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by Ute Posegga-Rudel                                                                                                            
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©201
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Dear friends,

While on a walk today in the late afternoon, I detected a big cloud in the sky  above the Bay (I live near the beach) in the form of a triangle, and thought this is a spaceship, similar to the one, that was seen recently in the skies above Sydney.
I felt joy while trying to connect with it, to find out more about it.This joy was for me the sign that my guess was right.

There was also a huge extraordinary  Sylph in the form of the wing of an Angel with many beautiful details in it, which looked like real feathers, and it reminded me somehow of the image I had used a while ago with the message of “The Mighty Angels of the X-Class Solarflare”. There were even some colors in the cloud feathers, and it looked magnificent, covering a huge part of the sky above the waters!

Around this scene there were lots of more very beautiful Sylphs, who looked like gracefully dancing  spirals, pushing darker, heavier and possible HAARP clouds and chemtrails away towards the horizon, if not “eating” them up!

If I only would have had my camera with me!

While I waited for confirmation that the triangle cloud was in fact a star ship, a message came through. It was accompanied by a very benign and loving presence and emanation of light which I can still feel. And nothing "alien" about it! Although it was more like a conversation, I have written down here only their part.

Here is the message: 

We come from the outer Universes.
And yes, yes, we serve the Christ-Light.
It is our task to see to it that the law of light is maintained in the universe.

Your dark brothers are armored  to their teeth and will not give up the battle, because they have a strong will and are not used to surrender. They are determined to fight to the very end. Power and domination is their banner. So  the battle will still go on for a little while, and in case it escalates, we have to intervene. No doubt about it.

From then on your world will change dramatically.

Each one of you who is serving the light, is attracting legions of light, and so your skies are filled with our presence.You know, like attracts like!

We still see the web of separation, your dark  companions have spun around your planet, but it has become much thinner and we are beaming our light and love through it, to support you and your planet. So it is full of holes already.

We admire your courage and determination. 
And we thank you for your cooperation.

Know that you are never alone.
Together the victory is ours.

Be at peace!

Message conveyed by Ute

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oh what a beautiful message!!