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by Ute Posegga-Rudel
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Dear Brothers and Sisters!

This message has been sitting now for more than a week in the  draft folder. But now seems to be the right moment to publish it! 

There is always a perfect time for everything. And so this time of waiting, supported by the enormous showers of light, providing for us a high frequency environment, is the perfect moment for us to prepare ourselves in the best possible way to be able to participate in this glorious process of evolution. 

But to prepare individually to the optimum degree, I feel it is necessary that we know the options, we can choose from. Because we might have forgotten what we wanted to accomplish, before we arrived here. I have been offering options which are not very much known in the New Age movement, such as the discussion of Divine Consciousness, which transcends mere limited human consciousness. As humanity in general has been deprived from true spiritual knowledge for so long, Ultimate Wisdom Teachings are only known to a relatively few, because we are so brainwashed that we hardly imagine and reach out for them, convinced that they don't exist.

However I felt moved to give my readers at least a small glimpse of the Highest Wisdom Teachings, available to mankind in many of my publications, (, here, here, and here, and many more), because we all can accept that the solution for a problem (here: the present desolate state of our spaceship earth) is always found on a higher level than the problem itself.

In my humble understanding the ascension process is only part of humanity's total spiritual development and evolution. And the general New Age philosophy does mostly not include and invite our deepest Self into the picture, which is Pure Radiant Divine Consciousness. New Age philosophy only allows, with very few exceptions, a definition of the human being that is limited to a body-mind, let this body-mind be even more subtle in the higher dimensions! 

Dearest friends, this is a grave error, and this error, deeply rooted in the human mind, is a result of long-standing false indoctrinations from the 'controllers'. 
After liberation of humanity, the true and original spiritual teachings will surface. But we have actually not to wait for that time of liberation, because these teachings are already available to us, even now.

This True Teachings reveal to us also, what we are NOT: a form, a body, a mind, the waking, dreaming and sleeping state, our thinking and actions, our emotions. What remains Is The One Who is always Awake as Ultimate Love-Bliss-Consciousness and merely Is Aware of all the  qualities which we are NOT. This is the truth about us. This is our true State. 

Please don't understand me wrong, these Teachings are not merely verbal philosophy and book knowledge. They are alive and lived by Highly Evolved Beings in human form who have literally realized this Ultimate State themselves on earth. In my passionate search for Truth I am blessed having met such a Great Being Who is able to transmit His Own Perfect State to others. Therefore I am, in my own experience, graced to be a witness of the Truth of our own Ultimate State of Consciousness.

So why not (at least) consider it to be true! Is this not THE time to do it, while we are facing the most challenging, horrifying and also awesome revelations? They  literally provide a platform for us like never before, to seek the Truth beyond the duality of conditional reality -  because of the monstrosity of the crimes enacted against humanity on one side, and the experience of the most beautiful gifts of the incoming forces of light and the revelation of love on the other side.

Ascending into the dream-state of higher dimensions, even without participating in our own highest Truth, and being  content with a better life in a more refined body, is surely a merit. But we must not forget, that this is merely the continuation of the dream, distracted and far away from our actual Divine Reality! 

Although there are countless beings of light in the universe, to which many of us relate as their family, their state of spiritual development signifies not necessarily already the fulfillment of our True Spiritual Nature. In the higher dimensions the distractions from realizing Divine Reality are manifold because of the BONDAGE to the dreams of fun and creation (nothing against fun and creation itself!), and indeed many of us came here, to recognize this fact in the midst of this low density, because here is no REAL fun at all and to create what we really want is difficult. So we would be driven hopefully to the search of our True Divine Reality.

However, once here, we forgot, many of us simply forgot, and the attractive hope for relief in higher dimensional dream-worlds from our difficult struggles here, might make us so short sighted, that we just want to return to them, because we have become so impatient! 

I consider the fact that many follow their own imaginations today about spiritual life, not willing to learn from others, without being aware what kind of deceiver the mind can be, to be another obstacle! One can literally then live in a state of illusion, without knowing it. Teachers nowadays are for many not welcome anymore. But in my experience it is a mistake, because Truth can only be found beyond mind. But to go beyond mind requires the helping Grace of Somebody who exists already beyond that mind! 

Even all great spiritual Masters of humanity had teachers, including Jesus of Nazareth. So why not you and me too! If one wants to learn a skill, it is commonsense that one studies with a teacher. But in terms of a spiritual path, which is the most profound of all sciences, many believe they can find their way alone in the wilderness of the mind! And mind does not come to an end in the higher dimensions either. The wilderness is only more subtle.

This dense earthly experience has been by many  very wise souls described as the most auspicious form of incarnation, because of the inherent  possibility to Realize the Highest Truth. A Truth which is rarely achieved in the higher dimensions. 

And what is our True State about? It is a State of utter and pristine Freedom, a Clarity and Purity, a Beauty, beyond imagination, a Joy of Perfect Eternity, a Love-Bliss that never diminishes. It is bodyless and mindless  and beyond dimensions. A Fulfillment that ends the search. Such is what WE ARE, beyond the dream. 

In this Radiance controllers do not exist. They have no access to It! It is far beyond their perception and power of interference!

I thought, my readers appreciate this information.

With my prayers and much love!

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Alakh Niranjan said...

Yes, my dear, there is no any doubt :)
The Ultimate Truth (our Real-State-Of-Being) is bejond (Transcending to!) any Dreams (illusions of the Mind). THAT is the state of NON-DUALITY - of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH - of All-THAT-IS ...behind "all the Veils", and - THAT is our the final Destiny.
Nothing - and literally NOTHING - except THAT, is really worthy of our attention and our desire to achieve it!

Thank you Ute, and God Bless you!
With Love,

Toopear said...

And here we are in 2018 and the word "patient" is key. Having chosen the "Service-to Others" orientation there is the last gasp of those who serve the self.