Tuesday, April 3, 2012


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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dearest ones,
We, who are able to observe you from far, although we are at the same time closely connected to your Divine Essence, can see that through the increasing energy level on your earth the consciousness of humanity has been rising to a degree which  has not been the case since Millenniums.

This is absolutely new, while it also opens the door to tangible changes in your world.
Therefore the time has come for you where changes for the better are happening. There have been so many forces at work, on and off your planet, to support this process, that through this cooperative and combined orchestration and effort finally the window to a fundamental change is opening.

What you have been waiting for so long and what you have been preparing so passionately since many years to occur, will now show their first signs of transformation.

You probably cannot imagine our joyful alleviation as we can see what is going to happen.

Also we see, as many other sources have been reporting, great political and social changes happening.
But what is most important about it,  is that this moment marks the official and the actual beginning of the ascension process of humanity as a whole and your entrance into a completely new era in your total history. This is the moment of evolution making a step forward, now visible for everybody to watch, whereas until now everything only seemed to be wishful thinking and intuitively known facts for most of you, but so far nothing apparent in your dimension has been happening on a great scale.

As we have been participating directly in this combined work with our spiritual force and light of consciousness, while working invisible with many of you to support your spiritual awakening, we are joining with you the circle of joy because of the accomplishment we have achieved together.

There is no doubt, that your old world has been completed and has lost its foundation and reality already, although many are still rolling along in the old ways. But also this will very soon fundamentally change.

We are one of many voices now to confirm this fact, but we also want to remind you that the changes in your world, now appearing before your eyes, are only transient events to awaken those who are still asleep.

Yes, you could call the awareness of the real condition in which  your world has been existing for Thousands of years, a condition of deprivation and limitation in consciousness , a kind of awakening. But we are talking about the necessary spiritual awakening which must follow the mere awareness of your life situation and the growing understanding of your true history.

The spiritual awakening that must follow in order for humanity to ascend, is about the discovery of who you in truth are, which is not your body. The body is only a means with which you can experience your world, and a changing and more sublime and divinely evolved  physical body is not already the end of ascension in and of itself. Such a sublime physical body is being created to experience a more sublime world, a world that has been experienced so far mainly only without such a body.

So please understand that there is a difference between the nature of experience and your own spiritual and Divine nature. This understanding  is important so that you do not consider a more sophisticated future body as being your self-hood. You are the one, have been, and will be, who has experiences via the means of the body. If you forget this, you might create unnecessary karmas of bondage in the higher realms.

The universe is truly only there to be experienced but not to identify with, and has no other meaning in itself. But even many in the higher realms have forgotten this. The universe  is not an independent entity or parameter, it is basically only there, originally for enjoyment. That it has not been pleasurable for you for a long time, had reasons most of you know already, so we will not elaborate on this now. But this will change. Your new world will be there for your enjoyment.

This enjoyment however can only be true, if you do not forget who you yourself are, the one who is the enjoyer. If you identify with creation you will lower your vibration as you fall from your true identification with the Divine Conscious Source Condition.

It is this unlimited Conscious Radiance to Which your heart is a portal. This is your True Nature. It  is the One who enjoys prior to all conceivable worlds  in the vast realm of creation, it is the unlimited sphere of Being-ness, the undifferentiated Being, untouched and yet one with All-That-Is.

Only when you exercise your True Being, ascension will be a full success for you. Even if the higher dimensional life into which you will move soon, will be very exciting for you, do not loose yourself in it. Do not loose what you ARE and always have been and always truly will be.

Therefore we recommend that you take at heart our advise to focus your attention first on the discovery of who you are, so that whatever happens to your body and whatever environment you are going to enjoy, will not take from you your true identity. Things without this inner freedom cannot truly be enjoyed. Attachment and misguided identity dims down the flame of spirit light.

See the coming changes of your body and outer world therefore as pleasurable gifts to guarantee you a better life, but keep your heart at all time open for growth and true Self-understanding, the understanding of your Divine Self.

We love you and appreciate so much your courage and enthusiasm to bring about together with all of us the great transformation of your world, which is also inspiring and transforming other worlds. 

We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute 

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012 http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
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Alakh Niranjan said...

Thanks to You, our Divine-Source-Of-Consciousness, for these words of Truth! And thanks to You, for this Your message that You send to us by the Light Beings from Andromeda and thru Ute!
These are true words of eternal Wisdom.

Pranam to You, my endless and eternal Love and Light. My heart is Yours, forewer!


Anonymous said...

This message is in Truth very profound... For years have tried to explain what it means to be misidentified. Who is it that we are not, so that what remains would become obvious and a source of Divne mysterious contemplation.

To read this message now, feels like coming home and greeting dear family members...

With the changes now taking place, and higher vibrational energetics in place, maybe now they will be able to better hear this message of Love?

In Gratitude Always, All Ways,