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Dear ones, I Am Lady Portia!

Yes, you can trust your heart. What you have experienced while receiving my other message was true, and deep too. It cannot be understood with a mind that belongs to the concept of duality, it can only be received when your heart opens. In this space you truly Are. 

Who does not acknowledge the Zero-point-field is not yet ready to ascend as One Humanity. Only to be in this field enables you to step up into a higher vibration and dimension, to be part of it. It is the true necessary portal to a higher consciousness and dimension. Structures, strategically created by the conceptual mind, do not serve as so called portals for ascension, because they are created outside of your true Self.

This point of stillness is a Bardo, if you like. Higher dimensions cannot be accessed without it, because the lower mind who operates in duality has to be left behind and forgotten, to be able to realize the higher mind which receives its wisdom from higher sources, above the density of the 3th dimension. All "higher dimensions" one believes  to have entered with this lower mind, are mere illusions and phantom worlds, and not real.

To establish this zero-point field in the heart, the eye of the tornado, if you like, you can use the breath. Many of you have realized the validity of  this excellent tool of the breath. Because it is the invocation of the Divine Presence into your heart and the awakening of the deeper conscious reality in your heart.

If this is not understood, even the most sophisticated mental exercises and arguments  cannot drift you into that state of deepest stillness in the center of your heart.

My teachings are true and simple, and everybody can follow them and with my help, in case they need it. To exercise the silence of the inner heart with your silent breath, is to expand the energy field around your body. See for yourself and observe and feel the expansion of your aura. This is what you are: a spherical being. This is what enables you to enter the higher dimensions: the presence of your expanded energy field.  With it you learn to enter your new world, to adapt to a higher consciousness and allow it to rule your higher life and identity. 

It is only in this stillness that you can perceive and can become aware of something of which you have not been able to be aware with your 3dimensional mind and perception.

This expanded energy field, which is spherical, enables you also to  be in direct communion with your higher self or, as you call it, your God-Self. It is the God-Self, which participates in the higher dimensions, and not your 3dimensional identity. It is not your 3dimensional identity which becomes aggrandized in the ascension process, but the 3dimensional personality must be given up. This can be done by the silent breath, which I described in my other message and which generates the expansion of your energy field around you, with your feeling heart in the center of it first, and then expanding its own feeling ultimately to infinity. 

The more you practice this, the more this energy field stabilises itself and so does your consciousness, and it will therefore be less intruded by other lower vibrations.  Hence it is crucial for your balance, because  it balances all your other bodies, the mental, emotional and spiritual  body, and last not least your physical body, as it nurtures and energizes all the cells of your physical body. But not only that, it deifies them, it changes them into a crystalline structure, which is the sign of the new human being.

I am here with my love and my appreciation for all the work you do, dear friends.

I Am Lady Portia

 Message received by Ute

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