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Dear friends,

In this era of information it is good to be informed about the reality of our society and why most people’s lives are so little inspiring. This is all good to know .

But what we need is to go deep. Information about things, even exciting things in our world, and how it is changing, is necessary but it is by far not all. 

It is feeding our thoughts and our brain. But is it feeding our self-sense, is it feeding our self-awareness and self-knowledge?

Do we perhaps in the first place forget  to know ourselves?
Because: who is the receiver of these news, this information we daily learn about?
Are we really able to digest it appropriately and make most out of it? Or is our awareness and understanding limited because our understanding about ourselves is limited?

We have been educated to be consumers and so most of us have adjusted themselves to respond to life mainly by passively consuming things. We can consume all kinds of things: food, goods, relationships, sex, information, entertainment, experiences, … just everything which we consider to be an “object” to us, things we feel separated from, to make us “full”, we hope. Because we feel empty, chronically.

The feeling of being empty exists only since we have treated ourselves just badly because we lack self-esteem. So how can we ascend with this lack of self-love and self-appreciation?

And so many of us still go out and consume, including information, to not to feel that something is missing. It all has to do with the brainwashing already of our parents and grandparents, and all the generations before. Being brainwashed we concluded that we need to be submissive and suppressed and not to show “ego”. Because this is not desirable, we might disturb others, - our parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, teachers, ultimately humanity altogether. Everybody has been educated in this manner, so we played the game together with everybody else. However the irony of this game is that this so called “ego” is most often confused with a lit which we put on the being who we really are, our true essence!
Each one of us - in one or another way  - has been involved in this, everybody. It is called social adaptation.

However remember, that it is the result of sheer brainwashing, a long chain of generations being brainwashed. Yes, by those who wanted all the powers over humanity to themselves. They were pretty well educated in depth psychology and manipulation techniques.

This is very necessary to understand, so that we may with this understanding shake off full-heartedly any doubt and hesitation to claim the right for our soul  from now on, knowing, that we are having not a basic conflict with our parents, but that they are actually our allies, sitting in the same boat with us, and that it is rather about reclaiming who we are.

The first step of this claim is to know our thoughts and our emotions and accept them. This is the beginning to go deep.

Instead of going with our attention merely outside, trying to understand the “world”, we need most of all to go with this same attention within, and know ourselves better.
Observing what we are thinking, how we are responding and emotionally re-acting to other people and events. When we do this, we will start to understand, how we limit ourselves to a relatively small window of a greater choice of possibilities. This limiting action naturally keeps us in a situation of fear, as we allow merely a certain amount of reality into our lives.

If we only once take the time and follow a certain emotion to the very depth of its origin, it will not only serve us to become intimate with ourselves, it will also start to change the energy-pattern of our body. As things become conscious, the flow of our energy is enhanced.

Just let’s take the emotion of sadness! If we deeply and truly allow to feel this emotion, as we fully accept it and flow with it, it will draw us deeply into our body, so deep that it will ground us and the result is the deepest peace we probably ever have experienced, a being-ness and presence which fills the emptiness that made us craving to fill ourselves with “objects”.

Or let’s feel our anger without judging ourselves!  If we feel this emotion fully, we recognize the power of our being behind it, a natural and inherent power that has been most likely suppressed and which is pushing outward to be recognized as what it is and to be accepted!

The same with fear: if we observe this emotion in its depth we will see that it has nothing to do with some outside event but is our own re-action to this event in form of self-contraction! As we breathe deeply we can relax it so that our energy can flow freely again, unobstructed. Many call this Love.

The rulers of our world never wanted us to feel and understand ourselves fully and kept us busy with all kinds of useless entertainments, so that we grew up alienated from ourselves, by means of parental upbringing and school education, because even our parents and grandparents and teachers have been devoted – unknowingly – to the will of those who wanted the power over others for themselves.

By fully accepting our thoughts and emotions to which we adapted as a means to find a way to survive as a self-estranged being, we can find back to the deepest feeling of our true being and touch it! The conventional concept of the “ego” and the chronic guilt involved in it, does not much support this process of self-discovery and developing self-love. We must allow ourselves the freedom of fully experience this “ego” to the root and what it really is: a helpless and sometimes hopelessly desperate struggle for survival.

Having understood this, it is now time to reclaim our native power, which does not want to be a power “over” something or somebody, but which is nothing but the grounded presence of our own true being. That one stands unshakable in any kind of storm, with the heart’s love and the compassion for all beings.

It is the doorway to our spiritual being which is revealed and set free by the ignition of spiritual energy that carries Divine Wisdom and is the fulfillment of all the desires born from emptiness. It is exactly this process which “the powers that have been” wanted to prevent. But we make it happen anyway. Now the cosmos is coming with its Divine Fires  to our help and rescue to restore what we have lost or are here to develop. This is the unique opportunity of this time!

Information about our outer world is great, but the light and information, that ignites our body-electricity and nurtures the enlightenment of our whole body to develop our Divine Consciousness, is greater. It is not based on thought forms about something, but on mere inherent feeling-awareness of light and energy. Therefore, we need to feel all our emotions and to be aware of our thoughts to begin with.

When we experience ourselves as this potentially comprehensive storehouse of conscious light, we possess the discrimination to know which information is serving us truly - for the sake of love and wisdom and  in service to humanity. Because it is the vibration of the information that tells us its intent, deeper meaning and origin.

But to understand a message on this level, we must know ourselves first!

With much love,
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Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,
So true what you say here. So important to focus on our inner world to keep our balance and come in to our (divine)power.
Information about the outer world is also a good thing, but we must be aware that it does not distract us from what is really important and bring us in our heads or in to polarity-thinking again, and out of our feeling and grounding.
Thank you so much for your inspiring messages!
Love Lieke