Monday, October 29, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Dearest friends,
Please Be Inspired by this video!!
Below you find the terms explained which I used in the video. The meanings differ from conventional understanding.
The sequence of terms and images is being repeated three times.
Please use headphones for the 528 Hz frequency. 

Much Love,


DA: is an ancient Sanskrit name for God, “Who Is Giving All to All”

FEELING OF BEING: the unlimited faculty of feeling, situated at the heart

SELF-TRANSCENDENCE: the constant activity of transcendending the self-knot of the ego-I into the Transcendental Reality

TRUTH: Another name for Divine Reality 

HRIDAYA SHAKTI: is the Energy and Light of the Supreme Divine Consciousness, prior to Cosmic Consciousness, Energy and Light, That Liberates from self-contraction 

FREEDOM: Freedom from the knot of self-contraction (the ego-I) 

ENLIGHTENMENT: the body-mind becoming literally pure light by the Baptism (or the “Crashing Down” into the body-mind) of the Hridaya Shakti. 

LIBERATION: The capacity to transcend the self-knot of the ego-I from moment to moment. 

TRANSCENDENTAL DIVINE SELF-REALIZATION: The Sponteneous, Permanent Awakening to our True Divine Transcendental Nature by Grace.

RADIANCE: The Self-Condition of the Ultimate'


THE HIMALAYAS: 10 of the 12 pictures show the  Himalayas, where monks, sadhus, saints and Divine Realizers meditated for many Thousands of years. The atmosphere is of unprecedented purity, pristine beauty and Divine Inspiration. Just to view from a distance their highest peaks covered with snow, alters your consciousness and fills you with joy! Many of the mountains are the abodes of Magnificent Gods, and they are so holy, that unusual miracles and enlightening experiences occur.

WATERFALL: Iguacu-Falls, Brazil


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Anonymous said...

So wonderful, thank you. Hypnotic state while watching and my body was flooded with light.