Monday, October 15, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Free Rendering of the Dolphin Cloud Ship, Oct 15, 2012
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Dear friends!

When I left for a walk in the today warmer spring air, (we had the coldest October in Australia since 40 years!) I felt moved to look at the sky above the little hill top where I live, a  few meters away from the beach. We had mostly a grey sky today  with many diverse looking cloud formations.
The sky is visible from here far to the horizon, where the other side of the huge bay is.

Then I saw immediately the sharp outlines of a something  which could be a cloud ship I thought. The shape was very long, several  kilometers long,  with a slight wave form and rather thin, with a long beak-shaped end to the left. The longer I looked the more the shape of a very slim dolphin appeared, and as I realized this, I also noticed that my body was smiling from top to toe! (Always to me a good sign that I communicate indeed with a light ship!) I discovered also a second ship, underneath the first one, same shape but much smaller. This small ship disappeared after a while though.

With the image above I tried to give you an idea how the ship was looking like. My camera does not work unfortunately. It is a free rendering and the shape of the ship was more hidden between the clouds, so that it appeared to be part of the cloud scenery.

They said they are Dolphin Angels from the Andromeda Galaxy.  At the time they are gathering in the 8th dimension, but they are able to appear in any higher dimension than the 8th as well. 
They are here to help us, because they love us, and feel that they are our soul family.

They are working on cleaning  the waters and infusing them with light and joy. They also said that their bodies are made of 80% light - whereas ours contain about 75% water. 

I remember that water is an important element in the ascension process. It is rather a form of spiritual energy than an element. Rising the light  quotient of water is therefore an important means to rise  the  frequency of Planet Earth and ground the incoming light.

I continued my walk on a road which led a bit away  from the sea, so that I could no longer see the ship. But when I returned after about 30 minutes the ship was still there with clear outlines, and the shape hadn't changed, although it had become windy. I could even see a sharp dot in the head, looking like the eye of the  dolphin, as if they wanted to confirm that they are dolphins and that I had understood their communication clearly.

While I am typing this now into my computer, about 2 hours later, I  am still feeling  their loving and joyful presence and their blessings, as if they want to make sure, that all of you, who read this, also  can feel  and enjoy it! 

Much love,

Watch my video "Sacred Water Worlds" (July 2011)


Video  Text:

Water plays an important part in the ascension process. Water relates to the human faculty of feeling, feeling to infinity, which is the sign of our true spirituality.
It also has been discovered that water is a medium to communicate with the cosmos beyond any limitation of distance.
It is the  waters on our planet and the water in our body which carry the spiritual energy. This is because water is not so much an element but literally a form of energy although we are not used to perceive it as such. With the incoming new light waves sweeping our earth it is the water energy that is receiving them and changing and rising  the vibration on the surface of earth and of her beings.

In the past the vibration of our spiritual water has become dense with lower emotions, such as fear, anger and sorrow. To transmute them into the light of love and of joy is to clear our spiritual water.

May this video help you to clear your waters and to be happy!

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Shanti Zohar said...

Dearest Ute, VERY BEAUTIFUL this message from our Galactic Family. I must tell you that when I was translating to spanish , the image has movements... really amazing!!! And I´m feeling this joy inside too!!!
Also remembered that some years ago, a scientific studied the water molecules, and how they changed the shape when you change the kind of music you show them. Water has CONSCIOUSNESS!
It´s for sure a higher spiritual energy!!!

THANKS for sharing with US ALL this amazing experience!!!

With Unconditional Love,