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Dear friends,

presently I am writing less as you have probably noticed.
Time stands still and I seem to exist in this vast silence where no talking  occurs and no world appears other than the one of immediate daily necessities. 

When I look deeper into this silence which is just a state of being, I discover it in all the objects around me, they all are silent and just are. 

Thoughts and even emotions (not feeling, feeling coincides with the stillness) are just occurring, when they occur, as automated mechanisms of the body-mind. For sure they do not have a substantial and true existence. They just occur as a kind of noise. 

It seems I exists in this very dense bubble of stillness into which no chatter enters and into which also no message from other realms is coming through. The world holds its breath. 

We are not the body, it is our instrument to know creation, and even the paper staple on my desk, reminder of a heavy world out there, demonstrates merely presence, and what is printed on the surface of the sheets seems to be an unnecessary disturbance in this sea of stillness and just the expression of the trial to achieve something. 

But in truth, nothing has been ever "achieved" here. It is all a mere motion, like ripples in the ocean, they do not have a goal and destiny in themselves, they just happen. 

This silence that abides me, or call it the mere presence of existence, has a tangible "density" and power of materialization. It is a void while things appear to be merely on its surface. Like in a centrifuge. 

There is a radiance with it also, very subtle in its shine, like silk, and it permeates the body. So the shine and the stillness are going together: a shining stillness. That is what is transforming the body and is altering our consciousness. 

And indeed it is not separate from anything or anybody, and not even from our Earth Mother Gaia, it is Her very state as well, as we go together through this transformation. Deeply rooted with our body in Her and being  One with Her Christed Heart. 

We all share this if we are willing and ready to share. We all are part of this stillness and this shining essence, we are not separate from it and not separate from one another. 

Although we might "think" it separate. But that is the thinking part. Remember: we become what we are meditating on. So if you think you are separate, assume with no doubt and explore deeply the truth of non-separation. First the mind must agree and then the feeling kicks in. Non-separation can only be felt. 

Feeling is the foremost quality of the human being, and emotion is the more denser part of it. But when we clear the density of what is called the "lower emotions", free feeling remains, and it is unobstructed. But even if emotions arise, deep down free feeling ALWAYS exists. 
Try it. You can reduce any emotion to free feeling, because it is the root of emotion.

It is the feeling which makes us spiritual beings, and by feeling Divinity, our own Divinity and the Divinity in which we are all arising, the Conscious Source Light, we ultimately become what we meditate on or become one with the object of our feeling-awareness.

This free feeling is the Love we all share, which is not a sentimental entity and no object to us or a "product" of something. It is inherent being-ness. Without a thought.
Love that we create with the power of thought, is made of emotion and thought: it is senti-mental! 

I had no intention to make this into an essay or produce a certain message. What I wrote emerged out of the silence, somehow by itself, without a plan or concept. 

Should I say: enjoy the journey?
I am not sure. This silence does not know any journey, it is motionless, and in it even the journey appears to be an illusion.  

So I better conclude with: BE HAPPY, dearest friends, ENJOY you Being-ness, be encouraged to let go all the un-necessary by-products of your own true and Divine Essence! 

Much love,


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Anonymous said...

Beloved Ute,

Actually your message is quite profound... I used to rationalize that the difference between feelings and emotions, is that feelings are sourced from the Heart, whereas emotions are sourced from the mind. Emotions will rise and fall based on our reactions to external stimuli and unresolved egoist filters / agendas, while our feelings are constant and in Truth always with us.

I have been told by other teachers that this observation is flawed and that they are one in the samed... However your "root" concept seems to now pull this all together. Any further insights you can provide would be deeply appreciated.


Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Shravaka, thank you for your participation and sharing! In my experience emotion is a contracted form of free feeling, which is unlimited, while emotion constricts this freedom and is engaged, as you say,from the lower mind or ego and based on the identification with the body-mind, therefore limited.
Free feeling feels beyond the body-mind and allows the body-mind to exist fully open. While emotions, such as fear, sorrow and anger are contractions upon one's own body-mind.
Yes, free feeling emanates from the heart, but it includes every cell and even the skin opens, meaning even the body-cells and the skin are participating in this feeling. It is the capacity of our deeper being.
Actually free feeling has no end and ultimately embraces everything that exists, when we go beyond our self-limitations.
I hope this makes sense. Words are so limiting! :)
Much love, Ute

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

Actually it is making perfect sense... So is it safe to assume that it is our fixations on emotional baggage that keeps us from realizing the Light that we Truly are, and may result energetically in the many dis-eases in the world?

And if this is the case, would not engaging in some type of "cathartic" practice be a fundamental priority we all might consider? OR is this emotional criteria something that is being addressed/healed by the current enhanced Light now pervading the Earth (Gaia)? And our participation has been minimized.

Thank you so very much. Your insights are a gift to us all.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Shravaka, it is my experience that working alone on the "content" just keeps us identified with it. A "problem" is only solved on the next higher level. As we become what we are meditating on, my practice is to (feeling)- contemplate the Source which transcends the body-mind. In this context it is ultimately about "forgetting" the content. This is - in my experience and understanding - the way to go. And if we can feel the incoming higher light and vibrations, yes, it is helpful to concentrate on them - rather than on what we do not want.
Love and blessings!