Monday, August 27, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel


Please also read update from 21.8.12

Dear friends,

After I received the last message from the Andromeda Galaxy, I have been feeling closer into the situation, to  verify the truth, that something great will be happening soon.

And while the room was expanded, bright with light and joy, the answer was already present, that appeared like being echoed back again and again from the infinite space of the heavens. And it seemed that the answer was one with and inseparable from the radiant space itself.

To understand the timing of this message: in the heavens there is no time, and intention is already result in the present  although it might appear to us to be in the future.

“YES, we are lingering around your planet, getting ready to descend! Great things are on the brink of happening, time does not matter, in fact, you exist actually less and less in time, you are perceiving more and more the presence of the moment. So we descend in any moment! And in the presence it has already happened! The expectations in the skies are high, and the joy is contaminating!

The field of joy is dense and loaded with ecstasy! From this field everything is being born into your world to create the new world and release the old.

This field is full of light and deeply radiant! It is pregnant with the event to happen soon. The  whole universe is going to explode with joy, and all civilizations are being united in one heart.”

I asked: Who are you?

“We are Christed Beings. Let this be enough!

Do you feel our joy in the air? That is, how we prepare you for the Shift!

We have made a quick decision: to not to wait any longer, but to remove now once and for all, all the dark forces from the astral realms.

We have started a huge operation! With joined forces we can manage to let this operation to be fully successful!

You will see!
You will rub your eyes, not believing what you are going to see!

This operation is a great act of Celebration and Puja [sacred ceremony] in the heavens.
It is done with Invocation of the High, the Source Itself, or the Divine Mother, as you love to  call Her.

This powerful incoming light serves the preparation on Gaia for our arrival!

You will notice that this  Light will not be counteracted anymore! The dark ones  are being deprived of their powers to interfere and diminish what is given to you.

We are descending.

You might not see (not everybody will see) our bodies of light, but definitely, all who can feel and are sensitive, can feel our light.

We are present, ever more now than ever before.
From our point of view we are in the room with you.

We are overwhelming the dark and they are now fully restricted to act in their usual manner.
It is done, they lost."

Then I heard:

“End of transmission.”

Conveyed by Ute


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Sintese said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have no other words to say you what you've done for us.
Love, Light and Live
Grão 1

infiniteSeeker said...

Weak and tired I fell asleep. It wasn't long before I felt their presence, so beautiful and pure. When I opened my eyes all I could do was cry of joy, as they dried my tears, the tears of a thousand souls...

Anonymous said...

Just Excellent!

Greetings for All, Blessing for All!

Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy!

Anonymous said...

Prior to this message a Sacred Alter was assembled... With this message, it is now complete.

With you in this Divine Christed moment and profound Gratitude.


Anonymous said...

I've had 2 thoughts this morning. When will our water be uncontaminated? I call in White Light and bless all the water I drink...and it works beautifully. Comes out of the tap and smell heavily of bleach, and clear of all odor or taste after the Blessing.
Our television programs are heavily subliminally programmed by the why couldn't the angels and our brothers and sisters from the stars counter-act all of those masssages with positive input.
Thank you for the work you do to help us all. Paulette

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

THANK YOU for sharing! It is very important! Much gratitude! Blessings! <3

Anonymous said...

I am so moved, touched and inspired. I weep with love for you and the kindness from you I feel viscerally. Thank you.