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By Ute Posegga-Rudel

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Dear friends!

The Divine Mother has asked me  to write this, and this message has been “cooking” for a while now, while holding its creation gently in my heart. It needed some time to be born like a child –  although it is about the Goddess, the Great Divine Mother.

She has many aspects and is recognized on many levels.

You might have already observed that I always like to go to the bottom and heart of things and never can just remain on the surface of them. I need to understand the totality of everything that touches my life.

This has brought me often in even dangerous situations, even life-threatening.

But here  still  I am, as from every depths into which  I have been diving  down, I have returned stronger.

And so regarding the Divine Mother, I also needed to understand and know her – as much as I am able to. However I am convinced that She is absolutely unfathomable.

For me knowing is not just a looking at something, to fabricate my own picture of it,  but it is rather an assimilation with my whole being of a something that I want to understand – again, as much as I am able to. To do this I must become in a way what I want to understand. This requires passion, great love, devotion and worship. I must be willing to expand and to go beyond myself, or better: the part of myself I am already familiar with. Only then one can grasp the deeper nature of things.

But in reality, we ARE all these things ourselves, because we can only become aware of what is  already part of our consciousness. It only remains in the subconscious, until it becomes conscious.

And so we are touching the real subject: everything is consciousness, WE ARE  CONSCIOUSNESS!

How then could the Great Goddess, the Divine Mother, only be a female figure with gentle features and always nice and sweet? Always giving and nurturing? I understand that this quality is the one, sorely needed in our world of a short waved, judgmental, non-caring and solely demanding patriarchal system. And that these female  qualities are the ones mankind must cultivate, to survive.

However perceiving the Goddess as a mere “other” in female form is the surface the Mother wanted me to scratch on, because my experience of Her is much much more expansive and all-encompassing.

That sweet form is embodying only one quality of her, whereas she has many of them. Yes, the Mother is always embracing, but her arms are much more powerful and deep than the arms of the graciously depicted one.
These powerful arms are not suffocating, as those who fear the Great Female might believe. They are powerful because they widen your being into infinity and unspeakable heights.

They free your soul and open the horizons to That Which Lies Beyond the soul: the Infinite Itself.

The experience of the Mother is therefore Infinite Consciousness, equally paired with Shakti, Divine Energy, some might call it kundalini. But it truly is beyond this, kundalini is personal nervous energy, but Her Kundalini is universal Kundalini, the Shakti of the worlds and universes Itself, not rising from below but crashing down from infinitely above.

This Shakti cannot be contained in  a mere gentle form. It is formless and takes on all forms. It is the consciousness of all forms, and the consciousness in which all forms arise. It is the mover of the microcosmos and the macrocosmos. It is intrinsic Life-Force, and the more we separate ourselves the more we perceive this Universal Life-Force as something outside of us, whereas this Conscious Life-Force manifests as everything, including us.

So in that sense the Mother is us, She contains our body-mind and the in it encapsulated, brain-based individual consciousness. And She contains our Higher Self as well!

Some declare that Consciousness is male, but when we  come from the understanding of Unity of all things and beings, worlds and universes, then the  Great Consciousness and the Great Shakti are One, they are the two sides of a coin, when we still think in terms of duality. But prior to that dividing thinking, there is no difference between Consciousness and Energy. Energy is Conscious, Consciousness is Energy.

Brain-consciousness merely describes and dissociates from the described object. It is about separation and fabricates something over against something else. Divine Consciousness/Energy IS the thing Itself, appears AS It.

And this is, what I call the Divine Mother, the Great Goddess! We must not reduce Her to our counterpart from the point of  view of a limited self-concept.

She is always benign, it is the heart that can see this quality behind all facades which might appear to tell us otherwise, because She Is the substance of all.

She only is fiery if this truth is denied, as she fights for Divine Truth to be lived in all Manifestations.

If we reduce the Goddess to a mere icon of gentle and beautiful femininity we bereave Her of Her Gifts She wants to grant us:
To transcend the idea of separate greatness. Without recognizing the very Source of that greatness, which is Infinite, and which cannot be contained in separate appearances, our greatness is never truly great.

Again we are being lead back to the self-existence of Divine  Consciousness or Energy  Which Shines in the heart of all beings, humans, animals, gods and goddesses; in plants and spirits, even in daemons, -  if they are devoted to the truth of this Reality. It is all a matter of devotion or resistance. And so in this Divine Reality the form of the graceful, gentle, charming, beautiful goddess arises - as the most attractive form of Herself for incarnated beings.

But She desires that we even in this most feminine form recognize Her True Heart and Power of Divinity. She wants to be seen as The One She Truly Is. She wants all beings to rise up to Her Conscious Radiance and to be Happy! 

She does not want us to restrict ourselves to certain merely feminine qualities and behaviors. She wants women to participate fully in  Her Powers and men to be free of fear of Her and to recognize Her Powers in their own hearts.

She Is no sex object in Her Feminine Form, but She is the Conscious Force of non-separateness in the heart of male and female to be united. It is the united, infinite heart that  celebrates Divine Communion with Her. And She wishes that all actions are ascribed to Her, because She desires our happiness.

In Her Presence all left-brain separateness is melting and males become females, because in this process they start to receive Her Shakti  from above. It is therefore said in the ancient sacred scriptures, that before the Great Goddess all men are female, even the Gods!

Again we are laid back to the mysteries of Divine  Consciousness, which we ultimately all are, women and men. But not by thinking and imagining It, but by literally realizing It, becoming It, becoming One with It. Our bodies are a mere play in this Vast Consciousness and Radiant Energy, which we are called to go beyond.

I am aware that we all need our “toys” we came here to play with. And if one of them is the domesticated charming goddess, that’s wonderful too.

But lets not forget What she stands for in her attractiveness: She is a call to reach out for the Great Divine Mother and Source, in Which we all, she and us, inhere. Her Attractiveness transcends all and is Pure Radiance Itself.

With great love,


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Zackoree said...

This channeled message speaks of a similar view of the Goddess energy - not limited by any form.

Carlos said...

Good afternoon, I mean I try to listen to my heart, but I can not, it seems that I manipulate my thinking, I need to listen to my heart, but how?

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Carlos, the journey from the location of the head to our heart is a process. Before we can enter the deep space of heart without interference of the mind, we must purify the layers which block the entrance. To do this we must feel and accept all our emotions, especially the painful ones exactly as they are and allow them to dissolve in the feeling to infinity. By serving others and loving them, by forgetting ourselves in compassion and cultivating gratitude we open the treasure of our heart. This is when we begin to trust and love ourselves.
Many blessings on your way!

KaileMarie said...

Thank you so much for putting this message out there. This describes me exactly. I wish I had all the ancient wisdom though! :( hah, anyway it's hard always being seen as over powering when all I'm trying to do is say I get you, so please just listen.

KaileMarie said...

The great mother is apart of everyone else. To me this means she, knows how they are feeling because she feels it, she is also in the collective unconscious meaning she can "call" upon a person unconscious and speak to them, and help them. You know more then I do, so, my question is, is this a thing that many people can do? Because I can, very easily, so much that I have to be alone and far away from people.

I was even able to talk to someone through the radio, the genre was late night club dance and he came back on the air and said something about "getting into his subconscious' and then played on of my favorite 90s R&B, let it play for 30 seconds and switched it to dance.