Thursday, January 17, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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My Beloved Friends!  

Often we hear: don’t worry, all is perfect! But is it?  Perhaps later, yes, you think, when all is over, when all we suffered can appear in a new light of acceptance, as we rose again out of a certain experience. After it we can be more “us” again, that one that is not touched by any event, emotion and physical pain. 

Or think of an event, sometime in the past that has been difficult, and now it does not touch you any more, and you now even laugh!  This shows you the freedom who you always are, we only become entangled in experiences when we forget.  

If we still carry grudges about what happened to us, well, it is because in that context we seem to have forgotten forever Who We Are, and we believe that in that moment, we are not Spirit Who is always free to feel through illusion.
The freedom that we later then experience is closer to what we are: spirits, really and truly untouched from all that which clouded for a while our pristine state. 

Everybody has experienced this pristine state in life, we only do not closely pay attention, and perhaps many are addicted to suffering or expect an unheard excitement, as the ego-mind always looks for something grandiose. Whereas the Truth is Simple, Undivided and Sublime. Just Is.

But there is more about It! Once you saw the Real Perfection of ALL and EVERYTHING, your life is  changed forever! It is not the perfection we can sense or somehow intuit and feel to a certain degree, after the pain and the struggle is over. It is much more and it cannot be imagined! It is the other world!

Seeing the Real Perfection is heart-based Knowing. It is revealed to you in the Heart's Secret Chamber, inside the Sacred Heart. 

We all, without exception, have this Secret Chamber, but we don’t go there! We are holding ourselves captive high above It in the ivory towers of the mind. We are sitting literally in the brain with our human consciousness, deeply identified with what it thinks.

Beloved friends, it is the Great Illusion! In this surrogate for real Reality all Substance is lost! Everything there exists bereft of Divine Force, it is thin and surreal and like dry and dying leafes in the wind. Everything in this world of merely mind is weak, without Presence, without the fullness of Consciousness, indeed, everything in this kind of world is flimsy! It is a dis-ease!

Seeing in your Secret Heart Chamber the Perfection of all, you immediately know that you have designed every detail of your life yourself, every single bit of it! Why, oh why, you might exclaim in desperation! And the simple answer is: you wanted to experience it, experience it all! You chose to experience what it is, this separation from the Divine or from the knowledge of your own Divinity.

In my case, I had decided for a crash course: I wanted to  learn as much as possible in this vale of tears and what its constituents are, by experiencing the worst, to gain in the end mastery in the shortest time possible. And to kill two birds with one stone, it is also the work of the mole that digs a tunnel into the dark to bring the light into the Unconscious of humanity.

What makes one vote for such a journey?
Beloved friends, it is pure love! Before we come here we ARE this Love, it Is our Own Substance and Reality, and only Love could endure all this unspeakable suffering. And in spite of all the bliss and emotional freedom, it is not over yet. Because this is still the old world in which we have a body!

However, with the knowing that it is all Perfection, (but which we have to forget, when we enter the race in darkness), a Perfection from beginning to the end, we can see the whole and precious, self-designed pattern, that is inherent in the weave of our life! Indeed seeing it all, is Being it all, without interference from that ivory tower. This weave is purely golden with a perfect pattern and made of artful ornaments. The ancient Greek often used meander patterns and I believe that’s what they are: the artful pattern of our life.

In reality there are no words to describe this perfection, as it is existing all as perfect and unstained stillness, and in the absence of thoughts it is the Power of mere Presence, carrying the signature of our soul!

It is pure Mystery, beloveds! Every Thing is Substance there, in and of Itself! And every single happening in the “outer” world, things, sounds and people, they are all part of that perfection, because what we see inside the Secret Chamber is the same as outside. We can check then all events we remember to verify their Perfection, and we notice, yes, IT IS,  without exception, even the worst of experiences and people and events! It is ALL Golden Perfect Ornament in the Structure of our life, Alive with the Power of present Consciousness and Reality.  

