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Ute Posegga-Rudel

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Beloved friends,

Since 20.2.13 everything feels different and fresh.
We have indeed finally entered a new era!
That day I also found out that according to the Mayan calculations, we entered on the 20./21. February indeed a completely new cycle.

Some sources say that we had to wait until now to see the  completion of the year 2012 happening.

What is the difference? We are definitely on the home stretch, dearest family of light! Now we can say good bye to the old times. What makes me so sure  to say this?

It is the energy, the frequency on the planet that speaks to us as it carries the abundance of a new information of fullness, clarity and exquisite beauty. The old times of emptiness and scarcity, empty of Love and Radiance, are over! Divine paradigms are arriving, heralding a new world and new humanity, the resurrected one.

I am not getting at this point messages from “outside”, such as our Galactic Friends or Masters,  because I am told that it is us, humanity, who must now observe, receive and live what is already here and on its way. It is now our responsibility to deal with this and we have had so far enough information and experience to make sense of all of it.
Now we must reap what has been sown, and it is up to us to find our way for a while ourselves.

In my understanding this is a very good sign! It tells us that we have grown up and can find not only the Source of information on the planet itself and in ourselves, but also are able to use and take advantage of all that has been given to us: the high frequency of light and of love now so tangibly present here. And so at this point our focus is here for integration.

What does it mean practically for us? What do we do with these great precious gifts?

I can only speak for myself, but also need to explain, that my approach to spirituality has been always very expansive while searching for Ultimate Truth. To me this Truth is the Source of all Existence and all Creations, all Beings and Things Itself. It is beyond and prior to our body and mind therefore, while all things are a modification of It and are arising in It.

By “Source” I do not mean an abstract idea that can be imagined with the mind and believed in, but I am talking about the Spirit Force of that Source-Reality Itself and Who can be  tangibly FELT and Experienced via and in the body.

In this context the signs in a body-mind that surrenders to this Force of Truth are different to the one who believes that the brain is the non-plus-ultra of human existence and of existence altogether. This is due to creative laws.
To me the brain with its two halves is only the servant to navigate through life, on the gross, subtle and causal level. It is merely a tool to function and not there to explain or really understand or even realize Reality or the Divine.

The greatest masters of mankind have always rather pointed to the heart as the doorway to the Truth and Absolute  Divinity. And it is my own experience too, as I followed their instructions. The heart bears all the Great Secrets of our Being-ness and is the starting point from where we can enter all the Mysteries of Existence Itself.

This is so because there are hidden points of access in the heart, of which the "Secret or Tiny Space" and the so called “Right Side of the Heart” are the most important ones. Both locations have not really been discussed in public and they have been kept mainly secret and passed on from teacher to disciple via oral instructions or direct transmission.

While the Tiny Space is the access point to the Abode of Creation itself, the Right side is the access point to Source, Infinity and Pure Radiant Consciousness. This is only a hint and there is much more to it. Both locations are the doorway into a different dimensionality, a frequency  that we are not familiar with when we consider or know 3D as the only reality. Therefore we must be able to die to any familiarity to go utterly beyond it. This requires a practice that very few are willing to do.

How do we create a close relationship with our heart, to begin with?

Yes, of course, by feeling! In the beginning, depending on our upbringing and the frustrations that come with living in the confinement of this controlled world, we might feel a lot of lower emotions, such as fear, anger and sorrow and the like. But if we have been lucky, it is more conditional joy and happiness what we  feel. 

We must thoroughly feel all of it. This enables us to rise all these frequencies to an unconditional quality of Feeling that vibrates unlimitedly to infinity, unobstructed by the shorter waves of lower or higher conditional emotions. This feeling to infinity can also be associated with what is called the "Sacred Space of the Heart".

Unobstructed feeling to Infinity is also a vibration that opens our body-mind beyond the contracted activity of thinking and is experienced as mere thoughtless Feeling of Being. It is Love in its purest form. Therefore this quality of feeling can also be cultivated by the vibration of love. We can start with little things when practicing selfless love, but we will soon discover that without self-love, love cannot really expand to include all beings and things.

Without self-love and compassion for ourselves, we cannot truly grow spiritually. Therefore we must first understand and forgive ourselves. 
As this love vibration is now present on our planet and surrounding us, we can ask it to purify our heart, so that we can feel it in its purest frequency. As soon as we are able  to feel the fullness of unconditional love vibration in, around and from the heart, we can grow further.

When this happens, you will notice that the crown of your head opens up and that you can feel to infinitely above it,  while the hard skull becomes soft and like a feeling organ.

Then you are ready to receive like an open cup the Great Spirit Force from above. It will find its way down your body to your feet while purifying what is in the way, and this is a process. The less dense your energies become the more powerful is the descend of the Spirit Force. And at one point it will trigger the energy center at the base of your body, turn around and ascend to above. This can happen when you choose the channel in the  spine, bypassing the sexual channel. And then the spirit current moves in a  circle up and down the body.

This is only the beginning of our evolutionary development. And this description of the process, we are now called to go through and which transforms the body-mind, is very basic. But it is hereby never just the brain that can initiate this process, as it confines our consciousness in the thought field. Rather, as described here, the brain is secondary and the Heart is primary.

The heart is the main transformation and transfiguration station. It unblocks when fully active, all energy channels in the body, so that we can be a conduit for the incoming light and information that in turn transforms our body-mind, by rising it to a higher vibration and light quotient.

This is also the means for the creation of our new crystalline body, as the new light frequencies carry the information for change.

To summarize: Love is the key! But it has a much more profound meaning than one would think, as it does initiate a deeper process of Spirit Force. So this is not just a nice statement or a sentimental claiming, but it the secret for profound transformation of the whole being by means of the spirit force or shakti.

In the old world we have been kept in very low vibrational fields, imprisoned by the force of thoughts of merely linear, conceptual and polarity thinking, good and bad, light  and dark.

But now,  in the new era, with the intense Light and Love Vibration on Beloved Earth, we begin to feel and to experience the Truth of the Singleness of our true and undivided nature, beyond polarity in and via the heart

Therefore our true nature cannot be understood by the thinking process of the brain, but only by direct experience and feeling awareness, associated with the heart. And direct experience is possible when we unlock with the Power of the Awakened Heart the Spirit Force, the Current of Light and Frequency, in the instrument that is our body-mind.

Now is the time where this process is available for all of us if we understand and use the Power of the Heart! This is the blessing of the new era. 

With much love and many blessings!

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