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 By Ute Posegga-Rudel
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My friends!

If you are working with the "Multilevel Healing" Video" (and subsequently the “SpiritualRapture” Video) a profound healing crisis might happen to you. This may include unusual physical symptoms, but also so called “ascension symptoms”.

The tools in these videos, especially in the first video, the choice of Sacred Geometry, Affirmations and Solfeggio Frequencies, - all  inherent constituents of Divine Creation -, have the tendency to restore Divine Order in your whole system of body, mind and emotions, while they are being aligned with the the original Divine Blueprint of Creation and the Divine Consciousness That you ARE.

We must not underestimate the meaning of the physical body and how powerful it is! In some sense this body defines us as human beings as it is our instrument for experience. Until we understand this fully, we cannot return to Source Itself.

In terms of a healing process, we can come to the true understanding of the enormous inherent power of regeneration and self-healing, that the physical body possesses.
As soon as the “suppression” of the natural, God given, creative processes is released, this innate capability of the physical body starts immediately to unfold.

The other morning, like on so many mornings, I woke up, while my whole body vibrated in a very unpleasant and disturbing way. And although I was aware that this had to do with the transformation of the physical, namely as I had experienced the day before a new download of "ascension" codes, I was wondering about it and how I could allow my body to deal with this  vibrations in a more pleasant way, as the stress in the body was quite strong.

And while I tried to get a better understanding about it, a message started to come through 

While my own experiences make it possible to comprehend the human processesI came so often to the understanding that they make the lesson of it available for everyone else. Without my own personal experience I could not convey my messages in the way I am able to, as they are carried by the reality of direct comprehension.

Especially if you are using my videos that I mentioned above, I consider the message I received as very helpful for the ongoing physical transformation process  and ascension symptoms, which includes necessarily stages of physical imbalances. And I feel honored to be able  to present these instructions to you, as they are wonderful companions for the videos.

And here is the message to all.
Only at the end the messengers revealed who they are:

“We Are  Archangels of Creation, serving the Process of Evolution and Transformation!”

The current of life is a creative process, in which you can participate by co-creation. Go with this current!  Be open to it.
If you try to stop this current, problems can occur, because resistance to the current can create sometimes a “stalemate” for the body. Trust is important. Trust is not something static, it is an investment into a creative process, that naturally unfolds from the Heart of Life, and from the Heart of the Creator. 

To flow with this current, and to flow consciously with it, implies both, to embrace it and to follow it. You follow it while you allow the constant expansion of it.

The expansion of life is a process in which Divine Consciousness is unfolding, because it desires to experience Itself.

All these processes are based on Divine Consciousness. Consciousness That desires to experience Itself, is always Whole, Gracious, Loving and Joyful.  These are the attributes that make up the creative process.

This process always happens in the Joy of Consciousness and basically does not know limitations. It is the unlimited expansion of Consciousness as Creation.

If you follow this process of creation itself, you are always happy. Life is constant expansion, a constant process. To be devoted to it in its totality and abundance, you will not experience dis-ease.

But as soon you resist this current, you create tension in your body, an unnecessary friction, which can lead sometimes to a breaking point.Death, from this point of view, is the resistance to Life.

Many forms of stress are the result of this resistance against the unfolding of life.

Now, during the birthing of new paradigms, where the energy level on your planet is rising by a multiple, also the rhythm of life and the quotient of change have been accelerating.

The vibrational speed in your cellular structure, that is the rate of its vibration, is also rising significantly. So it would be wise - also physically - not to resist the simultaneous rising of Consciousness. Because this rising of Consciousness also entails the change and accelerated creation of the new physical design.

You experience this as the phenomenon, that time (a paradigm that relates to physical and mental processes) seems to pass quicker. 

Therefore all hidden tendencies, that are trying to halt time and the current of life, are becoming conscious, because different vibrations are colliding. Therefore many are loosing their balance at this time. And this can result in all kinds of diseases, physical, mental and emotional. 

We recommend that you contemplate with feeling on the following statements:

-         I open
-         I open for the current of life
-         The current of life is creative
-         I Am creative
-         The current of life is always positive, because it is my choice
-         I participate creatively in the current of  my life
-         My creatorship is in consonance with the Great Divine Creation, that is always positive, gracious and benign.
-         The Creation of the Divine Creator is intended to be always based on joy.
-         Therefore I devote my entire cellular structure to this most joyful process.
-         I am opening all my body cells and release all programs, that have manifested against the process of creation.
-         All my body cells are happy and are bathing in the Light and Love of the New Era.
-         All my body cells are being therefore transformed, and so is my entire body with all its organs, structures and functions.
-         I allow my organism the constant expansion and forward movement in the process of the New Divine Creation.

These statements stabilize all your cellular structures, that transition to a new Expression of Creation and are as such being transformed.

It is important to allow this transformational process consciously and to agree with it. It is important, to let in the creative joy of this New Process, to inhale this joy and to nurture all body cells with it.

Trust is the key. Trust is the companion of the knowing that Divine Creation, the Divine Process, is always benign.

Negative experiences, especially in early childhood, disrupt the benign process of creation, and so you begin to resist it and start to create your own unhealthy ideas about it.

But you must not forget that every negative experience belongs to the illusion of a fallen creation. The intention of a fallen creation is always to halt the natural current of the Divine Creation Process, to restrict It and to destroy It.

Therefore, if  you wish to participate in the creation of the New World, you must have understood their innermost laws.

You co-create the New World, while you at first open up entirely to the currents of life, in the way we have already described.

-         I open to the current of life
-         I open my body-cells to the current of life
-         As I open myself to this current, I let joy in
-         It is joy that moves the Divine Current constantly forward and generates thereby true Divine Experiences, that are always most perfect and happy in themselves.
-         These Creations are not solid, motionless units, they are energetic, always changing processes.

This is the sign of the New World: the experience of constant joyful change. You can enjoy these continuous changes because you know who you are: undying Divine Consciousness.

Body cells are conscious entities. By consciously opening your body cells for the current of life, they are happy! This happiness is energizing and allows the cells to become fluid, to let go of their solid structure and to participate themselves consciously in the current of creation!

In the same way, as your cells are becoming fluid, also your body becomes more fluid, and you begin to feel how it is floating in the current of creation. This is your body’s destiny.

We recommend to take in as much as possible liquids. Eat fruit and fresh vegetables, as they contain liquids. Avoid grains, baked and dried food. And if it cannot be avoided eat them only after you soaked them thoroughly.  Animal products in this process are a total “no”, as their bodies are in the state of solidification and shock when they are killed, not to mention that they are your brothers and sisters.“

Here ended the general instructions.

While I was using them, I started to feel refreshed and highly energized, literally stuffed! with oxygen, and felt how the cells of my body expanded with joy, filled with  the cooling, liquid light of transformation. 

The weird vibrations in my body were gone completely! After all, our bodies still carry unconscious information, especially that of our ancestors, that we came to purify and to transform, to allow the new creation of the human body to emerge.

I also felt that the Consciousness of my body and body cells themselves, has been increased tangibly in this process! The body is indeed a very conscious entity, which, if we allow it to participate in creation and align with the Divine Process, is our partner, to be taken seriously, to experience the New World!  This is of  course not a new thought, but the literal and direct experience of it is truly awesome to me! 

We are together in the midst of an amazing adventure, to which we need fully to surrender, to make it as pleasurable as possible! 

Be blessed, beloved family!

Much love,


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