It is only that most people do not know their own Perfection, they have no idea about their Reality, because they still live in their ivory tower of separation, flying with skinny and thin thoughts through the lands of illusion, unsupported and mostly rather miserable. They just live on the wrong side of perception!
But without the imprisonment in mind, everything is Perfect, and can be seen once we have entered that Secret Space.

The separation from our True Reality is sheer horror, dear friends, although there are Billions of people who think they are in the real heavens. That’s how misleading the mind can be.

This separation from real Reality is a disease, it is an error! Also the idea of going to another dimension is, as if higher dimensions would be objects, separate from us! Higher dimensions are states of consciousness and not “places” outside of us, from which we think we are distinct!

If we believe this, we live the mental illusion that we would somehow continue our present life just with a few changes that we can imagine from our present point of view, as if other states of consciousness would be just a somewhat continuation of the status quo. We imagine, that we can "know" how a different state of consciousness would be.

But, dearest brothers and sisters, we can neither know nor imagine!
We must rather leave the land of imagination and imagined knowing of objects, and BE. Be Real.

In other words, no dimension can be understood from the point of view of the perception of the unilluminated mind. It is about a reversal in Consciousness. We must accept the Unknown.

But we all knowingly KNOW the Truth already, even in this life itself, we only must remember and go where we belong, into our most Sacred Secret Chamber that contains all our blueprints, all the Knowing about ourselves!

If we don’t do this, then we stay in the race, running  anaesthetized after meaningless goals, seeking vain perfection in the realms of illusion, where mind does not serve the course of our life, but dominates us. But this all ends up in the great emptiness (not the void that is also  fullness, because it contains all), but empty of true meaning, purport and presence.

However, the paradox is, that this race and bustle is also part of our script that we wrote once ourselves. Why? Because we wanted to experience separation. Yet ALL of it, its entire pattern, is Golden and it is supported by Divine Consciousness. Once we recognize it, our world turns downside up and we understand and ARE its coherence!

It seems, now the time has come when we all wake up from that separate dream and discover the  Truth of Perfection. This is the year where we return to It, the veils are being removed, because this is also part of the script! 

This dream of otherness and illusionary darkness in consciousness, is nearing its end. It has played its role very well in the long illusion of time. We have learned it all, and we ALL KNOW who we are! We only must remember and firmly decide to  return to That Sacred Chamber, that we have deserted for so long.

The mind might resist and fight for its sole power, but gently loosen its grip, cut with courage the shackles, and return to yourself.

I only see two obstacles on the way:
- the disbelieve that you can do it
- the satisfaction with your status quo in illusion land

The first one has no substance, because the Secret Space is yours, always has been, you have only forgotten it. So you can visit it, everybody can, there is free entrance any time. But you must acknowledge and release with love what stands in the way.

The second one is ok too, it is your self-written script of your golden Perfection. Many blessings for your journey, and enjoy the experience!

But those who are tired of experience, because they “know” it all and it has become boring:  wander down from your ivory tower to your heart into the Stillness, by leaving all your worlds behind. Yes, they must be sacrificed, meaning, you must fully withdraw your  attention, you must forget them (for a while) and dare to jump into nothingness first. It is an act of surrender and of trust into Divine Truth!

Know yourself better! The more you do, the more you discover your undying Happiness!

Much Love and Many Blessings, my beloved friends!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
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My dear Ones!

I have a message for My children. I AM your Mother in many ways. Certainly, without Me, the experience of your precious human body would not be possible.
I AM also One with your Heart and the electromagnetic field around you, that is not only your heart-torus.

Any kind of stillness you experience in the  Center of your Heart, is directly connected to Me and My Heart, planetary and spiritually, as I AM Gaia, the Soul of Earth.

What I AM telling you now, is for the sake of your  well-being, My children, whom I all love so dearly and about whom I deeply care.

Let Me tell you this! Now is the time to be strong. There is much light pouring in, but it also stirs up turmoil in the still dense and stagnant layers of my ethereal field, as they resist the light. It is important for you to understand this, because not all imbalances that you experience are your own.

