Monday, May 20, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Dearest friends,

First I need to explain: I only know that I am going to write something about this title. It popped into my mind, with a single and unified vision of this subject in my heart. HOW I am going to do this, I have no idea.  I FEEL it at the moment as a kind of Zeropoint Field, out of which the writing will flow to my own surprise.  As always, I do not “think”, what I write, it comes to me “un-thought”. It flows from somewhere, the part of me which is Higher Intelligence or Mind or Self.

I thought I should clarify this. Because there are people who “think” that I am writing from my little ego, if I don’t label it “channeling”. So in that sense, everything is “channeled” what I am writing. Because I never write from the point of view of the conceptual mind, but rather from a higher perspective. Otherwise I would need to “think” in advance what I would write and how. Then I would set a goal, do a research and collect content. Next I would make a concept and  write an outline, and so on.
But not so, as already described above.

Besides of that, I came to the conclusion that even every other channeling I ever wrote, is being transmitted from an aspect of my own Self, God-Self, Higher Self, etc., that at the moment of writing is connected or rather is One with the respective Source of channeling. While writing, there has never been separation between “me” and the Masters, Archangels, God-Self, Divine Mother, Gaia and so on.  What “they” did was giving the content a specific colour, according to their own personality and characteristic. After a channeling I always was asking myself: WHO really has written this? And it always felt it was an aspect of Myself, not myself as the separate ego, but of the Greater One, the One in Which we all participate.

Recently I read somewhere somebody expressing the same thought. And I thought, oh, great, so I am not alone with this understanding. It is all about our multidimensionality, and the more we realize this we understand, that there is only One Consciousness that we all share, which has many aspects. Ultimately we ARE indeed EVERYTHING that arises and of What we become aware of.

Why is this so? It is because all what we can think of, perceive, experience, see and feel arises in the All-That-Is-One-Divine-Consciousness That We Are. There is NOTHING that exists outside of It. All arises within It. And the more we open our awareness and grow our consciousness we experience this Inseparable Oneness with all Beings Who are an Aspect of Ourselves.
Equally well they always indeed tell us: We Are One with You.

In other words, we can only become aware of what is ALREADY present in this Consciousness That We Are. Division and the notion of separation and separateness is only a phenomenon of  the lower mind, that divides, makes distinctions  and categorizes. And such is the “thinking”, that the Masters, the Archangels and all the beautiful Beings Who are speaking are ‘others’ to us. But in Reality we are participating and sharing in moments of specific attention a common vibration and content. To illustrate this: it is the image of the vesica piscis, two circles of the same size which overlap each other equally, and the intersection is the mutual share.

Now, could the little ego understand these things and write an article about this, without studying  more enlightened content about what others said and wrote somewhere else?

The little ego can only copy. It has no creative powers and has no insight and capacity to understand the great coherency of all things and to look from the perspective of the already existing Unity, instead  to try to glue parts together to make them appear as one.

It is The One, That Unity, That Source, That Absolute That must become our own deeply felt Identity if we are to change our world and our humanity and human society. From the Depth of this Oneness only we can act and thrive and create something that is Divine, and full of joy and happiness.

But how to come to truly know this Oneness? It seems to be obvious that It can only to be known by transcending our duality, while we profoundly understand and integrate both sides of the coin: the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.

We can observe stages in the process of this revelation in the consciousness of humanity. A humanity who is still asleep, mostly recognizes the ‘bad’ as an external insult. In the course of awakening the circle of awareness and self-understanding expands and the ‘bad’ starts to be seen and recognized also as part of our own separate self. Thus we start to struggle within ourselves more than with others. Next step then becomes the social and political awareness where the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ is seen and recognized in the structure of society itself: the ‘good people’ versus  the ‘bad government’, the ‘bad bankers’ and the ‘bad companies’, and so on. Here we have a very strong tendency of polarization. And the powers of awareness are presently growing strongly in this direction.

However as long as this polarization holds a powerful place in our consciousness we also magnify our own sense of duality. While we oppose the ‘other’ side of polarity, the ‘bad’ side, we strengthen automatically our own side, which we consider in this battle to be the ‘good’ side, so that at the same time the force of the battle is significantly magnified. This is just another state of the time where human beings noticed the enemy only outside of themselves.

But now we are dealing with a global affair. This makes the difference, because we are developing with it a sense of greater togetherness which strengthens the intuition of Oneness, - thanks to the Blessings of the New Energies of Love and Light, so present now on Mother Gaia.

The Divine Is Working without fail, as always. Because the intuition of Oneness triggers the desire in us to Live It, to Know It, to truly Identify with It and to Be It.  

But there seems to be a huge gap – how to come to this desired Realization? Because we know in our own innermost Being, that Oneness and Unity cannot exclude ANYTHING that exists.

The gap is indeed the ‘problem’ itself, that we are having with the notion, that there is an ‘evil’, a ‘bad’ presence here on earth, and not knowing, what to do with it. Not knowing how we can create our new and Divine World as there are still these dark forces, preventing our happiness.

But lets quote in this context, what has been stated abvove: “There is only One Consciousness that we all share, which has many aspects. Ultimately we ARE indeed EVERYTHING that arises and of What we become aware of.”

Does this imply that the ‘evil’ IS part of our own Consciousness, that we ARE It ourselves? Yes, it Is! Of course! Otherwise if we deny this we never could understand and realize Unity and the Absolute!

