Thursday, October 25, 2012


Dear All!

This healing video is from my heart to you! 
It is based on Sacred Sounds, Imagery and Words.***)

Sacred Geometry, such as the Flower of Life and the Sri Yantra, used in most of the images, are building blocks of Divine Creation and heal the Spirit.

 Deutsches Video:

The Healing Words used in this video, when deeply felt, are scientifically proven to heal the mind.

The Sacred Solfeggio and Brain-Entrainment Frequencies  have a healing effect on the body.

These three elements, combined together, are working on the underlying  imbalances of body, mind & spirit, and can therefore have a strong healing effect, when this video is used regularly.


Please use stereo headphones! ***)

***) ATTENTION! The binaural sound could be harmful, if you have epilepsy, a pacemaker or another electronic implant! In this case simply do not use headphones!

I'd love to hear your feedback! Thank you!

Much love,



Alakh Niranjan said...

Thank you dear Ute, this is really wonderful!
By watching and hearing this, it makes to me such a divine vibration, such relaxing state of being, and IS so, so ...TRANSCENDENTAL.

And without any doubt, it is completely HEALING!

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

It is Perfect and Wonderful!
Thank You!

The Primary Goddess Creatrix and Primary God Creator Love and Bless You All!

Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy

Lovely Linda said...

Beautiful! I so enjoy your messages as the vibration of truth and love flows through. Thank you for shining your light so brightly in this world. I feel the purity in all that you write. Espavo, dear one.
blessings of love,
Linda Marie

Anonymous said...

Thank you dearest Ute.

Today must be my lucky day for learning this wonderful and spiritual message, full of divine vibrations!

Yes, I am LOVE itself, I am JOY itself, I am HEALING itself, I am FORGIVENESS itself, I am GRATITUDE itself, I am FAITH itself, I am BEAUTY itself, I am PEACE itself, and I am LIGHT itself!

with love, peace, light and gratitude,