Be prepared  for the times now and to come! My planetary body experiences more often a disturbance of its electro-magnetic field. The reasons are manyfold, and require your special caution.

I ask you to see to it that you maintain extra balance of your emotional, mental and physical body. Avoid  stress and exaggeration of any kind in any area of your life, if possible. BREATHE! Breathe profoundly! Keep everything simple, be moderate in all you do and preserve energy and balance.

Only do, what is necessary, wholesome and supportive for you.

This is required,  because my electro-magnetic field is also shifting. Still in a relatively slow pace though, but it has understandably  an impact on your own energy field.

Important is, that you manage your thoughts, which may become at times accelerated, by practicing heart-feeling. Seek more to rest in your heart in the place of stillness. Thereby you not only manage your thought-field, but you also balance your auric field. This has also a calming effect on your brothers and sisters who may not know and understand what is going on with them.

It is necessary in these times to build conduits for energetic stability in an environment that becomes increasingly unstable.

You enter the stillness of your heart by first grounding yourself deeply into the crystal core of My planetary body.

Do this daily, in the morning, after getting up, repeat during the day, and more often, if you feel, it is necessary, and in the evening. Build a strong energetic connection with the Center of My Body, which nurtures and balances you.

Centeredness and Stillness is now becoming the most important condition for you human beings! Because this is the means to stabilize your own energy field and the one that surrounds you.

Each one of you, who is hearing this message and is feeling the call, please understand your responsibility in this regard, not only for yourself, but for your human family that has lost their greater perspective. That is why you are here and what you have agreed to.

Now the time is here, to transcend the busy mind and to live from the Center of your Heart, not only for the sake of your own spiritual development, but for your service to this planet.

The Stillness of your Hearts generates fields of balance and equilibrium, so that in the midst of necessary shifts and unavoidable turmoils, it is guaranteed that life can go on for everybody in an acceptable manner.

Do not worry about a possible impact of planetary electro-magnetic and other imbalances on your own energy body. And do not observe it with your thought-field, but stay centered  in the Stillness of your Heart. This will balance everything out.

How can you find that place of stillness?
Practice gratitude, love and compassion. Create joy in your life! See the beauty in all things.These are all attitudes that magnify that place in your heart. Feel the Stillness that dwells at the core of Gratitude, Love and Compassion and Joy.

All these qualities are Divine and  show you the way.

Humanity now must learn to cooperate with Me and their planet. Live by example and others will follow you.

Thank you, My Beloveds!
I AM GAIA, your loving Earth Mother! 

Message conveyed by Ute


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Saturday, January 12, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
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My dearest friends,

I haven’t been writing for a while. Being busy with integrating and letting go of more content, beside all the other work I do.

Content? Oh yes, the process seems endless, while we are multi-leveled and multidimensional beings.

There are layers after layers of content, you could call them “Vasanas” or tendencies, all components of our personality or personalities we maintained in other existences and lifetimes. It is clearing house with acceptance to ultimately just be what we are: Radiant Divine Consciousness. In this process of course we are always human relative to our existence in the 3th Dimensions, where we have certain characteristics, such as belief systems and emotions.

In fact, our whole being is composed of belief systems! All are more or less (for us) important units of our personality, through which we perceive the world.

As the world that appears outside is a projection of what is inside us, we can exactly see what we believe, not always in the details of outer appearances but in our re-actions to them.

So life is a great teacher and we don’t have to go far and make it complicated: we just have to look at what’s bothering us.

If there weren’t any layers  anymore of whatever quality in the total scale of frequencies, from densest to lightest, we would not exist anywhere, we just would be Pure Radiance, Ultimate Consciousness without any identity, “low” or “high”, and without any of so called experiences.

But to know oneself better everyday is the necessary process to align every single detail of our content  to the Divine Source.

