Saturday, October 22, 2011


Beloved Ones,
I Am St Germain

There is much talking about planets and comets coming into your solar system, to initiate major changes on earth or trigger your final ascension into the higher dimensions.

Behind this talk there are real facts and I want to comment on this.

First, what is a planet or comet? They are conscious entities, bodies, at appearance, but spirits and entities, beings that express or incarnate as a body.

From a point of view of a 3dimensional understanding and science, celestial bodies are just that, bodies made from matter, with certain chemical components and obeying certain physical laws, - those your scientists have laid upon reality, the eternal flow of the Divine Dream.
These scientists then describe their place and their orbits in space, their origin and material elements, they give them a name and are perhaps amazed about the beauty of their appearance.

This, of course, is a very limited approach and way of observation because they have not paid tribute to the very living essence of such a celestial body, its true nature and quality.
So when your scientist talk about a comet, coming into your solar system, they just look at the material possible events, such as a collision or gravitational influences on your earth. But they never consider what is much greater: the living essence, the soul of such a body coming from space.

As much as these newly into your solar system coming beings have a soul, so all your planets of your solar system have a soul, they are living beings as you yourselves and Gaia herself are, and you can communicate, speak with them, as some of you communicate with the Spirit of Gaia! They are always communicating with you, speaking with you, but most of you never ever have noticed it in your density and tunnel vision so far.

In the same way, new celestial bodies, coming into your solar system, are not dead matter, but living beings, messengers, if you like, who are talking to you, if you only would prepare yourself to listen.

You are only afraid of what you do not know!

An awakening mankind will directly communicate with all the celestial bodies. They will make personal and  collective contact with them and listen, what they have to tell you, what their gift is, what their message is. You are not the victim of “unknown” objects which seem to threaten your existence. This is a dark message of your suppressors and manipulators who want to keep you in ignorance and in a consciousness of separation and mere gross-body-based identification.

Listen to and speak to the conscious beings, entering your solar system. As you know, nobody and nothing can even enter your aura, that you do not give permission to. Likewise, no celestial body can enter  your solar system or the ethereal field of your earth without her permission and without your permission as well. Only the perception and illusion of being a victim of dead and violent forces, creates exactly such an event.
The strength of your awakening is therefore an important factor for a Divine Creation in which there are no “aggressors”. You see, it is all a matter of the consciousness as which you vibrate!

Communicating and talking with celestial bodies therefore is necessary and  reveals to you their message and their intention. By allowing into the sphere of your earth what serves your evolution and further spiritual growth, frees you from any fear or uncertainty, because you befriended yourself with new incoming souls and the service they are delivering to you.

The frequency changes which are occurring now on your earth, are fit to enable your telepathic skills, so that you can easily communicate with all souls in your universe.

All celestial bodies who are an expression of great souls belong in reality to societies of life forms and specific forms of consciousness, which have been always communicating with one another with the aim to form an ever greater union of Divine interrelations. This is so because the great process of apotheosis of your universes has begun – as part of a natural cycle of Divine Creation.

Beloved Ones, it is now the time to shed your merely earth bound point of view and open up to the universe and embrace your natural and greater participation in your galactic environment.

With Blessings!
I Am St Germain

Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect.  When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

ute you must be tired i think or full of energy by doing this , ill create the intension that you are full of energy when you channel and ask the existance does it.i am very gratefull
and let me know if i can give this channel to others that are walking this path of light.
ofc with my highest deepest intension of love,truth, light and help am helping others
highest love towards you and thx your brother gilliet1

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Hi brother, thank you for your loving thoughts!
I could not do this work without being full of energy, especially as I connect with the Sources of the messages. But sometimes my body gets a bit exhausted, but I recover quickly :-)
Of course you can share all of this! Thank you!
Be happy and be blessed!