Saturday, May 11, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Dearest friends!

We can observe a phenomenon in the New Age community that wants to draw us into a chasing for things, thoughts, energies, portals, a hunting for perfection and personal ‘greatness’. 

But is it just me, feeling that all of this is missing the mark?
 As if things could be added to what we ARE since Eternity.

Techniques here, and techniques there are offered to us all over the place. They are all additions to Something That Is already Full. If we Are in this Fullness, techniques are not required to live the life that reflects what we Are. 

Then why not feel into this Fullness first and let It Be the solid Ground to stand on from where all things unfold!

Just the opposite is the case: the more we deal with techniques, the more we lose our Being-ness, our Real Substance.
It means putting the cart before the horse!

That’s why the proverbial “mark” that we are missing here is the Being-ness, the “To-Be”, in the midst of all of it. Not a Being-ness as a phrase, an idea, but as the felt and lived Substance of our Being. The Primal Ground in which all the phenomena come and go.

There is an attempt  to seduce us into a hype, a hysteria, a rushing, a feverish hoping and looking for signs of an altered world. Is It?  Or is it not? And then all the frustrations.

To me it is exactly where the controllers want us to be. It is all mind, all being in the head, all separative and separating activities, offered in the New Age marketplace. After all: is the New Age movement not an invention by the controllers, to distract us from the Real?

What the Ancient have taught us, is still True and Real, this ancient and eternal wisdom of  Human Divinity. But the controllers have dropped the notion into our awareness that these teachings, these demonstrations of True Enlightenment and how to Realize It, are now not up to date anymore. We don’t need it anymore. 

Very clever manipulation. Because it holds us captive in our egoity.

Yet when we only look with all our senses open at these Ancient Ones, we are changed forever in an instant by the Recognition and Knowing the Truth they have lived and Which they are still emanating with a Heart-Power, that is far, far beyond and above ALL the New Age market tries to sell us. Should this not open our eyes?

Because what the controllers are doing is to control the mind of Millions of seekers with a pseudo-spiritual indoctrination, and the many who are newly awakening are falling for it, in their naivety and being cut off from eternal wisdom, because it is allegedly  “outdated”.

But what is Eternal, what Is Truth cannot be “outdated”, what is Substance of the world and our Being-ness, cannot change. Just the outer ingredients can change, be it new energies, expanding awareness, new technologies, dimensional shifts, our bodies, nature. All of that.

This whole business is about avoiding Eternal Truth. Essence is not all of a sudden “different”, because time is changing, taste and sympathy are changing.

But the controllers are trying to keep us in the mind, even if it is a so called esoteric mind. They themselves know a lot of esotericism and are masters in abusing and perverting truth.

It is important not to give permission to being fooled, but to be in our Heart for Real. To Be Aware Heart-Deep, instead of being captured by this noisiness, these tons of separate knowledge-units, packed into programs and techniques, the controllers would  love us to move forth and back in our brains, to keep us distracted.

It is another form of insanity. It is clever to feed our brains now with “New Age” phantasy, so that we remain there and do not access or Realize the Real Love-Power that we Are, but rather use esoteric content to fantasize about what we are. It is meant to keep us busy with an even greater activity of separation from our Wholeness, it even separates us more from our Essence.

There is NO technique, no mind-form, no program, no exercise whatsoever that can reveal our Divinity, that can trigger the Revelation of the Heart. One can ‘think’ or imagine love, one can ‘think’ or imagine unity, one can ‘think’ or imagine oneness, but it is not It. These thoughts keep us away from Real Love, from Real Unity, from Real Oneness! It is the most astute way to make sure, humanity does not return to Real Truth.

But words like “Truth” are only helpless attempts to describe what is beyond words and what can be only felt, or better, to what we only can surrender, because it is Greater than us. This is our True Greatness, this surrendered State. It is the Nameless, the Unfathomable, That, by Which our heart is touched to fall into Divine Infinity.

Who is observing the search on the New Age marketplace realizes that this is just a search with different parameters than the “ordinary” world is busy with. It is still the same search for things. But these things might be more attractive, because they promise more ‘importance’ for oneself, more glamour, more sparkle. 

I don’t’ know about you. But to me it is not about “more”. To me it feels like consumerism. What can be more is never IT: the Simplicity of Essence, of Truth, and the surrender to IT.

The Eternal Flower of the Heart opens only if we are willing to surrender our search for details, for success, for importance, for more, for being better, for greatness, for excitement and even for enlightenment.

This is the Other World. This Love Is the Other World, and It cannot be achieved or talked about. It can only Be Allowed. It dawns when all “content” of the matrix and all “techniques”, all “programs” are forgotten.

Look at the Lion Beings, they don’t know about esoteric “knowledge” or programs and techniques. They just Are. Surrendered. They Are Love. 

Everything else are toys. But to truly enjoy the toys the player must first know their Real Identity.

Be Awake!
I love you,

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Shanti Zohar said...

The Truth only can be find in simplicity... Thanks Dearest Companion for this message!!! Very important for new and old spiritual seekers.
Ilusion has so many ways to fool us, I guess more in the spiritual field.

Really very Good message !!!!

With Love and Gratitude,


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ute!

daniel said...

I can feel the energy of every living being and i saw/encounter some "people" sending fear around.
I can feel the babies send love. I can also heard around into the mind of others.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

You got the real point of misleading of Humanity.
Thank You for sharing Your thoughts.

The Primary Goddess Creatrix of The Universe and The Primary God Creator of The Universe Love and Bless You All!

Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy