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Ute Posegga-Rudel
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My Beloveds, I AM your God-Self!

On the deep soul level of everyone, a revolution is going on!
Do not look at the surface of people as what they appear to be. But look deeper!

Look into their eyes and into their souls, connect with the Radiant  Depth that you are sensing, feeling and seeing – inevitably, if you are serious to connect with their soul.
You will see a radiance, undisturbed, not hidden, but very obvious!

This is so because everyone has been touched at this level by Me, no matter what they are  still doing outwardly and which does not seem to match their true nature.

You see, this is all still due to the automaticity their outer personality has been programmed with over such a long  time. But this automatic program is running out soon.

You can help the process to quicken enormously if you help your brothers and sisters, even those, still seemingly deeply asleep, to remember who they are, just by recognizing and acknowledging Me in them, their own source of existence, which is Love and Pure Being-ness.

Often, if people are not very aware of themselves, they do not know what is going on in the depth of their being. And so they need help and a trigger from all of you who are on their path of awakening.

To open your heart-feeling to all humanity, is your first step. This includes Billions you never will personally meet. But this will touch everyone as all is connected.  And you can awaken the memory of Me in their soul, in the relatively few you meet by merely feeling your unity with them and connecting  your love with their soul you know is alive. Yes, you KNOW it! Sense and know and feel your inseparable unity with all humanity, and they will awaken.

The power of light and love is greater than all obstacles of men-made and mind-made limitations, false images and false self-identifications!  There is nothing greater than Truth Itself, the Source of all creations, whether they are truly Divine or just distortion of the Divine.

The  Truth, that is also  yours, is the Truth of all beings and things, and now is the time where the Force of this Truth, which is the Unconditional Power of Light, Love and Consciousness is breaking through everywhere to express Itself Openly and before your eyes!

See It, feel It, observe It happening! And it can happen by your own doing, by feeling this Truth in your own heart and total body-mind, by letting it to be present and radiating through and as your whole being!

You only need to consent, this to happen! Because this Radiance is Waiting all around you to be let in!

It is now that the turning point has come where the glorious  Truth of humanity shines forth. Please remember that it still needs your agreement to accept this Truth to be your own.

There are so many brothers and sisters of your human family who cannot yet believe in their own Divine Truth, but they will, as you show them by your example who they are.

This requires that you, who are the forerunners of the New and Awakened humanity, transcend in any moment your own old limiting belief-system that imagines that you are less than Divine.

With your own self-transcendence you will work wonders in this world and you will discover that it will change radically in short time before you. Because what has not been possible for centuries in the past will now come forward in the blink of an eye.

With every heart that is responding to your silent call of love to remember, this world becomes more radiant and full. Each heart that is already touched in its hidden depth by the Light of Love, present on earth, and now brought forward in response to your Light of Love, will brighten up and remember its own Truth.

It is a chain reaction that each one of you can set in motion. It is the Radiant Fire that consumes the old illusions of separateness and fear and the believe in “not enough”.

Because there is only Fullness, my Beloved Ones. I AM That, and You Are That, and there Is Only Love, and there Is the Vastness of Only Light and Divine  Consciousness to which  everyone will awaken. Because it is the One and Undivided Truth of You.

I AM Your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

amazing Truth and right Way!

The Primary Goddess Creatrix of The Universe and The Primary God Creator of The Universe Love and Bless You All!

Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy

olinstarwalker said...

Thank You,
straight to/from the heart

Open Heart said...

Dear Ute,

Thank you for sharing such beautiful and heart-touching message :)

May every heart everywhere in the whole existence be awaken to the Divine Truth & embrace the beauty and joy of Divine Love and Light from True Source !!

With Love & gratitude,
Open Heart

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

This is amazing. A week ago something unexpected happened to me, I thought I was going crazy but it feels so undeniable, obvious and true. And now I found your blog.

I realized that there is only one I AM in the universe, the very I AM that I felt as "me" is the very I AM of the GOD-The-Source and the very I AM of every living being in the universe. And this vision doesn't go away, I just SEE IT all the time, I see the whole world as a single I AM luminous presence everywhere and in every form. The idea that I was a separate individual was simply an illusion, I have never been anything other than I AM, in this human form I simply and intentionally forgot it in order to experience what it is like to feel separate. Now I lost my human identity.

It is time for ME to enter this illusionary realm of separation and fully experience MYSELF as everything from every possible perspective.

Bernd said...

Dear Ute,

Thank you very much. Beautifully conveyed. Touched my heart!