Saturday, August 4, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©201

It is time for all to understand, that the era of Separation in Consciousness is over. This Truth is not yet to everybody obvious though, but it will spread from now on like wildfire.
There are now enough human beings who realize unity so that all people will experience it more and more too, each one in their own heart which is in its essence also the One Heart of all.

This unity is not new or a new achievement, but the veil of ignorance is fading away from a truth, that has always been the case!

What changes will this bring about in the world? Certainly you will more and more recognize  that you share that One Heart with one another. Therefore love will become an unstoppable force, compassion, respect and mutual support will be a natural characteristic of your daily life. This is the result of the forces of light and of love, which are pouring down on you, entering you, transforming you, thereby proving that you cannot resist them because you, yourself are of the light!

Many are concerned how the great changes will come about. And this is how they come about! They are manifesting themselves from inside out. They are not first appearing in your outer world so that hopefully the human heart will awaken in light because of them. They originate literally from the cave deep in your own enlightened heart where the seat of creation abides. This force in your inner heart will attract and manifest all what you need to see and experience in your New World.

This force will attract all the events you are so much desiring to occur. Disclosure is one of these events, which all are the results of your own change of heart. And the more powerful the light in your heart shines, the more pure and radiant your true nature reveals itself, the more you will connect with and attract beings of alike light-frequencies to yourself and your planet.

One of the very important things to understand in your ascension process, is the law of attraction on the frequency level!  You can only attract to you what vibrates on your own level! The end of the times of great difference between the earth vibration and cosmic vibrations, between humanity’s vibration and the vibrations of your cosmic families are nearing!

Therefore it is necessary to  take responsibility for your own vibration, because everything is energy, and that’s how your cosmic families understand life. And so you are to understand this law as well! This recognition is part of your path of ascension, where you go beyond ideas how unity works, which do not serve you. 

This is the end of the "Santa Claus" story! The whole sky is now descending on earth and you all, who are prepared, will ascend to the glory of light of Divine Creation, soon being established on your world to unite with all those illuminated ones.

The time to expect help from other dimensions in form of higher beings appearing on your planet*, while you are still holding on to the old paradigm of 3dimensional density, is not the plan anymore. This also serves your own understanding that it is now up to you to reach out for the higher dimensions while you grow in consciousness, because you can now. You can reach out now into the depth and heights of your universe to communicate with other beings where they are, and not where you are!

This is the important point to grasp! This will help you to raise beyond your present identification with something you not really are! This is the time to comprehend this, but also to be patient! Not everybody will immediately possess these capabilities, but they will all in the near future.

The higher beings never want you to remain where still many of you are. They want you to grow, to grow up to your natural Divine State. When you desire certain results, and  you have the  capacity to accomplish them yourself by your own effort, higher will and surrender to the Great Process, nobody should interfere to keep you in a position which you are already outgrowing. That's how you are loved!

The whole universe is watching you with excitement to see how you are starting to leave your infancy behind! 
This is an invitation!

This is all yours now, it is your great opportunity! It is coming, it is here!

Love is because You Are here!
I AM your God-Self

Message conveyed by Ute

* meaning visible mass-visitations

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Alakh Niranjan said...

Thank You, my dear!

Love is everywhere,
becouse - everything is Love!!!

I AM said...

Congratulations Ute!

Your hard work has paid off.

You have tipped the balance.

The truth that you are a Divine Being of Loving Light is absolutely undeniable.

Thank you very much for all the assistance you gave unconditionally to help Gaia and her children to graduate to a higher dimension. ;)

RickFico said...

I am quite pleased by your conveyance of the "unity." Another one of my favorite quotes in which I wrote not so long ago, I think, fits mightily here. "Sex may perpetuate the species but it is Love that perpetuates the Soul."

I am reminded here of the Celestine Prophecy, published about the time of my own awakening. Yes, we are unequivocally on the same wave-length. Thanks for inspiring. Love, Peace and a Continuum of Contentment and Contemplation!

yessica said...

i am tired and want to go home in 5D now!