Tuesday, October 2, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright © 2012
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Dearest friends!

Portals for ascension are already open now. I feel their strong vortex, their suction. If things arrive, which we have created in the past, we might perhaps not be there anymore. 

Am I going nuts? What  do you think! Just reality changes!

Times are becoming ever more paradoxical and multidimensional. Truths in the familiar way are transformed into new riddles, answers are only found in the creation of things. And this is very subjective.

We already disappear into new realities. The old ones are dissolving. We all are going into these new realities, but each one will be drawn to where their own frequency vibrates.

Now it is time, not to cling to the linear mind. (And not to anything!) This would manifest a pull test, because if we do not swim with the flux, our sanity suffers.

Future does not exist any longer, only the moment of creation, which is ever new, because manifestation is always already now.

Questions can only relate to our integrity, but not to our understanding, because creations speak for themselves, unquestioned, as realities which explain themselves.

Old paradigms vanish, and new ones do not arise, because now only  Truth exists, simultaneously on all levels.

Can we live Unity nonetheless?
Yes, in the Heart of all things, in the Heart of the Self, where we experience that every composition is a formation of Unity, Is Love, Consciousness and Bliss.
We are One in this Consciousness, in this Love, and It can only be felt.  

Our individuality creates the Many, our Being participates non-divided in everything. Our Love embraces all Things, and we have been transformed into That, Which We Are: undying Beings, unformed, in free flow with the Energy and in the Light of Consciousness.

We have transgressed the threshold!  For the first time, since Millions of years (and not since 26.000 years, the cosmic tidal cycle) we have recognized who we are: Free Beings, unlimited by space and time.

We might live in the idea of time, but it is only the phantom of a measure tape, spread over the river’s rushing waters.
And so is space: it does not inclose us, but is forming, eternally moving, transparent bubbles in the illusion of entrapment, which we already recognize as a mere concept. It does not detain us any longer, the attempt to define us is being swept away by the tides of Bliss.  

Light is victorious, and with It Love. It has been returned to us, and if we allow to be fluid, and swim in Consciousness, Bright Rising in our heart, we have achieved everything, because we Are It already.

We realize that movement does not exist, but only Being, in Which things happen. We have arrived. Our always already Knowing has been Revealed to us.

With much love,



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  1. Dear Ute,

    The sleeping people are getting awakening, and so We are. Somehow I never see the World linear. But for Our mind is seems to linear and want to understand everything.
    October will be challenging for Everyone, and this is just a beginning.

    May I ask something?
    I asked The Primary Creator to share some thoughts with Us. I am sure, You Would be Happy to translate His Message. Please contact with Him or Archangel Metatron, when time is right.

    Thank You for every word You shared with Us, You made me stronger in love and light.

    Primary Goddess Creatrix and Primary God Creator Love and Bless You All!

    Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy