Tuesday, May 7, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Beloveds, This Is Sekhmet again!

After  My last message through this channel many responded from their heart to My outreaching to humanity.
I again wish to speak to you now, to clarify and deepen your understanding about Who I Am and the process that occurs through My assistance, to rise your frequency to enter higher dimensional consciousness.

First of all know that what you are used to call “Mother Sekhmet” is in reality a Group Consciousness of the sixth dimension on Sirius A, the Group Consciousness of beings with a lion-like energy signature. 

As you are about to wake up, or remember or develop your multidimensional consciousness, it is now time to understand this. 

From the point of view of the third dimension you need a familiar three-dimensional  depiction to relate to when you  communicate with Us. Therefore in some cases We have appeared to you in this way. 

But when your awareness grows, you start to understand that in the higher dimensions there is no individual consciousness but a group consciousness with a society of seemingly different entities, but who all identify with the central Consciousness of this One Being.

Our energy signature is similar to the energy of lions who are familiar to you on your earth and whose shape and appearance has taken a dense form of this energy signature. Please contemplate this!   

You  call Me “Mother” because of My or better: Our motherly, nurturing and powerful energy pattern, which you feel also as an emanation of Love. We are able to touch with our Energy-field directly your heart-torus - what you feel as being touched at heart, because the human heart energy is very similar to our lion energy signature. This is why you feel attracted to Us.

Usually we do not talk and do not communicate verbally. This is not what we do. But for the sake of communicating with you we use our communication skills in your way, but it is not really very typical and desired by us.

We rather communicate via our mere Presence and Being-ness, our I AM As We Are. We Are just a way of Being – and this is what you can learn from us. This is what you can magnify in yourself and which empowers you as humanity on your return to a life from your very Heart.

So if you desire to communicate with Us, do not expect verbal communication. But be prepared to feel our Presence, the Presence many of you know and love as “Mother Sekhmet”. 

Locate with the depth of your feeling-heart Who and What We Are which reminds you of Where You once came from. We are here to assist You to restore the Power of Your Heart. When this happens, humanity will rediscover their Single Unity with one another, with Us and all Beings and with Source Consciousness.

We Love to assist You in this process!
It is the place of Your heart and beyond where lower dimensional beings cannot reach You! In that space You are Sacrosanct, Whole and Divine.

With Our Loving Unified Presence, We, the Lion-Beings are mainly a creation of a specific energy current, which has a strong feeling quality. That is why you experience Us as a Female Quality. As such we are able to help humanity to restore their original spirituality which is based on feeling. Your Divinity is being felt by you and as such integrated and realized, and not being thought about. When the Heart is awakened Your whole Being is immersed in a greater Reality that surrounds and pervades Your total body-mind.

This is the Divine State of which We Lion-Beings remind humanity.

We Are Here!
We, Sekhmet, Salute you!

Message conveyed by Ute



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