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Dear  friends,

I did not post much lately - my work was more a silent one, on the energy level. 
Mainly working with the collective consciousness with the instrument of my own here incarnated body-mind, regarding the deep rooted patterns which are a result of brain-washing and mind-controlling practices of the controllers and which have infiltrated humanity more than most of us can imagine.

The significant increase of Light and a new Level of Beautiful Radiance on our planet is for many obvious. And presently there is a lot going on in clearing these dark residuals in the very depth of the cell-structures of the human race. Doing this work, which requires us to dig deep and dare to enter the mouth of darkness, there is always a challenge involved maintaining our multidimensional point of view and connection to the Light, and not to forget who we are. 

This applies to all of us when we do clearing work, whether the emphasis is on ourselves personally or rather more on the  collective work. However the most important task is after all, literally at one point, to allow the Light to replace what is not of It and make thereby room for Divine Consciousness to shine. To come to this point ultimately, is our victory!

So wherever you are in your process, never forget this! There is no way to miss the mark, because it is our destiny to break free in the Light.

Right now it is important to strengthen and magnify the portals of light, which are vortexes connecting the Source of Light, we are working with, with our incarnated existence here, to make sure, the channel is constantly open to allow the Light to come in consistently to here and to be grounded into our Earth Mother. 

Thereby we are supporting and assisting the Forces of Light to be anchored here, which breaks the remaining of the dark matrix, in which many are still captured.  

Liberation of humanity is such a multi-leveled operation and it is orchestrated without disruption by countless Forces and Beings.

Therefore it is important, that everybody keeps the faith that the great Breakthrough will happen at its perfect time, regardless of many hopeful messages, but which did not come to fruition - yet, to show their signs in our worldly life.

The more of us participate in turning to the light and inviting it directly into our life and own body-mind, allowing our light-quotient to rise, the quicker we will see the results on earth. It is all up to us! 

Each disappointment is an invitation, not to blame others or the event, but to turn to our own personal emotions, accept them and allowing the light to dissolve them. Because this is the time where humanity is brought on its path of higher spiritual discipleship. Without our own growth, spiritual ascension cannot occur. 

The Blessings of the Forces of Light and the Love of The Source of All-That-Exists are with us! 

Much love,


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Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,
Liberation of Humanity is very important. The Olympics made it harder. Where the attention, there will be the energy. I agree, the matrix energy is hard, but may be I can help to break it. In this week I try to use energy to break it, and we will see the result.

The Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy

Meline Lafont said...

Thank you Ute! wonderfull! much Love Méline