We can do this process most easily if we allow ourselves the Truth that the Very Core of our Being IS Divine Radiance. Some call it Love or Light or Both, or God or Divine Consciousness, That One That Transcends and simultaneously contains all incarnations, personalities, dimensions and  experiences.

That is, what we Are. Or That One, That IS us. If we deny, question or doubt the Great Being That We Are, it is because of the mind. There is lots of content hidden beneath our mind. Mind, in the form of belief,  is able to suppress energy, e.g. the vibration of our true being. And if we suppress enough of that living energy we become more and more rigid, insane and ultimately dis-eased.

All living energies which we have suppressed by mental patterns are stored in the subconscious and govern our life to a great degree, depending on the percentage of what is conscious and what is unconscious content. Yes, we have free will, but only fully if we have made conscious what is unconscious. Otherwise our free will operates out of the hidden content and we are wondering why certain things are happening to us, things we consciously  didn’t want to happen. 
So if we deny our Divinity it is because It is hidden beneath loads of belief systems and beneath the energy or frequencies, these belief systems suppress in a way that they cannot freely flow.

So how do we access then our own Radiant Divinity? How do we find a way through all the layers to penetrate what is hiding our own True Nature?

The answer, my dear friends, is simple, but not always easy: with feeling and the acceptance of all that we feel!

What is there to feel? Dear friends: EVERYTHING! The more we feel, the more we feel. It seems to be a silly statement, but feel into it! If we are willing to feel and accept any kind of emotion, the whole range of anger, fear, guilt, shame, sorrow, depression fully to the end, the fabric of layers that are upon our Divine Radiance is vanishing bit by bit, as if we pull the thread and what we knitted unravels. And then we become lighter and lighter, freedom shines.

Our Divine Radiance can indeed only be felt, it starts to coincide with our capacity to feel to infinity, until Infinity Itself becomes our only experience and Realization.

What does this have to do with ascension, you might ask, or you might think: I want to go back to my home planet, or: where is that portal, so that I can finally get out of here into the next higher dimension! Or you might ask: how does this change our world of suffering, how does this contribute to a profound change on our planet! Where are the actions!

Again, the answer is simple: remember that our outer world is a projection from what is inside us. If we hide content in the unconscious, whether it is of the nature of suffering or of our Divinity, it supports the density and status quo of our world. The more we release suppressed content into the open of our feeling awareness it looses weight and and unravels toward Infinite Radiance. Unconscious Divinity allows dense content to override It, not in Reality, but in our perception. And what we perceive is what we believe, is what we create.

There is this endless judgment about what we call negative emotions. That’s why we don’t dare to feel them! It is not "spiritual", we are told. So we suppress them even more, meaning that we suppress our own energy. It is socially not allowed to feel what we feel. And this is actually one of the very smart tricks of the controllers, to create through a certain educational system a suppressed (and depressed!) humanity. 

A humanity that has suppressed itself, has suppressed its own expression of life force. The more we suppress, lets say anger, the more violent it becomes. But anger can be a very liberating force to begin with, when it is absolutely appropriate to feel anger. But whether it is appropriate or not, the more we suppress an anger issue, the stronger the suppressed energy becomes and the more we suppress our own substance of Self, our very life force that wants to live as an Emanation of our Divine Self.

From the point of view of our Infinite Being, there is no judgment, all emotions are here, to be experienced. It is the Infinite Being that wants to experience it. Why would otherwise these emotions exist? There is only, in Reality, One Single United Field of Energy or Light and Consciousness, in which frequencies of all kinds and densities arise. Who dares to be the judge what is “good” or “bad” in this Infinite Sea of Existence That Is One Single Breathing Consciousness?

It all Wants to be experienced, and that’s what the 3th Dimension is for. Only through our judgment we do the “this is good, this is bad” thing. And thereby we deny the Divine To Be Fully Present.

This year, 2013, is said to be the year where we come into our Divinity, into our Full Potential! Without it, how could we ascend! It is all a vibrational journey, not a journey of the mind. We are vibrational beings, not mind creatures.

