fall asleep while listening to spiritual teachings. It is because they space out, because they are not willing to transcend their familiar belief system or point of view, to enter a new room of experience.
There might be some small language mistakes, I agree, I am not a native English speaker and I deal with this language only since a few years. On the other hand, I also play often creatively with language, to express things, which cannot be described with our 3D language and mind.

april said...

Hello ute,This april,I will like your advise if I may,I have so many orbs inside of my house and the outside.Do you know anything about them?For the most of my life when I become self aware I had to deal with the ghosts and animals.And now orbs!Which I don't know that much about them.I don't feel fear or afraid but now I do noticed now they are more and more of them.Should I be worry?If you know anythings about them will you please let me know? Love and Light

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear April, nothing to worry at all! Please go to this website to learn about orbs. It is an ashram in Indonesia, they are working with them, looks like they are making even a kind of religion out of it.
I only know about this place from a friend, I am not involved myself.


Anonymous said...

lady portia i know that your efforts are only done with love and no harm
so that is why i ask for your help
i invite you to my home and i send only loving energies towards you and st -germain
i also wish to send love towards UTe ; cause his efforts must not be forgotten like yours
plz realine my energies and those that live in my house
i am your brother of light gideon

Lidija Jurela said...

Thank you dear Ute. I like your messages and this one is profound.

Much love to you!

april said...

Thank you Ute.I watch the videos.I feel bless...Again thank you and you are a beautiful being...

Anonymous said...

Beloved Ute,

Your English is just fine... Hopefully we will all come to know that what matters is the spaces between the words and the "feelings" that are invoked by your messengers. You are to be Honored and Recognized for your ability to articulate as well as you do.

Just this morning a good friend called for help with emotional family issues... The answer was found in her "Breathing"! Then to see this post/message was incredible synchronicity!

Too few really get the significance of this practice... Please convey a Deep Profound Gratitude to Lady Portia for sharing this with us. And appreciation for her presence in our lives.

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute.
I was surprised reading yesterday about yours and many other channeled messages that they are just "stupid stuff",written by someone who considers himself being one of the most evolved souls in this universe.I agree,they might sound stupid to someone who has no slightest idea about the true nature of ascenscion,and is only able to operate from brain/ego level.To anyone using his inner knowledge and feelings,those messages are the most important sources of KNOWing,and no science will ever replace them.Of course,each one might resonate with different message as there is always different encoded meaning in most of them,and it can only be understood by those who are ready to receive them.I personally do not resonate with some of your messages,but it doesn't make them stupid,their deeper meaning is probably just not meant for me at this moment,for whatever reason.
Thank you for being an important source on my path.