Saturday, December 3, 2011


Dear friends and readers of my blog!

No, at this time no messages are coming through. Instead I am experiencing an infinite "void" of radiance in which I am existing and at the same time the feeling  as if things have come to a halt.

There might be many of you who are experiencing a similar state right now, also depending on where you are in your own spiritual process. 

By describing more in detail my own experience  and my understanding of it, you are invited to contribute yours too which will help us together to better understand what is going on and how to deal with it. 

No messages coming through and my brain feels empty of "old" content and familiar functioning where certain brain waves suddenly are missing. It feels like it has taken a vacation. This emptiness does not feel "negative", it is a different quality to what I have been used to. This emptiness is paired with great clarity and brilliance in my head and forehead and there is a fine vertical line of pure radiant light, reaching from the 3th eye to above the head, however not very far. Because it feels somehow like being "marked", it reminds me of the sign which I felt on my forehead before the 11.11.11 event, only that it was a horizontal line or mark.  
See my personal 11.11.11 report here.

There are no images or thoughts attached to this void, it feels like "eternal" stillness and it has been there now since about 10 days more or less constantly. 

In the same way there is this clarity and radiance and huge boundless space  in my heart, paired with the same stillness which I experience in my head.

It feels like spiraling into a new direction, and interesting enough any feeling or connection or drive regarding "Ascension" is gone, as if it is not an issue any more. At least this is how it feels now. It might return but with a different quality and understanding.

Daily life is more like observing how the mind works by igniting images in my brain, all based on mini-electrical charges.  My body and my mind are functioning, but they belong to the 3D body-mind, and is a mechanism and plays as usual, nothing "holy" about it. 

But for me everything is different, not the body, I believe, but in terms of my "consciousness". 
As if something has been taken away, a "content" or karma (?), as if an old chapter had ended and a new one is in the making, and in between there is now this endless void, where the world seems to stand still. No, it is not confusing, but just different and unusual, and if I fully accept it, it is a wonderful state where my whole body is filled with this radiant and clear light. No universe, no world, no "above" and no "below", just great clarity and Being-ness, in which the body is naturally embedded. 

I am considering whether this is the "introduction" of the 5th dimension into our being. Is the awareness of the quality of the higher dimensions, directly in the body  dawning, the beginning of a new creation? 

It is possible. Because old and unnecessary contents need to be removed from the structure of our body-mind, before new dimensional qualities can be implemented. The void can mean that the brains in head and heart are being upgraded or restructured, and that this is the beginning of the change of our carbon based body into a crystalline body. The radiant clarity feels actually crystalline! 

Is there a new chapter in earth's history about to begin? The "world" seems to go on as "usual", but there is a new quality of powerful influx of  light/consciousness into our world occurring,  which is expanding exponentially and which seems to take over the old reality, the one to which we have been used for Millenniums. 

We might personally experience this new quality as the "void" or "vastness" I have described above. And as it is "new" here on our planet, we are given now a time of adaptation. In some sense it feels like a stage of death, a letting behind the old world, a Bardo, a Divine Gift and great Test, if we are willing to let go or if we want to hold on to old self-imagery and old ways of thinking and living.
And perhaps a test whether we are willing to transcend useless self-identifications, such as: "I am the mind" and allow ourselves merely to BE Divine Consciousness, prior to mind. Exercising our feeling capability.
A test whether we allow to be free from bondage and old contents, related to our old roles.

From here we are to create a new existence and make a choice for which each of us is responsible alone.
It is the time of the qualifying process to where we wish and be able to proceed from here. This choice has to be made NOW, and we can, and we can easily, as there is no old content which could draw us unvoluntarily back to it. 

I personally feel that I need to take a lot of rest and not to be "busy",  to allow myself to sink deeply into this state of "bardo". In this void, it feels to me as if  Gaia is holding her breath and about to make a big jump, or is greatly incubating  something, soon ready to give birth, to put it in terms of a linear time line and dualistic point of view. In reality her powerful presence is already beyond time and the limitations of the 3th dimension.  

Beside this void there are also these immense powerful energies flooding, pressing and pushing through my body. And I woke up in the last two nights while I received imprints of  round shapes with a regular geometric color pattern each in my head and torso, a small one in the size of the head and a big one in the size of the torso. 