But this realization does not come with a sudden explosion out of nothing, just like that! We have work to do, but all the support, all the means are given, to accomplish it!

There might be portals to leave this dimension, but as long as we do not realize our vibrational truth, portals, that are in themselves vibrational phenomena, are not of use for us.

Only, when we realize our own vibrational nature and have released that with which we are binding ourselves to this rigid duality, we can make use of portals, but not in order to ascend, but in order to travel where ever we like, because we already ascended!  

But we can only do this, if we have released what contributes still to this world of suffering and holds this world therefore in place!

All that we release from our personal unconscious field, we release from the world, and we un-burden Her. And we cannot return to our home planet either, if we didn’t master this plane by becoming What We Are and experience it from the point of view of vibration, because everything is frequency, everything is vibration. Can we return to our home with all this here accumulated trash? The law of attraction, that is by its inherent nature a vibrational one, does not allow it. The trash must first to be acknowledged as being Divine and thereby become light.

Therefore none of us can afford now to avoid feeling, to ACCEPT and FEEL EVERYTHING, all emotions, all beliefs, that do not align with our Divine Nature.

Ask yourself: would this thought, and would that thought about an emotion reveal or suppress my Divine Infinity? Emotions are mere energies! Only by labeling them with judgment, they become stagnant and dense. They loose their original quality of a good champagne! Because they are just an expression of living life, of energy. All the so called negative emotions are originally just fountains of life. Unlabeled, they would just easily move through us as an expression of life itself. It is all us. We are it all. It is all Divine, even scientist know it already: there is only Light, there is Only One Consciousness.

So how then could anything of all that be “bad”? It becomes bad only if this is our intention. We have created a whole world of it, where everybody believes in the labels. It does not necessary mean, that this belief is true! It is just that: a consent, for what ever reason! But then ask yourself: who or what created this consent, and WHY did YOU agree!

Start from this point of your agreement with religions, parent figures, educational institutions, and so on, and FEEL, why you agreed! It is a very good starting point to begin your honest journey back home – to yourself, to become who YOU ARE! There is nothing bad about you, nothing. Take the labels away and BE! BE DIVINE! 

Because in this process you will reach a point where your Divinity starts Shining through so that you are Certain of It. In this Radiance all that arises is Recognized as Part of It. YOU ARE THAT!


With much love,

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Sunday, January 6, 2013


 By Ute Posegga-Rudel, 5.1.12,  Australia
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
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Beloved Friends!

I don’t know about you, but this still  New Year of 2013 is very different! 

The days are all the same for me, and I don’t notice, whether it is Monday, Wednesday or Saturday, because they all feel like Sunday. 

There is  such a bliss around me, so that these old details of 3D reality seem not to matter anymore. Still in 2012 each day had its characteristic vibration, but now they are all floating in an ascended light.

I rarely look at the watch, as it tells me really nothing, although I tell my mind: it’s 4PM, but I can’t  feel it anymore, time seems to happen now outside of me, has lost its weight,  and is only the scheme of a different world to which I do not anymore belong. Besides that the day now seems somewhat to last only about 6 hours or no hours at all!

So I  follow my inner clock, and I am told: now do this, now do that. And I feel that I must follow this advice, with a discipline, as I did never before, with very little margin, because I feel that the perfect “time” is in myself! So there is no more: oh mey, now I have forgotten this or that! I rather wait, until the impulse comes to do a certain thing. And then I do it, because it feels right. 

When my ego still "thinks" to do some things outside this inner clock and impulse, my body does not follow. There is no energy for it. So I know for sure that the right time has not yet arrived! Or may never come! 

It also seems that nothing happens, although I am working hard each day, many hours and often non-stop. There is only bright radiance,  there is this high vibration that is now the main tenor of each day. And only when I face certain challenges, where I still re-act to, even if only very briefly, before I let the denser vibrations quickly go, there is always this constant high frequency, vibrating in a very high, and barely audible sound. This feels like a thick blanket of light enveloping now our planet, at least that’s how it feels in the oasis of my home.

