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Dear friends,

It is for many difficult to accept the absence of mind boggling happenings  = being constantly fed by exciting information so that the mind can rotate and one does not have to truly do the work, the inner work, the work of conscious awakening.

Most  people want to be entertained: when will happen what. How will the world look like tomorrow, what are the promises, what can we expect. 

Unfortunately the (profound) change we are waiting for does not work like this, otherwise we would have already experienced it, and especially not with the ascension process. We have to come to know ourselves first before we can "ascend". 

Even though it is said that evolution is given to us for free, this does not mean that there will be a Big Bang, and everybody is enlightened all at once.

It is still each individual’s own process which involves an individual "time"-frame, and what our Galactic friends and other Sources are trying, is to inspire us and keep us moving, but the move itself truly does not happen outside, but within, to begin with.

The evolutionary process is being done by each single one of us and not by any force and consciousness off the planet. They can only offer guidance, inspiration and also help with rising our energy and light quotient by holding a space of light for us,  and by rising the frequency of our world. But it is always us who must do the work. Nobody will do it FOR us, although many are hoping so and mistakenly believing it. Water can be offered to us, but it is us who must drink it. Sometimes we are not yet able to drink because of certain obstacles. So we must first remove the obstacles to be able to drink. But eventually everybody of us will drink. However this is a question of "time"!

The process of evolution is therefore an individual process too, always has been, only that it is now easier than ever before because the global and solar and universal "trend" and light frequency is now going in unison into this direction. Therefore this time offers an incredible chance for evolution.

Not so before. It has been so far the heroic act of a very few who achieved degrees of enlightenment - against the odds of the very low frequencies and  consciousness of a dark environment. They are known to us as the spiritual masters of humanity.

Now we all have more support and can be in the flow WITH the energies when we evolve and are being all supported on that path. But this does not mean that we have not work to do. 

As enlightenment has always been a process in consciousness and rising the light quotient of the body, so evolution is. It is to a great deal a false “New Age” philosophy which looks at evolution merely from the point of view of the mind that changes perspective and understanding of our history, environment and limiting functioning since Millenniums. But the awakening of a broader conceptual mind is not sufficient. The lower mental level is only a part of our structure but does not match our true identity. Even so this level of mind is important,the use of it to its full extend is only the very beginning.

Certainly, to welcome our Galactic family into our lives and open up to the universe is a wonderful and very liberating step in our evolutionary process, but as long as we look at our galactic family as an extension of our 3dimensional consciousness, nothing really evolutionary is happening with us, as we are merely projecting our present situation and self-identification onto other realities. It is like the belief in a Father-God with a beard.

I consider our star brothers and sisters as beings who are far more evolved than humanity in general is, as most of them have been going already through the process we are now going through. The belief that we only need to drop this body and we are enlightened, is just not right. Because why then have there been the cycles of birth and rebirth since eons on this planet while we are still a very un-enlightened society? Because this very body-mind hasn’t been enlightened! And it is the enlightenment of the body-mind that sets our spirit free.

We cannot blame our "controllers" for that because there HAVE been a few who achieved a state of enlightenment, in spite of the dark times. And again only very few took the chance and were drawn to them for instructions.  And if more of us would have been waking up already, we would have  certainly made sure that the controllers would have left already the planet, but nothing like that did happen yet. 

We must face the reality and not fall for a superficial New Age propaganda which makes promises on false presumptions and which is therefore rather dangerous. A mere collecting of information is alarming as long as there is no intention to personally engage in an actual spiritual practice. Merely feeding the mind with information is just another avoiding of responsibility for ourselves. The mind is exactly the place where our controllers want us to have, because if we mainly exist on this level, we do not practice our full humanness. 

We all must come to the point, to find all we need in ourselves, we must all personally evolve our higher faculties, which is  discriminative intelligence (higher mind) and the heart, but which is only the first step in developing our true spirituality.  

As this is a planet of free will, only if we are willing to genuinely evolve, the life on this planet will truly change. To expect change outwardly first, is an illusion. And it is already commonplace to say that WE ourselves must BE the change we want to see. A would be reality  based on mental ideas is vane and never satisfactory, as the search for information goes on and on. 

Merely to be inspired is not enough, we must act on this inspiration. We must widen our understanding, we must go deeper, we must know ourselves, we must know our thoughts and our emotions, and actively go beyond them, we must transcend ourselves, to establish a platform for peace and true love. This will change our world.

With all that being said: it is important to understand that we do not need to be "perfect", meaning being a "saint" with no emotions and personal flaws, just sitting around in "holiness", motionless, without a sign of life. Such idealization is an illusion. We are still in a 3dimensional environment where such perfection is not programmed and not possible to achieve. This is still a realm of duality. But we need to truly know our deepest truth, our Divine Essence and let it govern fully our life. And we can only know It when we understand all our thoughts and emotions for what they are and not merely think about them or suppress them in our unconsious. Self-discovery cannot be avoided and the chatter of mind must be transcended to come in touch with our True Nature. Even the Nature of Love must be rightly understood.

Can we all do this? Sure we can, it is only a matter of will and agreement with ourselves. And with all that, there is a growing number of voices who see this process taking more than 200 years until finally our world will have been completely changed.

This is  quite possible because how many of us are ready to enter the path of real self-understanding. On the other hand, 200 years in the face of timelessness is nothing and a short moment only in the higher dimensions. 

There is also talk about the splitting of earth, even in 3 parts or timelines. One for those who ascend now, one for those who ascend later and one for those who prefer the situation as is and worse.

I personally do not see Gaia splitting in 3 parts! Would you yourself like to split like that? Gaia wants quickly to return fully to that Christed state where she is originally coming from. But there are many other planets to go to and who would exactly fit the vibration of those who would not choose to ascend in the very near future. On these other planets everybody has the opportunity to awaken at their own pace.

I just felt the urge to take that hype out of this sometimes insane New Age ideas. And there are some who sense that this misleading New Age philosophy has been planted into our consciousness by our controllers themselves, so that they could continue to manipulate us. Because as long as we are not grounded in ourselves, we are like dry leaves in the wind of mind and prone to deception. As long as we are not deeply rooted in Gaia we cannot be trees who reach the skies, conducting and merging the energy and light of heaven and earth in our body. The trees are by the way our ancestors.

The Pleiadians call our body a cosmic library. We need to become fully conscious of all its content. And by doing so we allow light to enter. This is the process of enlightenment. Literally. It is about this body, to allow the light to circulate through it. This process is the basis for realizing Divine Consciousness. Being preoccupied merely with the lower mind does prevent this process. And that is exactly what our controllers wanted to happen.

These few words touch only the tip of the iceberg. But they needed to be said, and I am aware that some might not like it. But a deep love for humanity is the motivation that drives me to speak up.

Many blessings,

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LynMarie8 said...

Hi I am so glad you have posted this. I have been telling people about this for months! It is like I people are in denial. Those who are ready have been coming in for me to make these changes for them. I have been learning to help all move forward in these areas and get ready for 5D! I am helping as many as posible. My guides are now telling me to start do large groups, mass amounts people. I put to gether an event sent it out 1 month ago to do a large group. Only one person signed up, I don't understand or is it they are just in dinal of what happening, to much ego still left? I do know I can only put the water there and it is there free choice to come. Do you have any worlds of how I am to do this for large groups to change and pull them forward. thank you and many blessings for help all of us.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear LynMarie8, I am sure that when the time is right people will be ready, calling for help and everything will fall into place. Until then we ourselves have always the opportunity to grow.This path of evolution is endless. But I understand your "impatience" with the "world".
Much love!