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Ute Posegga-Rudel
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Beloved Friends,

I was hesitating to publish  this, because it is somehow very personal. And in my experience, going public  with these things is not always very beneficial for oneself. But then I decided to do it anyway, as I am a part of the whole, a piece of puzzle in the big picture of humanity, which can describe the human spiritual possibilities in the process of this huge upgrading of our total universe. So hopefully it inspires you.

Below I have added just short excerpts from my diary about my present process. It is one of the many physical (and spiritual) processes and transformations that I am experiencing since many years. The description is not complete, but gives you an idea what the body is going through at this time, who has to deal with the transformational energies of huge forces of light. 

At the moment I experience a kind of settling down, but my body is still on fire and I must be extremely careful and observing, because any little stress or strain, evoked through dealing with 3dimensional matters, puts my body immediately into disharmony and pain.

So I need to continue to be in a meditative state with as little as possible attention on the "outer world" and its necessities. In this process it remains important to focus on the spirit of light  and to surrender to it, which surrounds and pervades my body, and which can feel like white burning fire if I focus too much into the external world. This includes also typing for this blog using the computer. So I have to learn how to integrate these kind of activities. It is literally about learning a new existence.

I consider my experiences quite natural as they are the natural consequences when we open up to the light and new consciousness that is surrounding us. They are the tangible proof that indeed the situation here on earth has changed already profoundly and that this Place IS Sacred! It all depends on where we put our feeling attention.

"We become what we are meditating on" 

Much love and many blessings,

From my diary: 

About 3 weeks ago I had a major spiritual experience in my heart and brain. Since then my digestive system went through the roof. It went completely crazy and I couldn’t eat anymore. My body didn’t digest anything. I looked like pregnant in the 9th month and I had incredible pains in the chest. So I stopped eating altogether for 3 days. I took only water, distilled water! It removes the harmful minerals and many toxins from the body.

I knew I had to change my (already very healthy) diet radically! I considered even to only live from Prana from now on. But then, as I needed to interact with the low vibrational usual world, I started to feel physical weakness, and the urge to eat, at least a few spoonfuls. At the moment its only very little raw and steamed vegetables and some fruit.

What I notice is, that the heart region is the primary source of light, while the light in the brain is secondary and is enlightened by the heart. And there is a pillar of light in the body that connects the heart with the brain, while the light runs upwards from the heart to the brain. That’s how heart and brain are literally connected, while the  heart feeds the brain.

This is the sign that the heart is primary. The brain is secondary, although most believe it is the other way around.

A week later:

An incredible forceful light is in my heart and chest. It is huge, greater than my body, it just is. It is most radiant. The body seems to hang on It like an appendix. This light feels like a hole in the universe, shining through a huge hole in my body. This light is prior to everything and all consuming. It is brilliant. It is more than just an energy center, a chacra. It is the Force of the Reality of Light and Consciousness Itself.

Simultaneously an extremely strong and brilliant beam of light comes out of my third eye, about 8cm long, ending in the external chacra, that is brilliantly glowing, while my inner brain is glowing white too.

There seems to be basically nothing else to exist, than the light. The rest is illusion.

I must have my attention fully on it. The more I do it, the less pain I feel in my body. The pain is very strong and I have heart palpitations. The force of this light is almost too much for the heart. This is indeed a challenge for the physical heart and the physical body altogether. 

This light is formless and of unlimited power and energy. Whereas the physical heart is merely a dense part of the body  that cannot contain that force but must surrender to it. This requires a change in the physics of the body.

I am really afraid to have a heart attack, but in the hospital they couldn't find anything.

The days before this opening, my body felt like permeated by light. This is not the subtle body, that surrounds the physical body. But it is the change of the density of the physical body that itself seems to become lighter, less dense.

Now I experience with my inner eye the atomic structure of it, where there is no density. We all know these images of the circulating particles of an atom which are moving in huge distances from one another.

But when I look from outside at my body it looks of course like always: an opaque mass. However I feel that more light than before is now shining through it, visible for those who can see these things. Whereas the opaque mass appears due to the specific (illusionary) nature of our 3D senses.

Messages and entities, such as the Ascended Masters, appear inside this mass of light in the heart, and not outside of me. This also tells me that I AM part of them, and they are part of me. We are not separate.

What I describe here is humanity’s heritage not just a personal experience, and many have experienced this in the past and might now experience  the same.

I am told to listen to the light, as it is consciousness at the same time and follow It’s guidance. And indeed it speaks to me.

"This is the transition to the other side. It is the liberation from the bondage to the limited form and concept and program of the body-mind and the identification with it.

Now, as I take over, the body-mind is My mere instrument. It is a matter of your identification with Me, and not with the body."  

And there is more communication, but it is personal.



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Unknown said...

Dear Ute,
So joyful and grateful for such amazingly beautiful sharing ! :) Heart is the key to our direct Love connection to True Source, the Source of Divine Love and Light and the Source of our true self. May every heart open to True Source and embrace the Complete and Unlimited Love and Light from Beloved True Source :)
Much love & gratitude :)(L)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute -- I am so happy that you have published your account of what is currently transpiring for you spiritually and how it is impacting your physical vessel. Through your report I am able to get a glimpse of the "path ahead." I radically altered my diet January 1st of this year. I had to eliminate things I'd been thriving on for years. Currently, I am doing a series on "Ascension Symptoms" on my blog. I will feature this post as a "Related Article" next Monday as it relates directly to what I will be discussing. Thank you so much for understanding that you are part of the "hologram" and each part is valuable to the whole. Many blessings, Alia

olinstarwalker said...


be well and journey safely loved

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

It is wonderful!

The Primary Goddess Creatrix of The Universe and The Primary God Creator of The Universe Love and Bless You All!

Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy