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My dear friends!

Out of the unmoved sea of radiance, in which I exist, I write this! Of course, the senses function and are still scanning this still old world
and doing their usual job. However the still old world only seemingly is, as it is in the big process of change already. With the overwhelming Light and Energy, with the Presence of Love here, which only has to be recognized so that it can Live It's natural course, Everything here has changed already!

How many of the human race are noticing this?

We are as cells of the great single body of humanity itself those, who participate in this Miracle, given to us by Divine Grace.  Our greatness is merely the greatness of this glorious Happening, when we recognize It. It is our Unity, and also Love cannot be divided, and neither can we.

Our Unity is our greatness, and not our singleness, although we have various gifts and talents each. But even they are an expression of the Greater Presence of Divine Consciousness. 

The more we allow the Divine Presence to prevail the more we merge with It and let It live us. 

Basically, this is Bliss. And in this Bliss there is no motion of the soul, the soul is taken over. And there is only one  single Happiness, this Joy. To surrender to this Joy makes the vibrant energy of light our home, our parent, as it is nurturing us. And we are only offsprings of that Light which embraces and pervades us as Love. 

What is then in this non-changing Reality of Consciousness the essence of events, of actions, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual?

It is this Immensity Itself, and they only occur, as movements in that Immensity. Are they really me? No they are not. Only if we identify with them. But it is clearly noticeable that we are none of all of that, only this Radiance, this Consciousness, we are. The body does function in It, as usual, and does its regular thing, but it seems the perspective has changed from where we act. 

It is all about finding the way back to the greater "I", and eventually the Ultimate "I". We have been busy for Millenniums to reduce our identity, bit by bit, until we thought we are only flesh and senses, and that's it.

But we are in Reality unlimited beings, we are pure Radiant Consciousness, in which the mind and the body and the world is arising. Therefore in Truth we are not dependent on all of that of world. Of course, if we think we are merely the body, then we are.

This crystalline happiness in the heart merely Is. The heart is the antenna and vessel to be aware of what is Real beyond the body-mind.

I am merely attempting to study the anatomy of our being, of what we humans really are. This moment is very inviting! Not to use the advantage and Grace of this time would be the waste of a precious gift. And we do not want to miss anything in this every moment new and unknown process.

To maintain the right perspective, never let us believe we are less than the Whole. We can Be what we perceive to Be. Such is the nature of Consciousness. 

Our potential however is always unfathomable. Unlimited. Beyond words and mind. To the extent that we are able to widen our awareness about our true nature, to the extent that we can embrace it, notice it, to that extent we have become conscious of our human content. 

But we are not the content. We Are that Substance that Is the assimilation of every and all contents. Ultimately our nature is beyond content. Content is the play of Consciousness but is not us, it is our  toy, in whatever dimension. 

Now we are going to change our toys a bit, they are becoming more sophisticated and refined, we are upgrading them. But they are not the limits of our Consciousness. Lets not make this mistake! 

The journey can be endless, but the journey leads to nowhere. The journey does not become Truth, it is just an experience in the endless happening of creation. 

In the end we must even let go of the illusion of the journey. This requires us to jump into the Unknown where we suddenly Become what we always have been.

In that moment we drop the importance of happenings, they remain accents merely on the surface of our being, but we are limitless, we are Consciousness. 

And all the events flow in a seamless current, they are a process, as our content is, our structure. They change constantly, and what was happy yesterday, does not touch us today. What we aspire for tomorrow looses it's attraction as soon as we achieve it. 

Oh, this goal of ascension to a higher world! And from there we will strive higher. What is new today is old tomorrow. What we hope for - as soon as achieved - looses our interest. It is all the same. What counts is That Which Exists, no matter the play. It is this Existence in which we participate. About This, nothing can be said. It merely Is. And it can be felt, and it brings tears to my eyes.

All plays and toys will one day merge with their own true Nature and reveal their non-substantiality.  Only Reality is Substance, and there is only Light or Energy as Blissful Consciousness. Even if we play the body and the mind. It's all a playing hide of the senses which produce the mirage of our solid world so that we cannot see. 

Please forgive my stuttering. My old habit of perception is being undermined
, the old clothes do not seem to fit anymore, at least as long as this situation lasts in which I am in. I cannot pretend being a child in the sandbox trying to build castles. Somehow the tools have vanished in this silence of non-differentiation. If this all makes sense to you, I am honored by your participation in That Which Is Unspeakable. 

What remains is childlike Joy, is Love, they are One and the  Only One that counts.  Things are kinda being undone. And I do not know whether this is permanent or only waits for a new adaptation, so that it will seem I would function in the future in the old and familiar manner again, perhaps just only on a different octave.

Are we meeting here? Are you the Ones who can make sense of this? All these words are really un-necessary, but they describe at least the process of movement, which the currents of life are presently producing as me.

All I know for real is the Presence of Everything. It is a second world, it seems, in which the body-mind does the familiar. As such I am not changed. But no, the mind of incoherent, three-dimensional experience does not belong to where we go. 

There the mind recognizes a singleness where the 3D dual pairs seem to end up
next and loose their grip - necessarily .  
What I want to express, cannot be described, new communication skills must be developed to continue a link to what is fading away. That strong and potent is the information of light and of love that changes presently everything.

In whatever way I try to describe with words of our familiar world That What is the Case, - the buzzing Presence of everything -, it all flows naturally back into that One and pretty quickly, as if things of the old world
disintegrate. They disintegrate because their foundation is fading away. Instead of it  their real Substance reveals Itself and becomes obvious. It is the Only One that truly can speak.

No, it is not a dilemma. It is all about Happiness. 

With very much Love,



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a GrebBear said...

Well NegotiateD ! -))

WithOUT the 'exact' words to describe, similes and metaphors BEcoME a 'structural' dependency ... and an author cAn only hope, the AudiencE is aBLe to naviGATE ! -))

UtE, i fEEl like TarzaN ... swinging from beautiful thought(s) to WilD possIbIlIties !! -))
i 've bEEn lucky enough to find a few other teachers (guides//waysEErs//ServicE FOR OtherS) ... MaY i share them here NoW ?? ThrEE very different characters, all shaRING their perspectives, in the best wAy they cAn ... th-ROUGH the ShifT !! -))

IN 'no' particular OrdeR:

#1) LisA Gawlas = a smiley girl + tuned IN !!

#2) LeS VisiblE = the dog poet = a tell like it is 'cAt', who pulls no punches ... yet, his softer side oozes the qualities of infinite LOVE, WE all sEEk. ThE link, is to a 'recent' radio S-how ... w-here links can also be found to his blog[s]. ! -))

#3) CliFF HigH = doesn't spEND 'any' time repeating himself, yet, he is a 'technical linguist' trying to explain 'his take' on infinity ... with a 'less then infinite' vocabulary ((so far))

... anyways, its UNfoldIN-G !! -))
BE HappY !! -))

a gREeBEaR

Anonymous said...

Thank You for Your message, Friend.
We are all ONE. and I AM honored.