Now you might feel resistance  and refuse to continue reading.
At this point I encourage you to nevertheless continue. Because a problem can be solved on a higher level than on the one on which it exists. Resistance comes naturally if we cannot imagine the solution to a problem. But the solution indeed exists on another, higher level of our own psycho-spiritual nature of which we are perhaps not yet aware.

What if we take Mephisto in Goethe’s Faust serious, who proclaims: “I AM a part of that Force that desires only Evil, but only creates the Good.” What, if we understand, that confronting the evil is the Divine Agency that forces our consciousness to awaken beyond duality, while recognizing even in Evil a Presence That Is of Divine Origin. An energetic frequency, which when understood, moves us to reach to the Highest Height of our own Divinity, as we begin to integrate and recognize all contents in Consciousness, all appearances, all beings, those of the Light, and those of the Dark, as One Single Existence, just with different vibrations and therefore intentions.

When we realize that there is nobody to fight with, no "other" to be afraid of, but only Divine Consciousness, we let the Divine enter from above and become One with It. There is Peace only, Radiance, Love. In It the illusion disappears.

What if we recognize this whole gigantic Happening as the One Divine Orchestration of Creation, That, when realized As That, opens the door to the Recognition and Realization of Oneness and Reality-Unity.

What this is really about, is not that we go and identify with all that we consider to be ‘dark’. But it is about acknowledging the dark as is, as a phenomenon, without identification with it and emotional re-action to it, as part of the Divine Drama that is here for our own grand-scale Liberation and Awakening as and Return to Divine Radiant Consciousness that has been always our True Nature! 

I remember that the Pleiadians, who are spiritually more evolved than present time humanity, are calling the dark ones “the dark shirts”*, which clearly bears no judgement or emotional involvement with them, and even evokes some humor about them. I am sure they evolved as soon as they were able to assume this disposition and jumped to a higher spiritual realization.

It is this disposition the Divine Realm of Unity and Oneness opens for us, when we realize the Being-ness that has been always Our Own, as soon as we dare to awaken from the dream of duality. It is like being saved on a higher platform above, from where we still can watch the struggle between the light and the dark forces. But the struggle is really only happening in the body-mind, which is involved in this dense dimension. And when we recognize this by going beyond it and assume our higher identity, we are already at peace with the dark, not only because they cannot reach us anymore, but because we have understood the relative illusion of their existence. In the higher frequency of light and love, there exist no dark forces, because they are vibrating in a different, lower reality.

The frequencies of love-light are the ones that carried us to this platform of Unity Consciousness, where there is no disturbance, no duality, a place from where we can observe the cosmic drama and – if it is our wish – even enjoy it with humor and love and happiness in our heart. It is the Recognition of the Grandiose Cosmic Joke.

The dark empire must fall when we, humanity, or at least enough of us, truly recognize the dark as part of our own consciousness. From that moment in which we take the projection back to Ourselves, not to the little ego-I, but to the Greater Divine Self, their power is lost, because they lost their function. They have done their service. And they have served us well!

We have seen them and understood them, and we can let them go, we have integrated them into our Divine Consciousness in Which All Is One.

The Divine Blessings Are with Us All!
With love,
* Barbara Marciniak: "Bringers of the Dawn"

Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without  changes, including the title. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.



Mary Vaananen said...

This is a most welcome and wonderful post Ute. So very timely in these days of new awakening and trying on the new shoes. A grandiose cosmic joke, indeed! And your graphics have delighted me in a way none of the others have quite so delighted. Love the VP and the colors and tones of your presentation. Thank you once again! Namaste.

Lorna said...

Thank you. I love your words and images. This is indeed a powerful post, my friend and I have just had a similar conversation but expressed slightly different. We are free, for most of us we just have to wake up and realize this. The understanding is becoming more powerful daily. I see so many people struggling with the same stories, I say what I can, where I can so that they may hear a different perspective. I've often wondered whether you are male or female, not that it matters some of us are becoming androgynous, a beautiful way of being. Love and Light Dear One you have been able to share your gift.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you, Reality! Much love! <3

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

I am happy you resonate, Lorna! Thank you for sharing. I am a woman, but my soul and what is Greater, the Divine Radiance, has no gender :) So I understand that it is difficult to feel whether I am female or male. But I love to be a woman!! Much love! <3

Anonymous said...

Awesome! The information could not be more 'accurate' or appropriate. Sooooo clear and wonderful!
Because of your last paragraph about the 'dark shirts' ('dark hats' is also a nice label for them, or 'team dark', indicating their choice to 'play that role' in this Grand Theater of ours), you might enjoy something I expressed about the dark dudes almost exactly a year ago in my own blog (interesting timing, and precise parallel phrasing): 'And they have served us well!' Indeed.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear waverider, thank you so much for this! I really enjoyed your article! And yes, even the congruent date is amazing ! And it is amazing how waves of truth that wants to be expressed and that carry affinity repeat themselves ever more to penetrate the consciousness of humanity! To me the reality of this truth was a central theme since many years and played an important part in my essential learning time with the Great Spiritual Masters. Because my soul desired it so much. But now, as the world is at the peak of suffering and partly in denial of what needs to be integrated, the urge came from the depths of my Being to express what needs to be integrated in our consciousness. Thank you for being here and on the same wave :)- length! <3

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU, for this post and all the others of yours I have enJOYed in the past -- and shall in our ecstatic future. Oh, and it is my great pleasure to share this magnificent Divine Wave with you, Beloved Soul.