With that void in the brain, it is difficult at the moment to concentrate on contents. So it was not that easy to put this update here together.  My thoughts often flushed away quickly as soon as they appeared, like a stretched rubber band tends to snap back to its original size, to make room for the void :) :)

I hope that my reflections  can give you a point of orientation for yourself at this very strange stage in our evolutionary process. While some of us might have similar experiences and understandings, others might come from a different point of view. All we can do is to describe our experiences and insights. I believe at this point we cannot argue, because we have never been before in this process of an about to occur quantum leap.

With much love and many blessings!
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Anonymous said...

Yesterday evening i read Georgi's updates, then i woke up at 4:30 AM. Everything was as usual. Then i woke up 2 hours later, and came to work. There's a christmas fair on the street where i work. I stood there for a moment and recognized that there are absolutely no reflections coming back to me. The street and the people was like some sort of scenery. Everything i saw was my mind and this radiance you describe. I feel it's like being a sleeping child. Calm and fine.

The description of this "void" is absolutely accurate. I feel it with my every single cell. :)

With Love:
Mate Toth

Barbara said...

Yes, a lot of people are reporting this! A total void, an emptiness, like floating calmly and peacefully in the womb, with no outside information coming in, or only muted or muffled, as with the baby before birth.
From what I see at night in the fifth dimension, in fact there is much activity and busyness on that plane, as humans are being worked-on, altered, 'tweaked', everything being got ready and put into position. (Like parents wrapping a child's Christmas presents, or like the scene backstage just before the curtain rises, as scenery is moved, last-minute adjustments made to costumes, etc).

It's also similar to a new computer operating system being installed.....some people will have Astral Explorer 2.0, others will have Spiritual Explorer, etc. While it's being installed, you can't use your computer as you normally could. When the new system has finished installing itself, your monitor will briefly go dark, then the computer will reboot itself, and you have a brand new operating system, with various functions and tools.
If people could see this, ie, what's happening behind the scenes, they'd realise how close we are to the 3D matrix degrading/dissolving, which would frighten them. So most of them have had a kind of astral veil put round them to stop them perceiving much of what's happening.....they are in a warm, safe space, like being put 'on hold' on the telephone, and hearing soothing background music. The installing of the new systems is already half completed. The 'reboot' part is going to be strange! :)


Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you for sharing, friend! :)
Many blessings!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ute for this very clear understanding of current atmosphere. I cannot add anything more here as you have described it perfectly for me! Also I can barely put a sentance together anymore, let alone write it down,
Blessings and love to you all,

Anonymous said...

Voided wormhole of center expressionism. What is content, What is consideration of reality as we currently know, What is a worry when peace traversing plains of love radiate from each of our expansiveness?

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you!
If i had read any of these comments a month ago i might have saved myself much inner doubt...thanks for speaking for my own Self experience.
I prayed to have some insight regarding these same experiences, new perception shifts, and the feelings of void, and confusion.
There are none around me who wish to recognize our ascension process in this way- or, in any way- for that matter....they are part of my test. I find that i gain the most profound insights and comfort from those like you, whom i have not met in the physical, so my reality has become more ephemeral, and meditation has become a safe haven for me- even if they are not as "communicative" as they have been, i am safe there.
When i do attempt to communicate I feel like i am translating things perpendicular to the 3D reality. My sense of humor has changed, my interests have changed, ...I have changed.
I'm also experiencing physical symptoms, and my body has pain all over, sometimes my body is so stiff and awkward- when i used to be physically active. I Love to sleep now, and do not rush to "DO" anything. I was always a "do-er", always had a project, work, outgoing relationships, etc, but, the activities of the outer world have become quite boring, and pointless. What brings me Joy and interest is the witnessing of Love, beauty and compassion- which brings tears to my eyes, and i become homesick and lonely for the other Lovers of this Joy. So, i am learning to "let it Be", and Love All as it is, knowing that is is temporary.
As all of the non-necessary "programs" are being released, and the "floaty " feelings increase, the world becomes more and more fuzzy and contradictory within itself, and i am becoming more and more detached to the habitual cycles that make it up.
But, some days, I find myself like a child who might ask from the backseat of a traveling vehicle: "Are we there yet?".

Ute, thank you, and also to the others commenting on your letter- for your focus, and persistence, and your example of Now knowing.
Namaste'! Carmelle said...

Благодаря за споделянето!! Благодаря че ни има, че сме!! Има Дъх и Дишане в Мир, Любов и Радост!! Самороден, Нов живот, без заспиване!! ПРЕКРАСНО ДИШАНЕ!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ute! I appreciate your words and your light!