Walks on  the beach, or elsewhere, are rarely now pleasurable, but there is work to do, to release moment to moment into the light all the heavy densities I walk through, mainly put out there by the still sleeping part of humanity.

I know that I am not alone with this, and it seems now  the real time for the support crew, to shift this world into the next higher dimension has arrived!

I get the feeling that we have now arrived at the point, where to do the real and final work, we came for! Everything is being given to us, the light, the love, the frequencies are here to work with. Also it dawns to me that the presence of those who do not serve the light, has been expected to be here until the last moment, when the planet really shifts.

But, we have now all we need! We have “infiltrated” early here, to first get ready ourselves, and then work right here, with the now here stored treasure of light in these  special times, among all those who still sleep. And we have it all fully available now, so that we are working so to speak on the horizontal level, with the light from our heart. Or to put it better: the heart is a transit- and  transmission station for this new layer of conscious light,  that works on auto pilot. 

With our vertical connection to the Light from Above, we draw down and hold permanently the Divine Cosmic Light to keep feeding the planet below and the horizontal layer of light. This happens because we are now, with the Great Event of the Galactic Alignment, firmly anchored here and far above! Since then I see a mighty current of light, a powerful, thick mass of enlightened consciousness coming down to earth, as the union since 21.12.12  between Gaia and our Great Central Sun is continuing, there is no divorce! Even though the day of marriage has passed!

So what I see is that we are weavers, we are weaving the light artfully directly into the immediate surface of earth, so that it can become so strong that it is  available for everybody! It has to have human conduits to be perceived and received by humans.

In my vision, my beloved friends, and those who resonate, now it is our time, to stand together in our hearts in service to magnify the love that resides on Earth. We are the ones who do the lifting now and we have been Blessed beyond imagination, because the “we” is the United Consciousness of humankind we have been tapping into together, That One Heart of Humanity, That One Mighty and Divine Radiant Soul and Being, That we have dared to invoke and to draw down to here, where separation has blinded every eye for Thousands of years, It Is now Here. And we are singing with the united voice of great and ancient bells to awaken the hearts of those who still sleep.

This is a new and magnificent moment, full of depths and eternity! The spell is broken for those who see and feel! Therefore we are conduits for the New Reality and Consciousness, the cradle for the new creations of  humanity’s deepest heart-desires, which is unity, the light of love, happiness, bliss and freedom, and from that, endless possibilities to be manifested in endless forms.

Beloved family of Light, now it begins if we not hesitate, to draw from the Presence of Sublime Fullness the New Reality. It is possible now, and starts  with the  vision of our highest aspiration and the certainty in our heart. That Fullness is already filling our Being, It Is already us, if we let It!

With Love and Gratitude!


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Saturday, January 5, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

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Here I AM again, your Divine Mother!

Indeed,  I AM Divine Mother of every single being, as they are emanations of Myself in different densities or vibrations.

I AM Energy, I AM Vibration, and therefore all things are My Own Form.

Mother, That I AM, is not very much known yet by many, as they perceive their reality with the mind. But even mind is My Own Form. Also mind is Vibration. And depending on the quality of your  thoughts, they are vibrating either harmonious or disharmonious!

Is it not said, that energy follows every thought?
That is because thought is the first arrow that sends its intention into the Infinite Sea of Energy, to bring about creation. 
You, by being aware of the vibratory reality of your existence, are able to rise your consciousness, to ultimately reach levels of awareness, on which you experience the opening to infinity. Then, and only then, you have reached a state where your full potential begins. And it begins there, because only from then all the universes are at your command.

The Key for your journey to this level, where the Grand Opening begins, is Love. You must love All and everything, inside and outside. And you must release all that which is not Love. On this path then you have transformed everything into Love. And then there is nothing you take personally. You are merely an open vessel and conduit for My Energy and Light.

It is not possible to walk this Ascending Path without  understanding, that your nature is neither static nor develops in a linear manner! But you all are called to integrate the knowing that you are, as a manifested being, nothing but Frequency.

