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Dear friends,
the software of this blog has been playing crazy, images disappeared into the nothingness and I had to replace them which was no easy task. I would not have been able to post anything so far, and I am not even sure whether I will be able to make the graphics of this message appear as I am intending to design it. Still my ISP has not been able to figure out what's going wrong. In the background of this mess: 

Having allowed myself to flow with the "energies", sink into them and become one with them,  has turned out to be very beneficial. The highly uncomfortable condition of my body with pains everywhere have been the signs and the voice to change my direction. Solitude and listening to and feeling deeply into the process is still an absolute necessity. 

Yes, it is a process of - I would not even say "energy" - but of a force which is greater than my body and in which there are no emotions or thoughts, although they are arising of course, but they are not essential and more unimportant  background noise, in the face of this force raging through my body. 

I would even rather prefer to call this force "Shakti", a Sanskrit term, or "The Mother", and I remembered from my studies of the ancient Advaita Vedanta and the Path of the Siddhas, how to appropriately meet Her. So I started to worship Her and as I worship Her She becomes sweet and gentle and stops Her raging, even though Her Force remains sometimes to be overwhelming. 

In order to not experience pain and my body being tortured by that raw force, I must refrain from identifying with my body or the "world" which appears "outside" of that body, which clearly is an indication, that this body and its world is a truly secondary appearance and not the Truth itself. 

In the exoteric forms of religion all the Essentials of Existence are projected outwardly, we are then worshipping a god or goddess as an external icon, while we imagine us as from them separated beings.
That's what since Millenniums we have been taught and made to believe by those who control our world. 

Pure Esotericism reveals that all these images are living forces which are supporting and living as our own form, if we allow them. As far as we allow this we are able to recognize that this is so. And we will allow to the extend to which we withdraw the force of our attention from the external world of mere appearances. Feeling is the key. Receptivity is the key. Acknowledging that feeling and thought is energy. Reducing everything to mere energy, that there is only energy is the key then.

Friends, there are no chacras,  although they may appear to exist if we consider ourselves to be separate entities. But this is all an illusion. 

This Shakti, this Force, is removing them all and She alone remains, even AS the body, while the body appears to be mere light. Infinitely. Imagine a 1000 Watt bulb suddenly ignited. Is there any wire visible then? Perhaps it is, but we do not think of a wire we only perceive one single light radiating infinitely through that bulb. 

Mind appears then to only have the function of observing and describing the process. 
We are not the body, and we are not the chacras. All the worlds only are arising in ourselves.

Where then is "ascension"? Is there anywhere "higher" to go? 
Higher worlds? What worlds - if not arising in ourselves?
What misleading myth which keeps perpetuating our sense of separation from the Source. 

Actually there are no worlds other than the ones we are agreeing to exist. The Mother is Pure Radiance, One with the Father-Consciousness. This is What we Are. It is a mystery, yes. We are mislead to believe that we are a separate being with some chacras and a spine and some glands, such as the pineal gland, and that this separate being is in and of itself Divine. You know, a holy entity, perhaps a separate God or Goddess, filled with some lights on it like a Christmas tree.

The Mother clearly points out to me by Her sheer existence that doing this is blasphemy and she teaches me through pain. She wants to be acknowledged as the Only Radiant Force that exists, containers outshined. She doesn't want to be merely contained, She wants to Exist as Herself Infinitely and  Only. Worlds, dimensions, bodies, chacras, glands, spines, everything secondary to Her. Then She reveals a prior Happiness  which goes beyond that one we can feel in that separate heart of ours, because then there is Only One Heart. It is Radiance without a body and a world, it is Consciousness without a separating mind born from a separate brain. 

Friends, I am not theorizing,  philosophizing or imagining or dreaming. Or putting out nice ideas here or "creating" or "seeking" something. 
This is the reality that I experience tangibly and observe directly and without a thought. This Reality speaks for Itself. And this Reality is certainly greater than the body, the mind, dimensions, worlds. Rather all of this is contained in this Reality.

But this is just the beginning, I feel. And I am grateful beyond words, that The Mother is literally undoing me. Truly, there is no point in holding on to the illusion of the separate Christmas tree we think we are. There is only The Mother, One with Consciousness, which makes it One: Radiant Consciousness. We are that Ocean, every single one of us. This is our true home, our true identity. But we have strangely enough started to limit ourselves to separate bodies, worlds, dimensions, and everything that exists. 

Dreaming all these separate worlds there is lots to go to, to improve, to experience.

However if we stop limiting ourselves being merely dreamers, we realize that in truth there is nowhere to go.

Is this what the Galactics are teaching us? Or the Ascended Masters? Are they still dreaming the separate worlds, I am asking myself. 

Find out for yourselves, dear friends.
This earth is a very special place that allows us to realize the Highest Truth. This is why many of us are here, to realize what is hard to realize anywhere else in the universe.

And now I remember that the Ancient Wise Ones have been saying this already again and again. 

Much love and many blessings,

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Alakh Niranjan said...

Yes: there is Only One Heart, Only One Radiant Consciousness!

But... I am asking for something in myself: "Where, then, are all of that "devils" and "demons"... and all of those "forces of the Dark"?!?"... - Except (maybe:)) only within this our, common, illusory perception of reality, or, within this our "separate, relative mind"...

So; at the END of this our fantastic Journey, we will find that - there is Only One... only the endless Ocean of Divine Oneness: THERE IS ONLY LOVE!!! And, IT IS our true ESSENCE !!!!!!!

Be Blessed, Ute, and blessing to all!

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

We need to accept the paradox. In the 3th dimension we are used to think linear. With the linear mind we cannot understand truly.
Love and Blessings!