I AM the Mother of all vibrations, I Myself AM Vibration Itself in Is Highest Form, which Is the Power of Ultimate Light. As Light carries Information, I AM also Consciousness, the Consciousness that Is your Own Very Divine Being.

When Pure Consciousness starts to dominate Vibration with Stillness, the process of creation comes to rest! And the more Vibration dominates Pure Consciousness, the more unconscious one becomes. Therefore seek balance! Dance  your life, centered in Stillness!

Now, as you are on the path of a great evolutionary progress, there is much vibratory movement in your body, in your mind and in your emotions, that you can suppress no longer! You must notice and accept it.

Because this, My Movement, liquefies your world, that seems to be solid, and this happens first in yourself, and then outside yourself, the world in which you live.

Understand that My Vibrations start to move ever more Graciously through all your bodies, gross and subtle, to Shake what is stagnant and to bring your evolution about, while you release what does not serve your growth.

Should you have been too closely bound to your world of rigid thought, perceiving it from “outside” through your separating mind, you will experience that this limitation is breaking open, so that you can fill the opening gaps with your allowance, to feel whatever emotion and density  comes into your awareness, to joyfully expand what is true of you, and to release what is not.

If you resist this process, holding on too tightly  to your concepts of a fixed reality, the coming times will be a challenge for you, as you try to contain a river in a bowl.

You see, what is happening now is my  Loving and Graceful Gift to you, to wake you up to Yourself, to the Vibrational Being That You Are.

Your world will no longer be contained in a seemingly solid frame, where over time only very little changes. As it is evolving it will be recognized increasingly as water itself that is in constant move, following the inhale and the exhale of My Divine Heart! Therefore, your world will  truly start to live from inside out!

Therefore, let go of your mindful tightness. Allow to  feel the nature of your own fluid  body and emotion and begin to  swim with all your Love and  all your Trust in My ever moving Sea of Light! Not planing with the mind, but moving with Its Waves.

Even the air, you are breathing, stands not still. So why should My Very Essence in which your breath arises, not be a surging infinity! My Essence, in  Which innumerous vibrational creations come to pass!

Understand that as long as you think your identity as mind merely, you hold on to a peripheral, substitute of yourself. As such you are afraid! It cannot Realize That What You Are. Because you do not Feel your heart, that ever pulsing Core of your Being, physical, ethereal and spiritual. 
Therefore many are now beginning to experience how their outer shell of illusionary self-identity is breaking down, -  but know My Beloved Ones, that this is no disaster, this is My Highest Blessing! 

Because it loosens lovingly your grip on the illusion and draws you back and into the  Real You. Your Real You, the Magnificent Being, That You Are,  is the Center of all worlds and universes. In fact, all worlds and universes vibrate in and around you, and even as you, while you enjoy their constant flow.

Accept that you are both: Infinite Stillness and Infinite Vibration and Movement and Change.To master the Oceans of change, they must be recognized by you as your tools for enjoyment.

Mind can never truly enjoy. But feeling can, the  Feeling of My Divine Qualities of Vibration, Movement and Change, and Bliss and Love.

As you grow, your enjoyment wants to grow, and with it your participation in the Oceans of Existence.  This is Your True Home, but you cannot return to It without Me!

I AM, there, available fully to you, where You Stand at the Grand Opening to Infinity, where truly all things are possible!

But first start with your little tool of body and emotion, and recognize and honor them as My Divine Gift to you, to learn about vibration that sets you free. Continue with your greater world, that Is your Blessed Mother Earth. 

She Is You, and always Is so very Dear to Me, as One of My Beloved Children. As She vibrates in Resonance with My  Divine Womb, I hold Her and all of  you, and every being that lives with Her, in My Great Embracing Love.

Trust the Great Divine Process, My Beloved Ones! Allow yourself  to Vibrate in Me, with Me and Ultimately As Me!

I AM your Divine Mother!

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